Республика ўрта тиббиёт ва фармацевтика ходимлари малакасини ошириш ва уларни ихтисослаштириш маркази самарканд филиали

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Not all pregnant women suffer from coronavirus. The incidence of coronavirus among pregnant women is said to be higher than in the general population. However, in general, such women are not prone to severe stages of the disease and are often asymptomatic. Pregnant women over the age of 35 with obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are more likely to be infected.

There is no evidence of vertical transmission of COVID-19 to a child. There are also data on the detection of RNA or SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the viral genome in umbilical cord blood, placental tissue, as well as in the biological environment of newborns.

However, there is currently no convincing evidence that the coronavirus is transmitted vertically from mother to fetus. Experts do not have reliable data on the excretion of this pathogen in breast milk, nor was it found in amniotic fluid and vaginal secretions.

Cases of mother-to-child transmission have been reported only due to close contact of the infected woman or staff with the baby.The COVID-19 test also found that it was only necessary for newborns whose mothers were infected with coronavirus or suspected of being infected. However, treatment of a sick child with available antiviral drugs is not recommended because their safety and efficacy for infants have not been proven.

Thank you for your attention !!!

Thank you for your attention !!!

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