Project: Eventwex

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Project: Eventwex  

About project: Eventwex is a universal solution that envisages creation, sale and inspection of tickets. It is for the sale of 

the tickets of different events (museum, theatre, cinema, concert, sport, etc.). Team: Parvin Amirov. Web site:


Project: Foxy  

About project: Foxy is an online platform, where information about women is shared. Team: Khayala Mammadova, Sofi 

Asker, Nurana Novruz. Web site:


Project: Kercom/Mr. Bee 

About project: Kercom LLC is a company which engaged in producing and trading honey and apiculture products. 

Kercom LLC is one of the main participants of the wholesale honey industry. At the last quarter of 2015, the company 

decided to operate in retail honey market too. Mr. Bee, the brand designed for the retail market, organizes sales both in 

retail chain stores and through online platform. Production process consists of producing honey and apiculture products. 

There are a lot of honey types as linden, mountain, chestnut, hawthorn, ivy, etc.; and beekeeping products as bee milk, 

propolis, pollen and others. The company has different quality certificates and laboratory analysis results. Team: Javid 

Karimov, Mustafa Aslanov, Tural Gahramanov. Web site:



Project:_Mobchannel'>Project:_Keepface'>Project: Keepface  

About project: Keepface is an influencer marketing platform where different brands can communicate with their users by 

influental social media users and bloggers. Team: Vagif Abbasov, Orkhan Rzayev, Rabiyat Heydarli, Fatima Tajibova. 

Web site:



Project: Mobchannel  

About project: Mobchannel is a mobile platform, which is able to show information with different technology and 

broadcast personalized information for users. Team: Vagif Abbasov, Orkhan Rzayev, Asli Musayeva, Gunel Ismayilova. 

Web site:



Project: Dijital Magnito 

About project: Dijital offers social media management, creating and managing web pages and blogs, and design services. 

Team: Tarlan Chigniyev, Sevinj Jahangirli, Lamiya Ismayilova, Lala Soltanli, Lamiya Huseynova. Web site:



Project: Profroom/Humana  

About project: ProfRoom is an information system for searching specialists from different service areas. Team: Farida 

Askarzadeh, Nurgun Farahli. Web site:




About project: is a financial portal for banks. The portal provides opportunity to compare products and 

performance of different banks. One of the main goals is to increase financial literacy of consumers. People looking for 

any kind of information about banks can find it on this portal. The main goal of Banco is to associate the word bank with 

banco in consumers' mind. is a place for the people who sees his future in bank sector, who wants to expand 

his knowledge, who wants to learn latest news about banking and be aware of vacancies, who wants to get loans and 

other bank services easily. Team members: Farid Islamov, Samir Abdullayev, Gunel Abdurakhmanova, Rabiya 

Hasanova. Web site:



Project:_Freelancer'>Project: Duyme Creative Agency  

About project: The main line of business of Duyme Creative Agency is creative advertising, recording video clips which 

can be demonstrated in both local and international markets for different types of companies and organizations. The 

company started in a business in February, 2015. Team: Faig Aliyev, Bakhtiyar Agabalayev, Nigar Mammadli



Project: Supply Chain Academy  

About project: Supply Chain Management is a unique area of business with broad reflection on international transactions 

and multinational corporations. There are many interesting and promising career and business opportunities in supply 

chain. Supply Chain Academy was founded to provide brand new educational projects on Procurement, Logistics, 

Purchasing, Supply Chain Project Management and other relevant trainings along with future consulting work plans. The 

goal of the academy is to provide unique practical training opportunity for students, supply chain professionals, people 

interested in wide aspects of the area, develop local capability, increase awareness and interest of people to this 

specialization. It is also targeting to offset the absence of Supply Chain related classes at local universities, educational 

centers and share the experience of professionals of this area creating networking opportunities. Team members: Elvin 

Mursalov, Gulnar Mursalova 

Project: Sprippy  

About project: Shrippy is a social network, where shopping items are shared. You can share anything (shoes, clothes, air 

ticket, coffee, etc.) you bought with its brand and prices with your social world through this online platform. Sharing 

shopping items is called shrip in Shrippy. Not only you can share items you purchased, but also you can get information 

about the shopping habits, styles and shopping places of the people you know or follow here. Moreover, in Shrippy you 

can see shrips about the brands you love by other users, choose places where you did shopping and see other shrips about 

the items purchased from that places, give effects to the pictures and share your shrips in your facebook and instagram 

account. Team: Ersin Al, Jafar Najafov. Web site:


Project: Freelancer  

About project: Gulnar sales his various types of graphic designs in local and international markets. 

Project: Freelancer  

About project: Shahriyar is working remotely as Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer for Percona Company by an 

independent contractor. His main responsibilities: - Develop, formulate, automate and execute QA strategies for testing - 

Evaluate new features, locating product issues and bugs - Assist with the implementation of various QA projects - 

Monitor and analyze/log failures for autamed QA jobs. 

Project: Brandcream  

About project: Brandcream is a crowdsourcing-based platform. It is for freelance designers and marketing managers. 

The main principles are : to facilitate the work of the design ordering companies, to present the graphics in different 

styles, to build up a quick, high-quality and low-cost service. The goal is to bring together designers working on graphic, 

web and other areas with medium-sized and small business owners and marketinq managers. Team members: Samad 

Babayev, Elshan Gurbanov Web page:



About project: is a project that enables you to search and compare credit products on the website. The project 

started in 2013. All the loans of most of the biggest banks of Azerbaijan are available on the site. helps you 

choose the most suitable credit for you by making comparison among them. You can rank the loans according to their 

interest rate, total amount, commission fee and other terms and choose the most appropriate one for you. is 

specialized in credit cards, consumer loans, auto loans, small amount loans, business loans, mortgage loans. Team: 

Elshad Yusifli, Samra Karimkhanova, Rashad Eyvazov, Ulduz Bagirova Web site:


Project: Mediamark 

About project: Mediamark

 provides innovative solutions for Social Media Agency, provides social media management 

services to companies and individuals persons who work in various management positions.



Project: QuizMindUp 

About project: Company mission is to build the best skills testing & recruitment platform for recruiters and companies to 

help them hire the best candidates and evaluate existing employees while saving their time and money. 

«FollowBrain.Сom» cloud-based (Software as Services) Candidates’ and Employees’ assessment Portal. It is mostly for 

HRs, recruiters, entrepreneurs and any person who wants to make the assessment of their candidates and staff via portal. 

They will get dedicated and separated URL Dashboard (like  

Within our portal, HRs, can build them own tests and assess the candidates and employees. Besides, there will online 

store with tests, questions database which was created and sell by experts. Within our software, they can arrange surveys, 

generate certificates and automatically get CVs of candidates which they received to email.   

Beside dashboard for HRs and recruiters, there will separate Exam Center (like: for candidates and employees. They (external users) will enter to that exam 

center and within or without registration or by entering special ID code, they can start exam and answering the questions. 

It is completely 24/7 cloud and secured based services which you can evaluate your candidates and employees.   


The key users of dashboard:  

•          HRs, Recruiters and their employees; 

•          CEO and managers of SME; 

•          Training manager & coordinators; 

•          Evaluation and monitoring specialists; 

•          Educators and education experts; 


The key users of external Exam center: 

•          Candidates and employees; 

•          Students. 


Main problems which HRs, recruiters are facing 

Below main problems which HRs, Recruiters are facing:  

·         Waste of employer’s time during recruitment screening process with non-suitable candidates; 

·         Mess of CVs based on announced vacancies in outlooks which is too hard to sort and search 

·         Absence of tools and techniques for employee competency and knowledge assessment 

·         Transparency in hiring process, no external 3-d part company; 

·         No centralized tests/quizzes’ system and processes 

·         High price of assessment software tools 

·         No dynamic tools (API) integrated with portals to assess their users 

·         No such SAAS tools & exam stores’ database in CIS countries (inc. Azerbaijan, Georgia and etc.); 

·         Current economical situations in CIS and global (mostly interested in chipset solutions). 



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