Procedure for using Maestro as knx gateway on port 7000

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Procedure for using Maestro as KNX Gateway on port 7000

To use Maestro Server as ASCII KNX gateway on IP port 7000, you need to:

  • Import ETS project database to Maestro Designer project

  • Using Maestro Designer to load the project to Maestro server.
    Here is the procedure for doing it:

  1. Connect Maestro to the LAN and power it, wait 2 minus until the server is up and running.

  2. Open Maestro-Manager by inserting Maestro's IP on a browser.
    if you don’t know Maestro's IP:

    1. Try the default IP

    2. Or scan the LAN and look for device Manufactured by "WIBRAIN":

The default user name is: user

The default password is: 1234

  1. Using the browser - fix Maestro's IP and set the correct LAN properties:

  2. upgrade the firmware of your Maestro server to latest firmware:

  3. Download Maestro designer from CD Innovation's web site:

  1. Install Maestro Designer on a directory named C:\CDI

  2. To learn how to Open Maestro designer and start a new project use video tutorial 1 and 2:

  1. Import ETS Database:
    Use video tutorial #3 to learn how to import ETS3 database,
    for ETS4 and ETS5 just select from Tools menu - "Import ETS4/5 Project":c:\users\itay\appdata\local\temp\snaghtml1f9582.png
    and point on you .KNXPROJ file

  2. Set Maestro's IP and load the project to Maestro server:
    (also explained on video tutorial#6 from minute 7:35 )

  3. About one minute after download, the server will be ready to be used as ASCII KNX gateway on port 7000 for the specific project loaded to it.

  1. If you are using RTI –

    1. export the driver:

      and Save it

    2. Using RTI's Integration Designer add the driver to your project and set Maestros IP.

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