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Chapter 9 Solutions


Multiple Choice

Select the best response for the following statements.

1. A file sent with an e-mail message is called a(n)

A. attachment

B. program

C. packet

D. interface

2. Junk e-mail marketing a product or service is called __________.

A. trash

B. program

C. packet

D. spam

4. A(n) __________ is a keyboard symbol used to convey a tone or feeling in an electronic communication

A. plus

B. emoticon

C. minus

D. @ symbol

3. A small chunk into which an e-mail message is broken as it is sent to the recipient is called a(n) ___________.

A. attachment

B. packet

C. user name

D. domain name

Complete the following sentences by writing the correct word or words in the blanks provided.

1. An e-mail address consists of three parts: the user name, the @ symbol, and the user’s domain name .

2. The inbox displays a message header for any new message.

3. You can save a message in three different formats.

4. Instant messaging enables you to send messages in real time.

5. Spam is unsolicited messages.


Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.

T F 1. Each Outlook folder organizes a different type of information.

T F 2. The default task selected in the Navigation pane is Mail.

T F 3. You can type only one e-mail address in the Cc text box.

T F 4. Click the Receive button to send a message.

T F 5. Long messages are appropriate for e-mail if you cover several topics in one message.



Access the following link and review the top ten benefits of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007: After you review the topics, write a one- to two-page report explaining which three benefits you feel are most important and why you selected those benefits.

Solutions will vary depending on benefits selected. Benefits include Instantly search all your information, Easily manage your daily priorities and information, Get better results faster with the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, Connect with people easily and effectively, Increased collaboration and functionality with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Manage your shared information and content in one interface, Enjoy new measures that help keep you safe from junk e-mail and malicious sites, Send text messages from Office Outlook with one easy click, Organize your information in new, rich ways, and Manage all your communication in one interface.


Microsoft has several informational links that are accessible at Access this Web site and then scroll down to the What's new, Learn the basics, and Stay connected headings. Select one of these three topics and click the link to review the topic. When you are finished with the topic, use your word processing program to write a report listing what you learned and how you can apply it.

Solutions will vary depending on the option selected. The What's New section presents an overview of Manage Time and Information, Connect Across Boundaries, and Remain Safer and In Control.

The Learn the Basics topic includes a 45-55 minute video on how to move around in Outlook, how to find commands on the ribbon, and how to send pictures and attachments. A short test is included at the end of each section.

The Stay Connected option presents a broad overview on how to use Outlook's Internet calendars.

Cross-curricular—Social Studies

Access the Web site to read an article on “The Impact of the World Wide Web On Society-Communication-Email-Snail Mail.” After you read the article, write a report expressing your opinion about the article. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s statements? Explain why you agree or disagree.

Solutions will vary.

cross-curricular—Language Arts

Access the Microsoft Web site at where you can download clip art and other media files. Select at least three clip art images to download. Send an e-mail to your instructor with one of the clip art images attached. Include a message that you downloaded the file from the Microsoft Web site.

Solutions will vary.


In addition to Microsoft Office Outlook, there are many other e-mail programs. Do an online search and locate at least two other e-mail client programs. Then compare the features contained in these programs with the features in Microsoft Outlook. After comparing the features, then write a report indicating which program you consider the best and explain why. A good place to start your research is at

Solutions will vary.


Individuals who use e-mail for frequent communication often are annoyed by unsolicited e-mail called spam. Spam can be obnoxious, offensive, and a waste of your time. Some countries have laws against spam. Your Internet service provider might try to block spam before it reaches your mailbox. However, you still might be inconvenienced by junk e-mail. Working with a partner, research spam to learn more about what it is used for, how marketers get addresses, how effective spam is, and ways that you can stop spam. Prepare a report on your findings. Include information on both good and bad instances of spam; if it is a nuisance or problem; and how you can stop it before it reaches your e-mail Inbox. At the end of your report, answer the following questions: Is spam ever useful? Should there be laws to restrict spam? Do you think you can block all spam from reaching your Inbox?

Solutions will vary.


A number of Web sites provide free access to e-mail. If you do not have a computer, public libraries, schools, and even some “Internet cafes” offer free or inexpensive computer access to the World Wide Web that you can use to check incoming messages and send your own e-mail. What kind of features would you like to have for a personal e-mail account? You might want to investigate some Web sites, such as,, or, to find out about the options available and then list the ones you think are most important. Why do you believe you would need these features for your e-mail account?

Solutions will vary.


Google also has an e-mail program called Gmail. This was introduced in an earlier chapter, and you already may have a Gmail account. Review the features of Google's Gmail program and compare them with those contained in Microsoft Office Outlook. Then create a short review explaining which program you prefer. List at least three reasons why you prefer the program you selected.

Solutions will vary.

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