Seminar “Managing Modern National Statistical Systems in Democratic Societies” 31 August-September 2, 2005, Vienna

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Armenia Experience on “Statistics 6” National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia

  • Seminar “Managing Modern National Statistical Systems in Democratic Societies”

  • 31 August-September 2, 2005, Vienna

Cooperation within TACIS

  • 1-st stage (1992-1994)

  • Training

  • Technical Assistance

  • 2-nd stage (1995-1997) cooperation projects:

  • Business-register

  • Business-statistics

  • Foreign trade statistics

  • Demographic statistics

  • Statistical publications

  • Linguistic support

“Statistics 2”1998-1999

  • Business-register

  • Business-statistics

  • Foreign trade statistics

  • Demographic statistics

  • Non-observed economy

  • Management

  • Information technologies

  • Statistical publications

  • Linguistic support

“Statistics 4” 2000-2001

  • Business-register

  • Business-statistics/industry

  • Energy statistics

  • Foreign trade statistics

  • Investment statistics

  • Service statistics

  • Labour market statistics

  • National accounts

  • Statistical classifications/ NACE introduction

  • Demographic statistics

  • Migration statistics

  • Information technologies

  • Statistical publications

  • Statistical Information users

“Statistics 6” 2002-2004

  • Business-register

  • Statistical classifications

  • Agriculture statistics

  • Labour market statistics

  • Statistical publications and information dissemination


  • 1-st stage (1992-1994) Interstate budget

  • 2-nd stage (1995-1997)

  • Statistics 2 (1998-1999)

  • Statistics 4 (2000-2001) National budget

  • Statistics 6 (2002-2004)

“Statistics 6”

  • Main Objective

  • To study international experience, recent developments, current initiatives and last achievements in relevant statistical fields

  • Main Goals

  • To develop and improve sample surveys methodology and tools, to extend coverage of indicators, to improve data quality and to receive complete and reliable information, to improve application of international standards and classifications, to ensure international comparability of data, to improve statistical publications and statistical information dissemination policy

“Statistics 6” Sample Surveys 2004

  • Business-register to collect reliable and complete information on 9300 legal persons and to update business-register

  • Agriculture statistics to receive reliable and complete information on indicators, characterizing activity of 11 835 farms

  • Labour Force to receive reliable and complete information on labour market in 2539 households (50 urban and 100 rural settlements), including child labour

“Statistics 6” Other components

  • Statistical classifications – development, adaptation and introduction of Armenian version of CPA/PRODCOM Classification

  • Statistical publications – publication in compliance with international standards, improvement of statistical information dissemination tools and work with users.

“Statistics 6” Problems

  • Methodological issues: estimation, survey results extrapolation on general population

  • Lack of indicators

  • Lack of harmonization with EU standards

  • Lack of international classifications

  • Poor quality and coverage of data on administrative registers

  • Field work issues: non-response, incomplete answers, etc.

  • Lack of modern tools on statistical products production and dissemination

  • Lack of staff training

“Statistics 6” Challenges

  • To improve methodology and tools of sample surveys

  • To continue implementation of sample surveys with a purpose to complete information base in relevant statistical fields

  • To continue introduction of international statistical classifications

  • To ensure data international comparability

  • To improve statistical products production and dissemination, work with statistical information users

  • To continue study of international experience and methodology in relevant statistical fields

“Statistics 8” 2005-2006

  • Regional statistics/transport to improve motor transport statistics by regions

  • Finance statistics to develop financial account

  • Price statistics to improve price statistics on construction

  • Poverty statistics to provide reliable data on poverty statistics

“Statistics 10” 2007-2008

  • Business-register to establish comprehensive and updated business-register of individual entrepreneurs

  • National Accounts to compile “Input-output” tables

  • Construction statistics to improve statistics on individual housing construction by regions

  • Labour market statistics to receive reliable information on labour market

Support within TACIS

  • Huge amount of actions, as a result:

  • Improving and developing of the NSS RA’s activity in compliance with modern information requirements, applying of recent statistical methodology and tools, international standards and classifications, technical, technological and communication rearming, increasing data quality, improving of statistical products production and dissemination, users’s trust in official statistics, as well as achieving of high level perception with European standards

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