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mechanism_2010 @

Passport #, AE9826732

Employment Visa HFZC SHARJAH. (Cancelled)

Driving License: Under process
Field of interest:

  • Civil Engineering / Operation Manufacturing / Production Management / ISO MR

  • Q. Controller Officer / QA, Quality Auditor /HR Admin

  • Quality & compliance Engineer.

  • ISO-9001:2008 Internal Auditor, EMS 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007

  • Product Supervisor and Material Receivers / Project Manager

  • Chemical lab Research field /QA/QC


To work at responsible position in such an environment that offers challenge and opportunity of professional growth. to build on my strength of honesty and sincerity in order to grow in character, evolve professionally and be beneficial for my organization. To lead an intellectually satisfying career and have a clear conscience at the end of my life.

Career Objective:

To join a progressive & dynamic organization offering ample opportunities for diversified experience, enhancement of the professional skills and career growth.

Organizational Experience:-

  • Organization: IQRA Intermediate College Hub.

Designation Chemistry Lecturer.

( 2 YEAR)

  • Organization: English Grammar School Hub,

Designation Standard High school/ Down School

(3 year) O/L Teacher IGSCE level, Oxford Science, Chemistry, Physics, & Biology.

  • Organization : United Tube Manufacturer,

Designation MR ISO , QAQC Operation Work

(5 year)

  • Organization in UAE: ATG Hamriyah Free zone.

Designation Quality Control Officer / MR ISO Auditor, Operational work

(Year 2012 to 2014)

  • Organization In UAE : Pride Lubricant

Designation Oil Lubricant Chemist / QMS MR Operation work

(Year 2012)

  • Organization in UAE: Aqua pure water company.

Designation Chemist/ Product Analyst / Archive Clerk Admin

(Year 2011)

Academic Credentials:-

  • Master in Chemistry. (Organic Chemistry)

Department of Chemistry – Jinnah University for women. Year - 2003 1st Division

  • Bachelors of Science. (Chemistry , Biology, Physics) Year - 2001 2nd Division

University of Karachi.

  • HSC ( Premedical) (Chemistry , Biology, Physics)

Karachi College For women. Year- 1999 C’ Grade

  • SSC Science (Group) (Chemistry, Biology., Physics) Year - 1997 B’ Grade

PNAD School Naval Colony Karachi.

  • Preparation of the derivative from Aldehydes & ketone, Carbohydrates, ester, Alcohol, ether and hydrocarbon, Carboxylic Acid.

  • Identification of the functional group.

  • Spectroscopy /Advanced chemistry of alkaloid, Pharmaceutical.

  • Chromatography

  • Qualitative Organic Synthesis & mixture analysis / Quantitative Organic Analysis or Estimation

  • Natural Product lab / Organic Synthesis Lab / Advance Organic Reaction Mechanism

Academic Major Topic / Project;-

Courses/ Seminars Attended:

  • Chemistry & To –Days world. Organized by Jinnah University for Women. Year -2004

  • ISO 9001: 2008 Awareness & Internal Quality Audit Course. Moody International. Year - 2010 & Reena.

  • 5th Productivity Conference on “Development of Demonstration Companies on Six Sigma” Organized by National productivity Organization, The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry. 8th of Feb 2010.

  • Internal Auditor course from RINA , regarding ISO 9001Quality management system, 14001:2004 Environmental management system,18001:2007 Occupational health and safety management system.

Activities / Achievements:

  • Research working regarding organic synthesis /Ion Exchange

  • Research working regarding industries chemistry.

  • Organized a Training and Development Work shop on “The Power of Positive Thinking.

Experience & Significant Achievements:
Teaching experience in Science, Math, Biology, Chemistry in different school. I thought “O “& “A” level Chemistry and Oxford Science Subject.
1:-QA/QC(Expedite & Inspection Department) Operation Officer Document controller / ISO Internal Auditor HFZC Sharjah
Core Responsibility:

  • In Hamriyah Free Zone all working regarding the project of STEEL FABRICATION WELDING PAINTING BLASTING, section where’s we specifically following Marine, Structure & vessel as per ASME,API, AWS D1.1, ISO, DNV, ABSG ,GL standard. Prepares, maintains and reviews technical documentation, such as drawings and specifications, for civil engineering projects.Able to estimate the product cost and service I can be check the estimation with the QC link. Able to read the drawing TEKLA AUTOCAD regarding the Civil structure, vessel, aluminum and marine structure.

  • Performs the evaluation and documentation inspection of civil engineering projects to ensure that standards and requirements are met.

  • Analysis of mapping and material testing data with computer modeling applications judging weather project are workable by assessing materials cost and time requirement.Managing ,directing and monitoring progress during each phase of project and its documentation as per client SOP’S.

  • Responsible to proceed thoroughly project documentation as per ITP GMP for eg.WPS, PQR,WQR,ITP,MTR,NDT (UT, PTRT,MPT, DPT, PWHT) Dimension & Inspection, RMIR, PR, Paint Report ,Dispatched document.Liaise with third party for project inspection.

  • Corporate with management in the term of Audit Surveillance & Certification Audit. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Party Audit.

  • Ensure to conduct the Audit as per schedule and sorted out Non Conformance and CAPA as per standard clause. Ensure to conduct Scheduling internal audit time to time in our organization and ensure to conduct 3rd party certification audit /surveillance Audit.

2:- Oil Lubricant Company in Ajman as Lab Chemist
Core Responsibility:

I had gained the experience with Oil Lubricating Company as a Oil Chemist. Along worked with ISO 9001: 2008 management System.In Oil Lubricating Company where my ethics, i have done the all formulation mobil oil, engine oil, Diesel Oil , 10w40, 15w20,20w40, 20w50 all SL and API Grade I am able to make it with throughout Oil Testing in lab, Viscosity , Viscosity Index, Density, TBN, Flash Point, Pour Point Color.

  • Responsible for routine Lab testing for each batch to be blended in the plant.

  • Responsible for the calibration and maintenance of Laboratory Equipments.

  • Well understanding to API and SEA standards.

Good knowledge of different type of base oil i.e. Group I / Group II/ Group III/ PAO etc. And also understand the additives and their role in lubes

3:- Archives Clerk. Admin / HR product Analyst 2nd march 2011 Sharjah

Core Responsibility:

  • Working as a Admin Executive, Focus Competencies Matrix.

  • Administer compensation, benefits and performance management systems, and safety and recreation programs.

  • Identify staff vacancies and recruit, interview and select applicants.

  • Allocate human resources, ensuring appropriate matches between personnel.

  • Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, opportunities for promotion and employee benefits.

  • Perform difficult staffing duties, including dealing with understaffing, refereeing disputes, firing employees, and administering disciplinary procedures.

  • Analyze and modify compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive programs and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

  • Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.
    Serve as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts and helping resolve work-related problems.

4:- QA Officer / Lead Document Controller ISO AuditorOperation work, United Manufacturer Pakistan: 2004 to 2009

Core Responsibility:

  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining accurate files, handling incoming and outgoing document, sub contractors-submittals, developing and maintaining electronic and hard copy documentation system.

  • Responsible to check and perform inspection and testing of raw material.

  • Prepare production Data Sheet, Complain & Non Conforming Reports according to QMS.

  • Raw Material Inspection Testing, In - Process & Finished Product sampling.

  • Provided assistance to Quality Manager during in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008

Strengths / Skills:

  • Creative, Multitasking, Innovative, Team Spirit, Enthusiastic.

  • Team player , ability to work in fast placed environment,

  • Strong interpersonal Skills, Work well in a team as well as an individual. Good & Quick Learner, Hard Worker.


To be furnished upon request.

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