Snow White got cyber bullied S

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Elita Tuscano – Y4

Snow White got cyber bullied

Snow white was a very lonely girl with only the dwarfs to keep company. Snow white loved to play. She especially loved to play on her computer. Her favourite game was wonder world. One day, while Snow white was playing wonder world, she met a girl called Caroline. Caroline didn’t have any friend’s either. Snow white went up to Caroline and they started chatting immediately. Every day after that snow white played wonder world. Where ever snow white went Caroline was waiting . One day Caroline invited Snow white to her house.

The next night Snow white arrived at Caroline’s house. When Caroline opened the doors now white couldn’t believe her eyes . In front of her stood a ugly, wide eyed, fierce witch!

Snow white didn’t want to go into the house but she didn’t want to be unkind either. So Snow white slowly crept into the house .When Snow white took a seat on the couch the witch went off to the kitchen to get Snow white a poisonous pear. Snow white quickly called the police and asked them to come to 16 crooked road to arrest the witch. The police came as quick as they could and arrested the witch and took her to prison.

After 2 hours the witch received a message from Snow white saying, “Always be careful online you never know who you are talking to you might be chatting to a cyber-bully”. The witch got so embarrassed that she wanted to stop cyber bullying forever! But first she wanted to apologise to Snow white. After that the witch made a website about cyber bullying. From then on none got cyber bullied again.


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Yüklə 4,02 Kb.

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