Russia 100414 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 100414

Basic Political Developments

  • Prime-Tass: Russian calendar: Key events for April 14

    • Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to visit Argentina, until Apr 15

    • Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to hold meeting on modernization of healthcare

    • Russian Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko to visit Italy, until Apr 17

    • Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov to meet with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in Brussels

    • Credit Bank of Moscow to offer bonds worth 3 billion rubles

    • Russia’s Finance Ministry to offer 6 billion rubles worth of OFZ-PD bonds

  • Itar-Tass: Medvedev ending visit to USA, departing for Argentina

  • RUVR: Medvedev, de Kirchner to meet in Buenos Aires

  • Itar-Tass: Russian minister to discuss industrial cooperation in Rome - Industrial cooperation issues will be the focal point of discussions that the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, Viktor Khristenko, and the Italian Minister Claudio Scajola are going have Tuesday in the course of their talks in Rome.

  • Kyiv Post: Russia will accept highly enriched uranium Ukraine has decided to get rid of

  • Business Week: Bangladesh approves nuke power deal with Russia - Bangladesh has approved a draft for a deal with Russia to set up a nuclear power plant in the power-starved South Asian nation, a government spokesman said Tuesday.

  • Russia Today: Iran will become nuclear nation in May - While most of the world is trying to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, Iran has declared that it is expecting to join the nuclear club in May. The statement comes from Behzad Soltani, deputy head of Iran’s atomic energy organization. He has come out to say that within one month Iran will become the newest member of the world nuclear club and that as soon as in May, Iran will become a “nuclear nation” that no other country will even think of launching an attack against.


    • Brookings: An Address by Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation: Russia-U.S. Relations and Russia’s Vision for International Affairs

    • CNN: Medvedev: Iran 'ignoring questions' on nuclear ambition

    • Itar-Tass: Russia's Medvedev calls world nuclear summit very successful

    • Reuters: Russia says needs time to develop political system

    • Itar-Tass: Russian Pres says no revival of Stalinism in Russian society

    • RIA: Medvedev ready to submit arms reduction pact to parliament in early May

    • RIA: Russia ready to discuss further disarmament – Medvedev

    • RIA: Russia-U.S. relations better than before – Medvedev

    • RIA: Medvedev sees U.S. shale gas as stimulus for modernization

    • RIA: Medvedev still counting on Washington's support over WTO entry

    • Reuters: Russia wants U.S. to push harder for its WTO entry

    • RIA: Russia's Medvedev blames Kyrgyz authorities for unrests, says civil war risk high

    • WASHINGTON.Dmitry Medvedev met with President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich.

    • Interfax: Russia ready to discuss Ukraine’s new proposals on gas price – Medvedev

    • WASHINGTON. Dmitry Medvedev met with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

    • WASHINGTON. Dmitry Medvedev had a meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

    • Mainichi Daily: Japan, Russia to step up island talks, but don't discuss details - Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev agreed Tuesday to promote top-level talks toward settling a longstanding territorial dispute over four Russian-administered islands off Hokkaido, but failed to discuss further details.

    • Armradio: Foreign Ministers of Armenia, Russia meet in Washington - The interlocutors touched upon the cooperation between the two countries within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group and exchanged views on the situation in the region, including the process of settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

    • Russia Today: Russian president gives interview to RT’s editor in chief

    • Bloomberg: U.S.-Russian Ties Tested in Kyrgyzstan Revolution (Update1)

  • RUVR: Russian, U.S. navies conduct joint anti-piracy drill: The Russian and U.S. navies have conducted joint exercises in the Gulf of Aden to rehearse anti-piracy rescue efforts. The drill involved ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet, including a large anti-submarine vessel and a U.S. destroyer ship. Both countries have been taking an active part in international anti-piracy missions.

  • Reuters: UPDATE 2-US has new approach to Russia poultry spat-USAPEEC - U.S. approach could lead to quick end to Russia ban; USAPEEC declined to provide details; Russian official: US willing to stop using chlorine

  • St. Louis Business Journal: Russian leaders to visit St. Louis to examine government

  • CNN: Russian official: Adoption case points to need for monitoring

  • ABC News: Petition Drive Urges Russia Not to Halt Adoptions

  • Finnish Government: Finnish-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation meets in Helsinki led by Ministers Väyrynen and Nabiullina

  • Brunei fm: Russia hoists flag at temporary embassy

  • RUVR: S.Ossetia, Nicaragua seal diplomatic ties

  • RIA: Medvedev signs national anti-corruption program for 2010-11

  • RIA: Marine infantry land on Pyotr Veliky

  • NTI: Russia to Place Early Warning Radar on Duty

  • BarentsObserver: Putin to visit Murmansk this week - Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to Murmansk in the middle of April. According to unconfirmed information the visit will take place on Thursday this week.

  • Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Kaluga Region Governor Anatoly Artamonov

  • RUVR: Olympic construction in Sochi ahead of schedule - IOC

  • Reuters: UPDATE 1-Russia's Usmanov not ruling out Arsenal bid

  • Moscow Mayor Yuriy Lujkov issues order to build Muslim Magomayev’s monument in Russian capital

  • Interfax: Media review: Islamic Puppeteers - Will Kadyrov become a Muslim vice-president of the Russian Federation? – by Alexey CHELNOKOV, "Argumenty Nedely" Russian weekly


    • Georgian Times: Pole MP Apologizes for Blaming Russia for Smolensk Air Crash

    • RIA: Death toll in Polish president's plane crash set at 97

    • Epoch Times: More Remains Identified in Polish Plane Crash

  • Russia Profile: In the Beginning Was the Web - Has the Internet Become Russia’s Only Medium of Free Information Exchange, and If So, Can It Too Be Up for Grabs?

  • Moscow Times: Today in Vedomosti

    • Editorial: Greece Needs Radical Spending Cuts

    • Commentary: Exemplary Patriotism - Tens of thousands of Poles gathered in the streets of Warsaw to say goodbye to their president is a sight worth seeing.

    • Less Sand and Concrete Needed for Sochi - Initial assessments of the building materials needed for Sochi Olympic facilities have been overstated.

  • Russia Today: 14 April, 2010 in Russian Newspapers

    • Izvestiya: Poland reflects on the tragedy

    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta: The last battle - A brutal and mysterious crime was committed in the capital -- an elderly couple, who were veterans of the Great Patriotic War -- were shot and killed in their apartment.

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