Remember- wait for the music and sound to end before clicking the mouse for the next slide

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  • This game is written so that either one can play individually or two teams can compete with each other.

  • Remember-

  • Wait for the music and sound to end before clicking the mouse for the next slide.

  • The music is set for the length of time the contestant has to answer the question.

  • Remember to read all the text out loud to the contestants!

Rules of the game

  • You have 15 seconds to select your answer & confirm your choice

  • You can opt out at anytime


Who wants to be an astronaut?

To obtain an astronaut application package, write the Astronaut Selection Office in:

  • Washington, D. C.

  • Houston, Texas

  • Orlando, Florida

  • Portland, Oregon

Are you sure?

  • b. Houston, Texas

Selected astronauts train in:

  • Portland, Oregon

  • Washington, D. C.

  • Houston, Texas

  • San Diego, California

Are you sure?

  • c. Houston, Texas

Pilot astronaut applicants must have at least 1,000 hours as pilot in command time in:

  • A submarine

  • A jet aircraft

  • A race car

  • A go-cart

Are you sure?

  • b. A jet aircraft

Mission specialist astronauts have the responsibility to:

Are you sure?

  • b. Coordinate mission requirements and objectives

The first American woman in space was:

  • Eileen Collins

  • Sally Ride

  • Lisa Simpson

  • Marie Antoinette

Are you sure?

  • b. Sally Ride

The KC-135 aircraft produces 20 second periods of weightlessness and is also known as:

  • The Vomit Comet

  • The Weightless Wonder

  • The Jet Lag

  • The Astro Plane

Are you sure?

  • a. The Vomit Comet

  • Thank you for playing

  • Who wants to be an astronaut ?

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