Some argue that music mainly serves as a way for individuals to reduce their stress and anxiety

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Some argue that music mainly serves as a way for individuals to reduce their stress and anxiety

Some argue that music mainly serves as a way for individuals to reduce their stress and anxiety.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

1.Many would argue that the purpose of music is to help individuals de-stress and relax.2. In my opinion, although this is a key function, it is more important for music to uplift.

1.Those in favor of considering music a form of relaxation point out how it is used by most listeners. 2.Though this is impossible to verify empirically, most would concede on an anecdotal level that music is primarily used to relax. 3.Students and workers on their daily commute and after a long day listen to music to forget about their anxieties. 4.Scientific research has shown that listening to any genre of music results in reduced blood pressure and increased heart rate volatility, key indicators of lower stress levels. 5.Though music is also used at parties as a way to celebrate and have fun, these situations are less common overall for the average subscriber to an application such as Spotify or Apple Music.

1.However, there is a higher function of music that relates to raising one’s perspective on life.2. When a person listens to a beautiful and meaningful song such as “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon or “No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley, they are being lifted by the melody and lyrics. 3.Similar to other forms of art, they present a way of seeing the world that transforms ordinary life into an aesthetic experience.4. Some of these aesthetic interpretations by artists may not always be positive, such as when a singer sings about loss or addiction, but they nonetheless ennoble and allow for greater understanding of the darkest elements of the human condition.

1.In conclusion, though music is one way of relaxing for many people, I would contend that it’s most crucial aim is to enrich the world through a particular artistic interpretation. 2.It is still possible for particular listeners to enjoy music as they see fit.

purpose: objective, aim, goal, intention

de-stress: relax, unwind, decompress

key function: primary role, main purpose, central task

uplift: inspire, elevate, boost

Those in favor of considering music a form of relaxation point out: supporters argue

impossible to verify empirically: cannot be proven through experiments

concede on an anecdotal level: acknowledge, admit (on an anecdotal level)

primarily used to relax: mainly, predominantly used to relax

daily commute: regular journey, everyday travel

after a long day: following an exhausting day, post a tiring day

forget about their anxieties: let go of, put aside their anxieties

Scientific research has shown: studies indicate

genre: category, type, style

results in reduced blood pressure: leads to better heart health

increased heart rate volatility: heightened, elevated heart rate health

key indicators of lower stress levels: significant signs of, important markers for lower stress levels
situations: circumstances, conditions, scenarios

less common: not as frequent, uncommon

average subscriber: typical member, regular participant

higher function: elevated role, superior purpose

relates to raising one’s perspective on life: pertains to, connects to raising one’s perspective on life

meaningful: significant, profound
lifted by the melody and lyrics: uplifted, carried by the melody and lyrics

present a way of seeing the world: provide a way of seeing life

transforms ordinary life into an aesthetic experience: turns normal life to something special

positive: optimistic, favorable

loss: defeat, setback

addiction: dependency, compulsion

nonetheless ennoble: nevertheless, still make better

darkest elements of the human condition: the bleakest aspects of, the most shadowy facets of life

contend: argue, assert

most crucial aim: paramount objective, primary goal

enrich: enhance, improve

a particular artistic interpretation: a specific artistic rendition, a distinct artistic portrayal

particular: specific, individua
as they see fit: according to their own judgment, in a way that suits them
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