Schedule for the 10th workshop on managerial and organizational cognition

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Creativity in Organisations
ESSEC / Cergy-Pontoise (France)

June, 18 – 20, 2003

Wednesday, June 18th
13h30 – 14h30 Workshop’s opening. Welcome of the participants.
14h30 – 16h Different levels of creativity (Chairperson: Chris Dorsett)

  • Managing creativity in a collective activity, Anja Kern

  • Change the script : how co-operation changed organisations, Petri Koistinen

  • From a single idea to collective action, Jane Park

16h – 16h30 Coffee break

17h Departure for Auvers-sur-Oise. Meeting point : Novotel (5 minutes from ESSEC)

Evening at Auvers sur Oise (visit of the town, of Vincent Van Gogh’s last place and dinner at the “Auberge Ravoux”)

Thursday, June 19th
9h – 10h30 Creativity and psychology (Chairperson: Feiwel Kupferberg)

  • Artists groups in Japan and the UK & their impact on the creative individual, Hiroko Oshima

  • Public decision processes, creativity, and third parties, Laurence de Carlo

  • Different bodies give different versions, Susanne Dott Pedersen

10h30 – 11h Coffee break
11h – 12h30 Creativity and knowledge (Chairperson: Catherine Kuszla)

  • Supporting creativity in organisations, Michele Gorgoglione, A. Claudio Garavelli & Vincenzo Romano

  • Intuition as a part of managerial creativity, Marja-Liisa Kakkonen

  • Software, springboard, creativity, Mélanie Latiers, Vincent Bruyninckx, Jean-Marie Jacques, Nathanaël Laurent, Véronique Van Assche & Anne Wallemacq

12h30 – 14h30 Lunch at Novotel in Cergy Pontoise

14h30 – 16h Tensions around creativity (Chairperson: Jean-Marie Jacques)

  • Creativity vs. Control : a non problem ? Catherine Kuszla & Gilles David

  • Innovation norms and struggles of recognition in the Early American Car and Film Industries, Feiwel Kupferberg,

  • Shielding idiosyncrasy from isomorphic pressures: towards optimal distinctiveness in European films, Silviya Svejenova, José Luis Alvarez, Carmello Mazza & Jesper Strandgaard Pedersen

16h – 16h30 Coffee break
16h30 – 17h30 Enhancing creativity ? (Chairperson: Michele Gorgoglione)

  • How to organise collective action for developing innovative concepts, Olivier Hirt

  • Firm foundations for organisational creativity ? David Watts & Joseph Erl

Friday, June 20th
9h – 10h30 Creativity and artefacts (Chairperson: Annick Bourguignon)

  • The authorship of knowledge in small businesses, Richard Thorpe, Ossie Jones, Sudie Sharifi, Robin Holt, Michael Zhang & Alan MacPherson

  • Innovation in financial accounting models, Aline Honoré & Aziza Laguecir

  • Intellectual capital in software companies, Rosa Maria Correia Nunes & Ana Isabel da Costa Natividade Rodrigues

10h30 – 11h Coffee break
11h – 12h00 Creativity and cognition (Chairperson: Robin Holt)

  • Stimulate knowledge creation by increasing knowledge distribution transparency, Tanguy Coenen

  • Top management team composition and experience, Harry Barkema & Oleg Chvyrkov

12h00 – 14h30 Lunch at Novotel in Cergy Pontoise

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