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SMILE FOR A LIFETIME, INC. (“S4L”) is an Arkansas non-profit corporation formed in 2008 for the purpose of providing free dental and orthodontic services to qualified financially disadvantaged children as well as those with special circumstances. S4L is a Public Charity and an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Initially formed to serve children in Northeastern Arkansas, S4L has realized the tremendous need for the services it offers and has undergone an effort to nationalize its reach through member local local member chapters.
Based on the overwhelming positive response from orthodontists in several geographic locations, S4L expects to immediately begin recruiting professional members to offer free quality and life-changing dental and orthodontic care to financially challenged children in all corners of the country.
A. The Mission Statement. At Smile for a Lifetime, Inc. it is our mission to create self-confidence, inspire hope, and change the lives of children in our communities in a dramatic way. The gift of a smile can do all this for a deserving, underserved individual who, in turn, can use this gift to better themselves and their community.
B. Date business began. October 1, 2008.

  1. Founder. Dr. Benjamin G. Burris is the Founder of S4L. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors to the Jonesboro, Arkansas local chapter Board of Directors and is a member of S4L’s National Board of Directors. In addition, Dr. Burris provides dental and orthodontic services through the Jonesboro, Arkansas local chapter of S4L.

D. Employee(s). Aimee Spencer is the Executive Director for S4L and is currently the sole employee of S4L. Numerous others provide services and support voluntarily to S4L.

E. Locations. The national headquarters for S4L is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. There are no branches or subsidiaries of S4L.
F. Facilities. S4L currently maintains its office at 3409 Gateway Cove, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404.
G. Services rendered. Free orthodontic care to qualified financially disadvantaged children and those deemed by the local Board of Directors to have special circumstances.
H. Banking relationships and information regarding current investors. S4L is dependent upon the financial support from members and donations from private individuals and corporations. S4L currently maintains its financial records and business banking accounts in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
I. Summary of company growth including financial or market highlights. Since its creation as a local public charity, S4L has created a National Board of Directors for the purpose of recruiting, identifying, approving and monitoring member local chapters across the county. To date, S4L has approved member local chapters in Bakersfield, California; Augusta, Georgia; Murrieta, California; Hot Springs, Arkansas and Jonesboro, Arkansas. It is also actively evaluating several other member local chapters for membership (there are approximately 35 other orthodontists across the country in various stages of applying to form their own chapter – as of now, only Schulman Study Group members are starting chapters, but if and when the AAO adopts S4L, that right to exclusivity shall fall away and any AAO member may start a chapter).
J. Summary of management’s future plans. S4L’s plans are simple. It intends to make its services available to as many children in the United States as possible. S4L plans to reach these children through qualified member local chapters comprised of qualified dental or orthodontic professionals who share S4L’s passion to bring a smile to a needing child for a lifetime.
S4L, through a variety of media, including print and local media, plans to brand the SMILE FOR A LIFETIME, INC. name to engender recognition of the charitable life-changing services offered by the organization.
S4L is actively reviewing membership requests and establishing the procedures necessary to insure its growth on a national level.
A. Industry Description and Outlook. Orthodontics has moved from an optional service to one that is now perceived as a necessary medical procedure in the eyes of the public. The awareness of teeth and smiles, especially when they are less than attractive, is ubiquitous. Orthodontists must show that they are doing their part to address access to care issues if they want to try and avoid government “solutions” to the problem. S4L is the vehicle that the AAO can use to address the perceived problem and possibly more importantly, be seen addressing the problem.
B. Target Market. There are other wonderful nonprofit organizations that attempt to get orthodontists to “donate” cases and address access issues, but what makes S4L different is that we believe in an “upside down” organization that allows for local control (establishing a local Board of Directors), local selection of recipients, and credit given locally to the people who do the work. Also, the National Board of Directors is little more than an archival service insuring that all that is required of each chapter is done. At S4L we believe that this local command and control appeals greatly to the types of persons who become orthodontists and this appeal will lead to more signing up and ultimately thousands of children being treated for free each year.
C. Market Tests. There are now four S4L chapters up and going and the response has been phenomenal. Orthodontists, media, the local Boards of Directors, patients, and the communities at large have raved about the program. Most importantly, however, has been the response of the children who have been selected for treatment. The letters and testimonials have been earthshaking.
D. Lead Times. S4L has very few moving parts and that is a huge advantage. It would be possible to roll out dozens of chapters a month in the beginning and once the demand was assessed and proper staffing was in place, the sky is the limit. S4L operates more like a franchise than anything else and we maintain an archive of all the documents, materials and information necessary for an orthodontist to assemble a local Board of Directors and start treating children in a very short period of time. As stated earlier, there are currently between 30 and 40 orthodontists in the process of starting local chapters.
E. Competitive Analysis. S4L’s simplicity and decentralization is its strength. S4L has the ability to treat thousands of kids a year. The sky is the limit.
F. Regulatory Restrictions. Each member local chapter will be required to create a non-profit entity which satisfies its local, state and federal requirements related to non-profit organizations. Member local chapters will be required to periodically provide satisfactory evidence of compliance with necessary regulations to the National Board of Directors. In addition, each member local chapter will be required to ensure that all orthodontic professionals possess the necessary credentials to perform the requested orthodontic care.
SMILE FOR A LIFETIME, INC. is an Arkansas non-profit corporation with its principal place of business in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Its purpose is to provide free dental and orthodontic care to financially disadvantaged children through member local local member chapters.


A. Organizational Structure. S4L currently maintains its principal place of business in Jonesboro, Arkansas and is managed by its National Board of Directors. The National Board of Directors is responsible for establishing procedures and approving requests for member local chapters. In addition, the National Board of Directors controls and directs all matters of policy. There are currently nine (9) members of the National Board of Directors who will serve terms between two (2) to four (4) years. Subsequent National Board of Directors members shall serve for three (3) year terms.
In addition to the National Board of Directors, each member local local member chapter will be managed by its own Board of Directors. Each local Board of Directors shall have a Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors shall provide medical opinions to the local Board of Directors relative to the dental and orthodontic needs of applicants and will include the Orthodontic Provider. Local Board of Directors shall decide on applications for orthodontic services and ensure that the member local chapter is in compliance with membership criteria determined from time to time by the National Board of Directors.
The day-to-day operations of S4L are managed by the Executive Director, who is appointed by the National Board of Directors.
B. Ownership Information. S4L is establishing procedures to authorize memberships to approved local chapters. S4L’s National Board of Directors shall maintain exclusive authority to:
1. Set criteria for the admission of member local chapters (including, but not limited to, the formation of a non-profit entity in compliance with relevant with local, state and federal law and establishing the professional and character criteria of members);
2. Establish procedures to monitor activities of members;
3. Terminate, expel, suspend or re-instate memberships pursuant to established procedures;
4. Set membership dues or fees;
5. Require satisfactory evidence of a member’s compliance with established membership criteria (including, but not limited to, compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations, satisfaction of treatment of established number of cases and other determined membership criteria);
6. Set acceptable solicitation guidelines and requirements;
7. Restrict and control the use of any trademarks, logos or other assets of S4L;
8. Determine the exclusivity of any member’s geographic or temporal territory; and
9. Take any other actions deemed to be in the best interest of S4L and permitted by law.
C. Management Profiles.
1. Name. Aimee Spencer.
2. Position. Executive Director.
3. Compensation basis and levels. Aimee is currently paid $25,000.00 salary and provided medical insurance for 25 hours a week. She, in fact, works many, many more hours and has been told from the beginning as her responsibilities grow so would her compensation.
D. National Board of Directors.
a. Chairman: David Carter – Orthodontist;
b. Secretary/Treasurer: Teresa Gast – Partner with Cain, Watters and Assoc.;
c. Ron Redmond – Orthodontist and CEO of the Schulman Group;
d. LeeAnn Peniche – Owner, Peniche and Assoc. Consulting;
e. Mark Dake – Orthodontist;
f. Roger Hill – Partner with BMH Group;
g. Terri Rice – Graphic designer – Owner, SyncEvents;
h. Dick Levin – Lawyer, business owner;
i. Ben Burris – Orthodontist ;
j. AAO Board of Trustees member seat (TBD).

  1. Market penetration strategy – past. From the beginning, S4L has used media coverage, press releases, articles, networking and whatever means available to promote the foundation. The idea itself of giving away free orthodontic care to those in need is so appealing that all we have to do is get it in front of the right people and they do the promotion for S4L. We believe that the more press coverage we can acquire, and the more notoriety the foundation attains, the more orthodontists we can convince to join our cause. The more orthodontists we have on board, the more children we will be able to treat and change their lives for the better. We have been very successful in this grass roots campaign and are beginning to get interest in national coverage for S4L.

  1. Market penetration strategy – future. Now that S4L has attained critical mass and we have a very talented National Board of Directors, the plan is to begin approaching large, traditional media distributors and get national coverage for the foundation. We have made contacts with some and it looks very promising. One of the main jobs of the National Board of Directors will be to coordinate the national media campaign and to brand Smile for a Lifetime, Inc. to make it useful to those orthodontists who start a local chapter.


S4L provides free orthodontic services to qualified financially challenged children and to those children deemed to have special circumstances through member local local member chapters.

  1. Historical Financial Data. S4L relies exclusively upon the member contributions and private donations. No orthodontic provider is compensated in any way for treatment rendered. The National Executive Director (Aimee Spencer) and the local Executive Directors may be compensated if these people are hired by the Board to do the Board’s bidding. Both local and National Boards will solicit funds from private and corporate sponsors. Each local Board and the National Board will maintain its own bank accounts and submit tax returns, P&L statements, balance sheets and any other information deemed necessary to the National Board at any time as well as once a year at the time determined by the National Board of Directors.

  1. Prospective Financial Data. We, at S4L, know that local fundraising is feasible and have systems in place to teach local chapters how to do this effectively. At a national level, now that we have achieved critical mass, the National Board will begin to solicit contributions/support from corporate America as well as private donors and grants.


We are happy to provide any and all documents you deem necessary to further evaluate Smile for a Lifetime Foundation. Please also feel free to call or email Ben Burris with any and all questions or clarifications necessary. Finally, have a look at the website as well as Ben’s blog below. Ben has begun documenting the events in his NE Arkansas Chapter on his blog.
Ben Burris

870-926-5321 cell

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