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Sean is a freelance production Sound Recordist with over 20 years of experience in the Sound Industry, working in live Theatre, post-production, and live Music as well as a recognised career in television and film. Sean has recorded many BAFTA and Emmy award winning series. He is also an full accepted member of the industry recognised: Association of Motion Picture Sound, AMPS for a number of years.
Credits 2014-2015

Ronaldo Ronnie Films / Universal Pictures Feature Film Dir. Anthony Wonke, Producer.Paul Martin

Being AP Partizan Pictures for BBC Films / Universal Pictures Dir. Anthony Wonke, Producer.Nick Ryle

The Detective Films Of Record featured Documentary Dir. Dave Nath Channel 4

Predator Plimsoll Productions Dir. Steven Clarke 4x60 Discovery

Richard Hammond's Jungle Quest IWC Media Dir. Graham Booth 2x60 Sky

Secret Life of Twins OSF Dir. Luke Wiles Executive Producer Caroline Hawkins 1X60 ITV

La Mans Firecracker Films /Nissan Dir. Richard De Aragues, Executive Producer Jel Groman

Credits 2013-2014

Wild Weather OSF Dir. Graham Booth 3x60 BBC1

Gunpowder Plotters Aenon Films, Drama Dir. Adam Kemp 1X60 BBC2

Tubular Bells Tigerlily Films Arts Dir. Mat O’Casey 1x60 BBC4

A History of Science Fiction Arts Dir. Ben Southwell 1x60 BBC4

Big Birds Can’t Fly Dir. & Producer Mike Birkhead 1x60 BBC2

Ras Gas commercial Ultramarine Films Dir. Eoin O’Shea

Vodafone x3 commercial Partizan Films Dir. Anthony Wonke

Mystery Of The Lost Islands Silverback Films Dirs. Nick White, Graham Booth & Adrian Macfarlane 5x60 Discovery Channel

Ice Age, Dir. Mark Flowers, 3x60 Documentary BBC Natural History Unit, BBC2

Genius of Nature, OSF Dir. Graham Booth, 3x60 Documentary OSF, BBC1

Off By Heart, Dir. James Runcie, Documentary Special, 1x60 BBC2 sound supervisor

Bang Goes the Theory, Dir. James Newton, 3x60, BBC Science, BBC 1

Bill Baileys Adventures Dir. Sam Hodgson 2x60 BBC 1

Natural Curiosities, Dir. Stephen Dunleavy, 1x60 Nat History, Sky

Horizon Guide To Sex Dir. Michael Duffy 1x60 BBC4

Credits 2011-2012

Orbit Earth Extraordinary Journey, 3 x 60 Doc Dir. Nick Taylor & Arif Nurmonamed BBC Science

Natural World Dragons Bite, Dir. Nick Green 1 x 60 Nat Hist Humblebee Films

Stephen Hawkings Universe, 1 x 60 Doc Darlow Smithson

Morality, 1 x 60 Horizon Doc BBC Science

Doctor Who Confidential

Live & Deadly, BBC NHU Childrens

Michael Forever Live Concert, Live Music Concert, Iambic Television

Rock pools, Dir. Simon Williams, 1 x 60 Nat History, BBC Scotland, BBC1 sound supervisor

River Monsters Special, Dir. Dominic Weston, 1 x 60 Icon Films for Channel 4

Stiff Upper Lip, Dir. Deborah Lee, 3 x 60 Documentary, Wingspan for BB1
Credits 2009 - 2010

Pirates, Dir. Peter Lord Animation AARDMAN ANIMATIONS

Famine, Dir. Peter Webber 1x 5 35mm Feature Doc SERIOUS PICTURES

Influenza, Dir. Peter Webber 1x 5 35mm Feature Doc SERIOUS PICTURES

The Great Storm, Dir. Peter Webber 1x5 35mm Feature Doc SERIOUS PICTURES

First Life, Dir. Martin Williams 2x60 Hi Def Nat Hist BBC 2, ATLANTIC PRODUCTIONS

Body of War, Dir. Isobel Rocamora 16mm Arts STEALTH FILMS

The Driver, Dir. John Pardue Sound Supervisor on Multi camera shoot SERIOUS PICTURES

The Santa Files, Dir. Jonathan Barker 1x60 Hi Def Doc BBC 2, FINESTRIPE PRODUCTIONS

Secrets of the Arabian Nights, Dir. Mark Fielder 1x60 Hi Def Doc BBC 1, QUICKFIRE MEDIA

Natural World: Gorge of Kambura, Dir. Verity White 1x50 Hi Def Nat Hist BBC 2, BBC NHU

Top Gear, Dir. Richard Heeley 1x30 Hi Def Ents BBC 1, FREEHAND PRODUCTIONS

High Street, 5x30 Ents, BBC 1, WALL TO WALL

Barney’s Latin America, 5x30 Nat Hist, BBC 2, BBC NHU

Swarm Chasers, Dir. Adrian MacFarlane 1x60 Nat Hist DISCOVERY, OSF

Natural World: Rumble in the Jungle, Dir. Lucy Hillman 1x50 Hi Def Doc, BBC 1
Credits Include 2007 – 2008

Atlas Egypt, Dir. Mike Lynch 1x60 Hi Def Nat Hist ATLANTIC PRODUCTIONS

Edge of Existence, Dir. Ben Wallis 1x60 Hi Def Nat Hist TIGRESS PRODUCTIONS

Natural World: Wild Wood, Dir. Charlie Hamilton James 1x60 Nat Hist BBC 2, HALCYON MEDIA

Outdoor Britain, Dir. Mike Taylor 1x60 Doc Hi Def BBC 1

Lie Lab, Dir. Tim Pritchard 1X60 Doc QUICKFIRE MEDIA

Atlas: France Dir. Nick Brown 1x60 Hi Def Doc WALL TO WALL

Dogs that changed the World Dir. Corinna Faith, 3x60 Hi Def Doc TIGER ASPECT

The Last Tommy Dir. Harvey Lilley 1 x 50 Hi Def Doc QUICKFIRE MEDIA

The Raj Dir. Marion Milne Doc series BBC FEATURES

True Heroes Dir. John Ruthen 1x50 Hi Def Doc DARLOW SMITHSON

Extinct Dir. Diene Petterie ENDEMOL

Michaels Manor Dir. Rod Brown 1x50 Doc MOB NORTH

Stephen Fry Night Dir. Danny Dignan 1x30 BBC ARTS

A Wild Irish Sumer Dir. Hugh Pearson 1x60 Hi Def Nat Hist BBC NHU

Angel Falls Dir. Steve Elder 1x60 Hi Def Nat Hist IMPOSSIBLE PICURES

Tsunami Dir. Harvey Lilley 1x60 Hi Def Nat Hist QUICKFIRE MEDIA

Wild Wensleydale Dir. Mark Flowers 1x60 Hi Def Nat Hist BBC NHU

Ages of Rock Dir. Sebestian Barfield 7 x 50 Doc BBC FEATURES

Coast Dir. Hannah Mattison 5x30 Doc BBC

Orangutan Diary Dir. Roger Webb 6x30 Hi Def Nat Hist BBC NHU

Springwatch Dir. Tim Scoones BBC NHU

Autumnwatch Dir. Tim Scoones/Reema Lorford BBC NHU

Dr Who Confidential Dir. Geoff Evans BBC CARDIFF

Curious Tribe Dir. Kath Moore 3x60 Hi Def Nat Hist TIGRESS

Escape to the Country Dir. Tom Ricardson TALKBACK THAMES

Selection of previous years credits
Arts, Docs and Light Entertainment, Natural History, Films Drama

Marry Me - Peabody Productions, Channel 4 35mm

Ghost of Greville Lodge - Relentless Films Feature 35mm

Wow - Pure Pictures 16mm

Roman Empire - Goldfarb and Koval, Feature USA 35mm

Baited Breath - HTV Commission 16mm

Servants - 2nd Unit - BBC London

Where Were We - HTV

Down to Earth - 2nd Unit - BBC London

Teachers - 2nd Unit - Tiger Aspect

Mirrors & Memories - HTV Commission 16mm

Someone To Watch Over Me - BBC Features

War at Sea - BBC Features

Cant Stop - BBC Features

Safe As Houses - BBC Features

Demolition - Oxford Films

Who Owns Britain - BBC Features

Time - Series BBC Features

A Passion for Churches - BBC Features

In Side The Ultimate - Granada Factual

Build A New Life - Shine Production

How To Be Good - BBC Features

The Reclaimers - Wall To Wall

The Claim - BBC Features

Big Ideas In Science - Channel 5

History Of Magic - BBC Features

Your Life in their Vans - BBC Features

Creature Comforts - Aardmans

Absoloutly Barking - Discovery Communications

Great British Eccentrics - BBC

Aardmans Omnibus - Iambic, BBC

Airline - LWT

Fact or Fiction - Spiral Films, Discovery Channel

Land Fit to Live in - BBC Features

Vets in Practice - BBC Features

Queens own Country - BBC NHU

All Quiet on the Weston Sea Front - HTV Ltd

Angry Kid - Aardmans

Starting Over - BBC Features

Nice Day at the Office - BBC Features

DIY S.O.S - BBC Features

Sounds of the West - Music Series, HTV Ltd

Carrying the Swing - Music Series, HTV Ltd

Charlies Garden Army - BBC London

Byron Lee - Channel 4 music

Barking Mad - BBC Features

Estate Agents - Shearman Productions

All Back to Mine - Music Series, Channel 4

On Safari - Border Television

Aardmans - Serta & Aserta.

Tiger Special: India - BBC NHU

Natural World: Portillos Spain - BBC NHU

Elephant Special: Thailand - BBC NHU

Moon Bear Special - BBC NHU

Jeff Corwin - Tigress

Worlds Most Deadliest Sharks - BBC NHU

Journey of Life - BBC NHU

British Isles: A Natural History - BBC NHU

Europe: A Natural History - BBC NHU

Jaws In Britain - BBC NHU

Really Wild Show - BBC NHU

Charlies Wildlife Gardens - BBC NHU

Watchout - BBC NHU

Time Machine - BBC NHU

Wild Summer - BBC NHU

Wild Spring - BBC NHU

Britain Goes Wild - BBC NHU

Springwatch - BBC NHU

GLO Ballast - BBC NHU

Wildlife Special: Serpent - BBC NHU

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