Sixth Transfer Project Research Workshop: The State of Evidence on Social Cash Transfers in Africa and Beyond June 7-9th

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Sixth Transfer Project Research Workshop: The State of Evidence on Social Cash Transfers in Africa and Beyond

June 7-9th 2017

Dakar, Senegal: King Fahd Hotel
Day 1 (Wednesday, June 7th)


Session description


Simultaneous session (limited to 30 participants)




Session 1: Welcome and setting the scene

The opening session will welcome participants, introduce the Transfer Project’s current state of affairs (partners, objectives, geographic scope, value added) and deliver the objectives of the workshop.

Chair: Gustave Nebie, UNICEF WCARO

Welcome statements: Government of Senegal/ Coumba Sow, FAO Coordinator Sub-regional Resilience team for West Africa and Sahel/ UNICEF Regional Representative (20 min)

Security briefing: UNICEF Regional Office or UNICEF Senegal (5 min)

Overview/objectives of the workshop: Benjamin Davis, FAO Strategic Programme Leader, Reducing Rural Poverty/ UNICEF/ Ashu Handa, UNC (20 min)

9:45 – 10:15

Session 2: Who wants to be a millionaire icebreaker

Moderator: Tayllor Spadafora & Francophone Speaker (TBD)

Participants: Everyone (teams organized by table)

10:15 – 10:45

Tea break


Session 3: Book launch / Mythbusters

Chair: Fabio Veras, International Centre for Inclusive Growth

Panelists: Ashu Handa, UNC; Benjamin Davis, FAO; Natalia Winder Rossi, FAO; Jennifer Yablonski, UNICEF

Question & Answer: 30 min




Session 4a: Productive impacts, livelihoods and resiliency

Chair: Coumba Sow, FAO REOWA

Evaluation of Senegal’s Programme National des Bourses de Sécurité Familiale (PNBSF) Marie Thoreux, IRAM (15 min)

Integrating Simulation and Experimental Approaches to Evaluate Impacts of SCTs: Evidence from Lesotho, Benjamin Davis (15 min)

Unconditional cash transfer and household resilience: Results from the Malawi Cash Transfer Program. Frank Otchere, UNC (15 min)

Group discussion (45 min)

Session 4b: TBD


Tea break


Session 5a: Cash plus – system linkages presentations + INTERACTIVE roundtable

Facilitator: Alejandro Grinspun, FAO

Cash Plus Overview [Tia Palermo, UNICEF Innocenti; Jennifer Yablonski, UNICEF; Fabio Veras, International Centre for Inclusive Growth] (15 min)

Strengthening Coherence between Agricultural Production and Social Protection in Malawi. Justin Kagin, Kagin's Consulting (15 min)

Talk show format with on-going (Ethiopia) and proposed plans (Mozambique, Tanzania, Indonesia, Zimbabwe) (30 min)

Group discussion (15 min)

Session 5b: TBD

16:45 – 17: 30

Session 6: Poster Session

All new countries (and any other region/ country with on-going work that wishes to do so) to present a poster on current social protection/ cash transfer programme(s) and related research areas



Day 2 (Thursday, June 8th)


Session description


Simultaneous session


RECAP of Day 1: Themes and Lessons Learned

Moses Chibole, FAO Zambia and Ervin Prifti, FAO HQ


Session 7a: Health, food security and nutrition

Chair: Fidelia Dake, Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health (D4H) Initiative and Transfer Project Fellow

The impact of unconditional cash transfer on health status and health-seeking behaviour in Africa. Jacob Novignon, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Transfer Project Fellow (15 min)

Impact of cash transfer programs on food security and nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa: a cross-country analysis. Silvio Daidone, FAO (15 min)

Impacts of cash transfers on child health and nutrition: Case study of Mali’s Jigisemejiri program. Melissa Hidrobo, IFPRI (15 min)

Group discussion (20 min)

Session 7b: TBD

10:30 – 11:00

Tea break

11:00 – 12:30

Session 8a: Children’s education, labour and productive activities

Chair: Ms. Emma Malawo, Director of Planning, Ministry of Agriculture (Government of Zambia)

Cash transfers, family structure and human capital accumulation in Southern Africa: Experimental evidence from Lesotho, Malawi, and Zambia. Ramaele Moshoeshoe, National University of Lesotho and Transfer Project Fellow (15 min)

In-depth findings on child labour in Malawi. Jacob de Hoop, UNICEF Innocenti (15 min)

Gender differences in child investment behaviour among agricultural households. Evidence from the Lesotho Child Grants Programme. Ana Paula De la O Campos and Silvio Daidone, FAO (15 min)

Buzz groups (15 min) and discussion (20 min)

Session 8b: TBD

12:30 – 13:30



Session 9a: New thinking on social cash transfers and poverty: Urban populations and the limits of PMTs

Chair: Paul Quarles van Ufford, UNICEF Tanzania

Targeting households and individuals in Africa: evidence on PMTs and exclusion errors. Dominique van de Walle, World Bank (15 min)

Quantitative Livelihood Profile Analysis of Rural Households in Zambia. Mitelo Subakanya, IAPRI (15 min)

New hybrid approaches to targeting: Experiences in Zambia. Daniel Kumitz, UNICEF Zambia and Kennedy Mumba, Chief of Social Welfare. (15 min)

Social Protection and Urban Settings. Jose Cuesta, UNICEF Innocenti and Tayllor Spadafora, UNICEF Ghana (15 min)

Group discussion (25 min)

Session 9b: TBD


Tea break


Session 10a: Emerging work in fragile contexts [Roundtable format; 2 slides each presenter]

Chair: Jennifer Yablonski, UNICEF

(Title TBC): Gaby Guerrero, UNICEF Madagascar (5 min)

UNICEF DRC cash transfer study (AIR, qualitative component): David Seidenfeld, AIR (5 min)

CASH+ REOWA- FAO: CASH+ in the Sahel: challenges in evaluating cash+ in fragile contexts: Giulio Franco, Rama Leclerc, FAO REOWA (5 min)

Moderated panel discussion (30 min)

Question & answer (35 min)

Session 10b: TBD


Session 11: Small group discussion on topics arising

Participants: Everyone (discussion within tables)


Special extra-curricular session

Day 3 (Friday, June 9th)


Session description



RECAP of Day 2: Themes and Lessons Learned

Mariana Stirbu, UNICEF Senegal


Session 12: Innovative work and unpacking pathways

Chair: [Govt TBD]

Cash versus in-kind and electronic payments in Niger. Jenny Aker, Tufts University (15 min)

Poverty, mental health and intimate partner violence. Jeremy Shapiro, Busara Center for Behavioral Economics (15 min)

Unconditional Cash Transfer Program and Child multidimensional poverty: Evidence from Malawi. Idrissa Ouili, University of Ouagadougou and Transfer Project Fellow (15 min)

New ideas on decision-making under poverty and scarcity, Ashu Handa (15 min)

Group discussion (30 min)


Tea break


Session 13: Donors & Government panel: Takeaways from the workshop and priority research questions going forward

Chair: Ashu Handa, UNC

Sida, Senegal government, Mali government, Tanzania government, Lesotho government [TBA] (30 min)

Discussion (30 min)

12:10 -13:00

Session 14: Closing and next steps

The final session will encourage a reflection on what has been accomplished so far within the Transfer Project, a summary of the workshop and what is the next frontier of research. Audience members will be engaged to share concluding thoughts and way forward

Awards Ceremony

Ashu Handa, UNC

Benjamin Davis, FAO

Jennifer Yablonski, UNICEF

Natalia Winder-Rossi, FAO


Lunch and depart

*Day 3, 14:00-17:00 Transfer Project Retreat

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