Scientists observe facts and then make deductions based on those facts

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  1. Scientists observe facts and then make deductions based on those facts.

  2. When he saw no way to avert the crash, the pilot jumped out of the plane.

  3. In most American schools, it is not appropriate for students to call their teachers by their first names.

  4. Unlike many politicians, our mayor is concise – his speeches are short but say much.

  5. People do not always support drastic changes in fashion.

  6. Magazine articles often begin with an anecdote in order to gain the reader`s interest.

  7. Our boss expects us to comply with his instructions without asking questions.

  8. People often find it difficult to acknowledge their errors.

  9. Dale`s poor grades left him with two alternatives – to work fewer hours at his part-time job or to drop a class.

  10. My history teacher would often compel us to do useless work.

  11. Tina`s test scores are erratic – sometimes she scores very high, other times very low.

  12. Babies need milk to fortify their bones.

  13. My grandmother likes to reminisce about her childhood

  14. Jackie did extensive research for her paper by reading many books and articles.

  15. If Phil drives carelessly and damages his parents` car, he will forfeit the right to drive it any more.

  16. Some people isolate themselves when they are unhappy.

  17. She prefers urban life to rural life.

  18. The opposition leaders stated that they are willing to enter into dialogue with the government.

  19. In London during World War II, bomb shelter provided refuge from air attacks

  20. They used candles to illuminate book pages at night.

  21. When my brother and I argued, my mother remained impartial she didn`t want to favor either of us.

  22. Alison`s repeated criticisms undermined her sister`s confidence.

  23. Drugs have become a terrible menace to the well-being of American children.

  24. My father is so naïve about business deals that he has been tricked by cheaters more than once.

  25. Leon typed “delete” into the computer, followed by the name of the document he wanted to erase.

  26. Mrs. Dean’s dislike for the mayor was overt. She stood right up in front the crowd and said exactly what she thought of him.

  27. Mark Twain once joked that he had even more integrity than George Washington. “Washington could not lie,” he said.” I can, but I won`t.”

  28. Is it legitimate for a boss to tell a secretary to make and serve coffee?

  29. All children like lenient babysitters who allow bedtime to be postponed an hour or two.

  30. The workers `morale was so low that they constantly complained about the job.

  31. If Kay is promoted, her prospects for getting a raise will be good.

  32. To prevent the old building from collapsing, construction workers will reinforce it with steel beams.

  33. Because there was no antidote for the snake`s poison, the cat that was bitten died

  34. Mexicans, accustomed to hot and spicy foods, often find American dishes bland by comparison.

  35. I won`t vote for the radical candidate – his beliefs are too extreme for me.

  36. There are ruthless drivers who make no effort to avoid hitting animals on the road.

  37. Your statement isn`t relevant – it has nothing to do with our conversation.

  38. Every morning Lin writes out her agenda, jotting down what she needs to accomplish that day.

  39. Sidewalk litter is a sign of apathy, showing that people don’t` care about clean environment.

  40. Advertisements are an important part of the propaganda used by companies to persuade us to buy their products.

  41. The horror movie became too gruesome when the monster started eating people.

  42. I was such a novice at computers that I didn`t even know how to insert a disk.

  43. Karen is the least idealistic person I know.

  44. It is only an illusion that the sun sets and rises. It is really the earth that is turning away from and then towards the sun.

  45. Wind and rain erode rocks, making them smoother and rounder.

  46. To be a radio announcer, Maria will have to overcome the obstacle of her strong regional accent.

  47. The senator refused to endorse any candidate who didn`t share his views on the minimum wage.

  48. When the two cars crashed into each other, the impact was so great that one driver was thrown from his car.

  49. For his psychology experiment, Rudy is gathering data to show which memory aids work best for students.

  50. A hypocrite is a person who preaches one thing, and does another.

  51. My conservative relatives were shocked when I broke with tradition and wore a rose-colored wedding gown.

  52. No one is sure how much the threat of execution deters murder.

  53. When I applied for financial aid, I had to disclose my annual income.

  54. Because the manager wanted a scapegoat for his own mistake, he fired an innocent employee.

  55. My teacher said my essay on divorce was too superficial, that I didn’t go into the subject with enough depth.

  56. My diets usually last three days at the most. I can’t sustain my willpower any longer than that.

  57. We are in a transitional period right now, and no one knows what to expect.

  58. Contrary to popular belief, gorillas aren’t violent, they are gentle vegetarians.

  59. Under oath in court, the senator was finally willing to concede that he had taken bribes.

  60. We must denounce injustice and oppression.

  61. The fact that he had already gotten two speeding tickets inhibited him from driving fast.

  62. Many people use vitamins to supplement their diet.

  63. You can reach and even surpass many of your highest goals.

  64. Their wedding date is tentative.

  65. There has been moderate improvement in her health since she began the treatment.

  66. The Mississippi River derives its name from Indian words meaning “big river”.

  67. To verify that his checkbook balance was correct, Craig added the numbers again.

  68. The insurance company had to compensate him for the loss of a finger while on a construction job.

  69. Looking at the size of some dinosaur bones helps me conceive of just how enormous dinosaurs were.

  70. Students love the diversity of the menu at the nearby diner.

  71. My father always expects the worst, but my mother is an optimist.

  72. The book store will prolong its “One Day Only” sale to two days.

  73. Although Pillar’s back pain was chronic, having lasted for five years, she refused to undergo surgery.

  74. Written words can be rewritten, but spoken words cannot be altered.

  75. My best friend is so blunt that he never softens the truth.

  76. In your resume, list your jobs in reverse chronological order – begin with the most recent job and go backward.

  77. The robber entered people’s houses under the pretense of being a repairman.

  78. Since she’s on a diet, Stella refrained from eating a second piece of carrot cake.

  79. The criminal received a shorter jail term than his partner, who showed no remorse.

  80. There is ample room for another desk in here.

  81. Because of her phobia Martha will walk up twenty floors to avoid taking an elevator.

  82. The unsigned letter to the editor was not published because it was the newspaper’s policy never to print anonymous letters.

  83. A final exam causes Phil such acute anxiety that he has trouble falling asleep the night before taking one.

  84. Carla was so popular that each year she was the recipient of dozens of awards.

  85. Cliff became more and more apprehensive about the driving test for his license.

  86. The man’s twin sister was the donor of his new kidney.

  87. Prudent as always, Meg thought carefully before finally deciding which of the used cars would be the best buy.

  88. The supermarket puts sale items in prominent places so they can be easily seen.

  89. A good teacher knows when to bestow praise on a student and when to give helpful criticism.

  90. After winning his company’s award twice, Vinnie became overconfident and arrogant among others.

  91. Margo’s parents’ constant arguments began to alienate her from them.

  92. If you study the doctrines of several religions, you may be surprised by the similarity of some of their teachings.

  93. Vivian was about to buy a red dress when she noticed a small defect – some threads were loose on the collar.

  94. Jane used bubble gum to make the poster of Prince adhere to her bedroom wall.

  95. My parents were dogmatic – they made their rules clear and never listened to our point of view.

  96. Because Harris shows his emotions so openly, it is easy to assess his moods.

  97. The lawyer tried to overcome his contempt for the child abuser in order to defend him well in court.

  98. A law against suicide is absurd. People who succeed cannot be punished, those who fail aren’t guilty.

  99. The teacher asked students to compile information on their family histories by interviewing parents and grandparents.

  100. Lottery winners have learned that being affluent is not so easy.

  101. I have only two options on my job: I can do what my boss asks, or I can be fired.

  102. In our society, we too often equate happiness with money.

  103. Heidi is so malicious that she makes up lies to ruin other people’s reputations.

  104. Thomas was understandably indignant when they fired him without a good reason.

  105. Mindy endeavored to stop her hiccups by putting a paper bag over her head.

  106. Breathing deeply, I savored my favorite summer smell – freshly-cut grass.

  107. My uncle’s wartime experience in the jungles of Vietnam left him with a delusion that people are trying to kill him.

  108. From child’s point of view, a simple brown box is very versatile, it can be a dollhouse, a bucket, a desk, or even a funny hat.

  109. Roger knew a few Chinese phrases, but he was not fluent enough in Chinese to carry on a conversation.

  110. Photographers harassed the movie star, photographing her on a private beach.

  111. When I’m on a diet, eating pizza becomes an obsession for me.

  112. It is futile to try to have a conversation with him when a football game is on television.

  113. Our grandmother is so miserly that all she ever gives us for Christmas is a card.

  114. When Lucas is drunk, he’s liable to become violent.

  115. The characters in novels are usually totally fictitious, but some are based on real people.

  116. I am dubious about Andrew’s ability to do the job alone, but I am willing to give him a try.

  117. As I stepped into the garage, I encountered a surprise visitor.

  118. At the beginning of World War II, Hitler expected his military forces to prevail over all others.

  119. Jet engines propel a plane forward.

  120. I ran back to ladies’ room to retrieve my purse, but someone had already taken it.

  121. The general’s uniform and medals filled Scott with awe.

  122. Our gym teacher used to coerce us into doing fifty sit-ups by refusing to let anyone leave before we all had finished.

  123. The sadistic Nazi laughed while his victim was tortured.

  124. Drugs and alcohol impair a person’s ability to drive.

  125. The essence of a paragraph is stated in its topic sentence.

  126. As a child, I didn’t enjoy immunity from punishment, but my parents rarely hit me.

  127. It was Gwen’s birthday, so her parents were especially indulgent letting her stay up much later than her usual bedtime.

  128. Paul Newman is notable not only for his acting ability, but also for his charity work.

  129. My boss gave each of us such a liberal bonus that I was able to buy a new sofa with the money.

  130. The reference had to intervene and separate the two hockey players, who had started hitting each other.

  131. Antonio tried to refute my argument, but I was able to prove I was right.

  132. As the Ice Age ended, some animals were able to adapt to the new climate.

  133. The country’s new dictator feared having certain political enemies in the country, so he sent them into exile.

  134. I always send Gordon a birthday card, but he doesn’t bother to reciprocate with a card or phone call on my birthday.

  135. A strong opposition is vital to a healthy democracy.

  136. There was no financial transaction between us.

  137. Learning a new computer program can be a tedious process.

  138. Several of the injured were detained overnight in the hospital.

  139. Education can give you the power to shape your own destiny.

  140. I didn’t intend to diminish the importance of your work.

  141. Helen’s chess strategy is to make her moves so quickly that her opponent believes she’s an expert.

  142. Many people think of the dentist as someone who actually likes to inflict pain.

  143. Sue has feelings of nostalgia when she thinks about the happy days of her childhood.

  144. When temperatures are in the 90s, I’m grateful to the ingenious person who invented the air conditioner.

  145. Most people cannot discriminate between an alligator and a crocodile.

  146. Today there is a profound interest in the rights of animals.

  147. I thought I was in trouble when my boss summoned me to her office.

  148. Among the most dangerous vocations are deep sea diving, mining, and construction.

  149. Medication should match the severity of an illness.

  150. I tried to convince my son to join the family for dinner, but he was obstinate, refusing to leave his room no matter what I said.

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