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Skandium becomes exclusive agent for Design House 

Stockholm in the UK

Design House Stockholm has successfully operated on the UK interior design market for many 

years. The Londoners are familiar with the brand from the two stores in central London, one at 

Selfridges and one freestanding flagship store on Kings Road. Design House Stockholm is also 

represented by retailers throughout the UK. 

Design House Stockholm is now establishing an agent to exclusively represent the brand on the 

British market. The agent of choice is Skandium, a partner with high reputation and a solid 

knowledge of contemporary Scandinavian design. 

Skandium - established in 1999 - is the largest retailer in the UK of high end modern 

Scandinavian design with four stores and some 40 staff. Besides retail, the company also does 

wholesale, contract sales and bespoke interior design services. Skandium is also brand agency 

for brands such as Marimekko, Iittala and Asplund. Design House Stockholm has been part of 

Skandium's selective portfolio of brands since the start, but now the cooperation has been taken 

even further with Skandium becoming the exclusive agent for Britain.

Design House Stockholm has longtime been aware of Skandium as a passionate and dedicated 

agent, being very successful in representing other Scandinavian brands. We are impressed by 

what Skandium has accomplished so far and we are looking forward to our future collaboration.

For Design House Stockholm wholesale enquiries in the UK:

Tim Parker 


For more information:

Sara Korlén

Information & Communication Manager

Design House Stockholm

+46 8 509 08 105

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