Press release Hamburg 24. 11. 2016

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Press release

Hamburg 24.11.2016

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K16 expands into the German capital

Agency to open an office in Berlin in 2017

The Hamburg-based agency K16, which specialises in brand development and communication design, will open an office in Berlin at the beginning of the second quarter of 2017. This will bring the agency’s total number of offices in Germany to three. With its new office, K16 aims to open up new strategic opportunities and develop closer relationships with new and existing clients.

New office opens up strategic opportunities

Developing closer relationships with existing clients and acquiring new clients
K16’s new location will enable it to provide existing clients with an enhanced, more personal service. It will also allow the agency to build up contacts with potential new clients.

Several long-term K16 clients are based in Berlin, including ICT and e-commerce companies as well as associations, public authorities and agencies. Having an office in Berlin will also enable K16 to provide more direct and efficient support for the many events it helps clients organise in the German capital.

Eibo Schulz-Wolfgramm, Managing Director of K16, is delighted that the agency is taking this step forward: “We’ve been growing steadily for more than 25 years now, and our clients are scattered throughout Germany; indeed, some are scattered throughout the globe. However, despite digitalisation, emails and web conferences, being located near clients continues to be advantageous, as it enables us to be in direct contact with them. This is particularly important during critical phases of projects.

Mitsuo Kanemaki will be Head of Site

“Committed, empathetic, highly experienced.”
The new Berlin office will be managed by Mitsuo Kanemaki, who until now has worked as a K16 Account Manager in Hamburg. In his position in Berlin as Head of Site and Head of Account Management, Kanemaki will take care of existing clients, establish new client relationships and expand the agency’s network.

Kanemaki is excited about getting started in his new role: “I’m really looking forward to the new challenge and to exploring the strategic opportunities that the new office will open up for K16.” Schulz-Wolfgramm is confident too: “We are pleased to send Mitsuo Kanemaki, a very committed, empathetic and highly experienced colleague, to Berlin. Mr Kanemaki will be supported by a strong team of designers, presentation designers and project managers.”

The Hamburg office is growing too
Things are changing in the K16 headquarters in Hamburg, too. To facilitate the agency’s growth, its offices in the Speicherstadt district are expanding on to another floor. The expansion will provide room for the desks of K16’s many new employees. It will also offer space for creative work in meeting rooms and open spaces.

K16 – integrated brand management from Hamburg


Christian Röbcke-Gronau

Director Communications

St. Annenufer 5 | IV. Boden

20457 Hamburg
T + 49 40 41 00 44 - 87

F + 49 40 41 00 44 - 57


About K16
K16 GmbH develops holistic communications solutions for brand presentations. Based on a deep understanding for presentations and corporate design, we support our clients in analysis, strategy, conception, storytelling and visual representation.
Founded in 1989, we have around 70 employees in international teams in three locations working for renowned clients from the industrial sector, consulting, media, IT and more. A new office will be opened in Berlin in early 2017.

We combine our competence in consulting and high creativity standards with maximum reliability and technological expertise.

K16 GmbH develops integrated communications solutions for showcasing brands. It provides clients with analytical, strategic and conceptual support, as well as offering advice on storytelling and visual representation.

Based on a deep understanding of presentations and corporate design, K16 combines expertise and creativity with reliability and technological prowess.

K16 was established in 1989 in Hamburg. Today, around 70 employees work in international teams in the agency’s offices in Hamburg, Gdańsk and Frankfurt am Main. The agency’s prestigious clients come from industries such as manufacturing, consulting, media and IT.

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