Response Paper 3 Nosferatu Response

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Zach Riley

GR 310

Response Paper 3

Nosferatu Response

Nosferatu is a classic expressionistic silent film made in the early 1920’s. It is also one of the first horror movies and first film that depicts a Vampire. I am glad I chose this film to view for class because I enjoyed it for the most part. Even though the film is dated and special effects were nonexistent this film is most certainly creepy.

The makeup used on the actors and atmosphere really give the movie an eerie vibe. The use of shadows also is tastefully done to build tension in the film. Even without the use of modern jump scares and graphic gore, the film does a good job of making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. All of the settings of the film, such as the castle and ship, are very lonely which adds to the tension building in the story. The seclusion adds to the tension because there is no one that will come to Hutter or the Sailors rescue. This is particularly apparent when the ship captain ties himself to the ships wheel and watches as Count Orlok comes to finish him off.

Count Orlok really makes the film and is also my favorite character. If I was Hutter, I definitely would not have waited as long as he did after meeting Count Orlok to try and escape the castle. He had bad news written all over him, especially after he became so amused by Hutters blood after he accidently cut himself. Although scary for the time, I found some of the scenes in the film to be quite humorous by today’s standards. My favorite scene, such as many others in class, is when Count Orlok is seen prancing down the street carrying one of his dirt filled coffins. Another scene worth mention is when Hutter is in his room at the castle scared to death and Count Orlok is stalking him. The scene illustrates Count Orlok’s shadow creeping up the stairs and is another one of my favorite moments in the film.

Although I enjoyed most of the movie, I found the ending to be kind of lame and anticlimactic. Maybe it was partly due to the lack of sound, but Count Orlok’s death was left unsatisfying to me as the viewer. Also it was very abrupt and then things just return to normal immediately and everything is happy. A battle or atleast a struggle between Hutter and Orlok would have been more interesting. Maybe Hutter could have forcefully pushed Orlok into the sunlight instead of him just standing into the open window and melting.

Even though the ending was unappealing to me, overall I enjoyed Nosferatu and I am glad I had an excuse to watch it. The atmosphere and mood helped shape movies for years to come. I would recommend this movie to a friend who appreciates horror films or classic films as this movie is a staple in cinematic history.

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