Rome Government Plebeians complained. How did the Patricians respond?

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Chapter 10, Section 2: Government and Society

Rome Government

Plebeians complained. How did the Patricians respond?

-They created gov’t offices that could only be held by plebeians.

-They protected the rights of the plebeians.

Rome became a tripartite? What’s a tripartite?

-A government made up of 3 parts (Like the USA)

Explain how the Roman government worked and how it affected the voices of plebeians to patricians


Assemblies: Made up of Plebs/Pats, job was to elect the magistrates

Tribunes: Elected Officials

-Could Veto (Prohibit Laws from passing)

-Remained in office for 1 year

Latin: Roman Language

-Veto ( I forbid)



-Council of wealthy and powerful Romans that advise the city leaders

How many Senators? 300, served for life


-Began with more Pat senators, but more plebs served over time

-Senate became powerful, magistrates didn’t want to anger senate when many of them would become senators.


What is a magistrate? Elected Official

Who are the 2 most important magistrates?

Consuls, who run the city and the army

Why 2?

-So none become too powerful


-Other magistrates worked under the consul. They were elected for a year

Written Laws Keep Order

How were laws made before?

-Officials made the laws, many of who were originally Pats.

- Plebeians were arrested for laws they didn’t know existed

12 Tables? Bronze Tablets 1st laws were written on.

-Displayed in the forum, Rome’s meeting place

Civic Duty and Checks/Balances

Civic Duty?

-Duty to the city. People felt obligated to attend assemblies and vote in elections

-Wealthy people felt needed they have to hold office. They were admired for it.

-Not everyone could, was complicated process

What are Checks/Balances? Way to limit/balance gov’t official’s power

-One consul member can block actions of another

-Gov’t Powerful when agreed, fights when disagreed


Where was it? Heart of the City

-Palatine Hill on one side, housed richest Romans

-Capitoline Hill was on the other side, where temples stood

What happened there?

-Peopled talked, debated, etc and also served as a meeting place for gov’t and religious meetings

-Most city leaders were found there as they would give speeches to the common people (Always packed)

-Gladiator fights may occur for people not interested in speeches

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