Scoring for David Ricardo and Adam Smith Challenge Tests

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Scoring for David Ricardo and Adam Smith Challenge Tests
Procedures: 3 tests – Micro, Macro, & International

Micro & Macro – take tests individually - 30 multiple choice questions (15 micro and 15 macro - 40 minutes – score comprised of top 3 students’ scores)

International – take test as a group – 15 multiple choice questions – 20 minutes – team score x 3 to be weighed equally with micro/macro test

If you don’t feel like you know the answer, don’t guess

5 point penalty for wrong answer

0 points – blank/no answer

10 points – correct answer
Please stay seated for the entire testing period unless an emergency. Breaks will be provided.
The two highest scoring teams advance to the Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl Rules for Both Divisions

  • Only responses from the team captain will be considered official.

  • One point is awarded for each question answered correctly

  • Team members may buzz in at any time a question is being read, however, should they buzz in before the entire question is read, they will have to answer based solely on the information they have heard up to that point.

  • If an incorrect response is given, the other team will have the opportunity to hear the entire question and then have 15 seconds to respond.

  • A maximum of 30 questions will be asked. The winner will be the first team to 16 or the team with the most points after the 30 questions are asked. Tie-breaker questions are on standby.

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