Solomon’s Worldwide Energy Industry Benchmarking iapg conference 2006

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Solomon’s Worldwide Energy Industry Benchmarking


  • Mendoza, Argentina

Benchmarking Topics

What We Do

  • Provide comparative performance analysis for the global energy industry

    • Fuels/lubes refining
    • Petrochemicals
    • Pipelines and Terminals
    • Electric Power generation
  • Provide consulting services worldwide to facilitate performance improvement

Knowing Where You Stand Competitively Is Imperative!

NSA Participation and Trend Groups

Benchmarking Topics

Refineries Seeking Answers To Two Key Questions To Strengthen Positioning

How Competitive Is A Refinery In The Marketplace?

  • Strategic perspective – economic viability

  • Comparison of total cost and resources required to manufacture petroleum products

    • Without regard for number or size of process units or other structural aspects contributing to higher costs
    • As a result, competitive positioning may be limited by structural or configuration constraints
    • Customers unwilling to cover differences in cost per barrel of product by refineries supplying the market

How Well Is A Refinery Operating The Facilities That It Has Today?

  • Operational perspective – focus on efficiency

  • Comparison of total costs and resources

    • Taking into account actual configuration aspects –number and size of individual process units and other structural aspects

Competitive Metrics Overview Key Metrics (Same As Previous)

  • EDC is the normalization factor for competitive metrics

  • Refinery EDC (UEDC) based metrics

    • Cash Operating Cost, US Cents/UEDC
    • Non-Energy Cost, US $/EDC
    • Maintenance Index, US $/EDC
    • Personnel Index, Work Hours/100 EDC
    • Personnel Cost Index, US $/EDC
    • Capital Investment Index, US $/EDC

Efficiency Metrics Overview Key Metrics

  • Energy Efficiency (no change in methodology)

    • Energy Intensity Index – EII™
  • Non-Energy Efficiencies (new)

    • Maintenance Cost Efficiency Index – MEI™
    • Personnel Efficiency Index – PEI™
    • Non-Energy Cost Efficiency Index – NEI™

2004 Competitive vs Efficiency Metrics Maintenance

Benchmarking Topics

Impact on 2004 Company Results Maintenance – US Quartiles

Two-Dimensional Analysis Example – Maintenance Cost

Gap Analysis Refinery Vs Peers – Maintenance Cost

  • Key Gap Components

  • Efficiency (15)

  • Size/Complexity* (8)

  • Total Competitive Gap (23)

Closing The Gap Efficiency Vs Size/Complexity Gap – Maint. Cost

Impact on 2004 Company Results Maintenance – US Quartiles

Closing The Gap Efficiency Vs Size/Complexity Gap – Maint. Cost

Impact on 2004 Company Results Maintenance – US Quartiles

Benchmarking Topics

Study Focus

  • Raw material selection

  • Product yields

  • Plant utilization

  • Operating cost analysis

  • Energy efficiency

  • Maintenance and reliability effectiveness

  • Labor productivity

Operating Expense Breakdown

Yields and Margins Raw Material Breakdown

Yields and Margins Raw Material Pricing Adjustments

  • Various gas oils – sulfur and aniline point

  • Heavier feeds – sulfur and Concarbon residue

Yields and Margins Product Pricing

  • Catalytic naphtha based on gasoline blending value

  • Light-cycle oils valued as distillate feed or blending stock; dependent on local market

  • Heavy-cycle oils and slurry valued as fuel oil blending stocks

  • Butylenes and i–butane valued as alkylation feeds

  • Propane and n–butane valued as finished products

  • Propylene valued as chemical feed

Net Cash Margin Distribution By Region

Range of Study Performance US $/bbl

Net Cash Margin

Return On Investment

Benchmarking Topics

Use of Benchmarks

  • Establishing a plant’s performance level

  • Quantification of improvement opportunities by expense type and maintenance category

  • Confirming causal plant characteristics

  • Discovery of practices responsible for performance gaps with “Peer Group”

  • Provide “business case” for change programs

  • Convince personnel of need for new targets

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