Spring Hill Community Planning Team meeting notes

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Bulimba Barracks Master Plan

Community Planning Team meeting notes

Meeting 1 – 9 September 2015

Working with

Notes from Bulimba Barracks Master Plan Community Planning Team Meeting 1

Meeting details

Date: Wednesday 9 September 2015

Time: 6-9pm

Location: Maheno Room, St John the Baptist Church, Oxford Street, Bulimba


Community Planning Team members:

Sarah, Brian, Alexander, Radu, Rineke, Jennifer, Gregor, Emma, Mark, Yvelynne, Damiano, Stephen O, Wendy, Lorraine, Steve, Mervyn, Richard, Dennis, Sonia, Connie, Dianne, Kieron, Stephen P, Gregory, Johanna, John, Julie, Despina, and Leith.

Council officers and consultants:

Kerry Doss (Manager, City Planning and Economic Development), Georgina Aitchison (Project Manager), Lisa Edgerton (meeting facilitator), Edna Alexis (meeting facilitator), Matt Rolley (Acting Neighbourhood Planning & Urban Renewal Manager), Sharon Nicol (Strategic Planning Manager), Justin Lynham, Shilo Quinnell,and Glenn McDonald (table facilitators), Liza Valks (Buckley Vann), Peter Richards, Stephen Smith, Cassie Batten, Phil Smith and Jim Gall (Deicke Richards), Adrian McGregor (McGregor Coxall), Andrew Douglas (Cambray Consulting) and Thom Blake (Historian).

Elected representatives and other observers:

Councillor Shayne Sutton, Councillor for the Morningside Ward and Gemma Long, Policy Advisor to Councillor Amanda Cooper, Chairman, Neighbourhood Planning and Development Assessment Committee.


Cr Amanda Cooper, Chairman, Neighbourhood Planning and Development Assessment Committee.


  1. Registration

  2. Welcome and introductions

  3. Overview of the meeting

  4. Background of the Bulimba Barracks Master Plan project

  5. Outcomes of the community survey

  6. Setting the scene – what we know

  7. Activity

  8. Next steps

  9. Summary and close

Welcome & introductions

Liza acknowledged the traditional owners of the meeting place, and welcomed everybody to this first Community Planning Team meeting for the Bulimba Barracks Master Plan (BBMP).

In thanking everyone for giving up their time to contribute, Liza introduced the Council and consultancy team that will be managing the planning process and assisting to guide this evening’s activities.

The Community Planning Team (CPT) members each gave a brief introduction of themselves including their connection to the area and reasons for wanting to be a member of the CPT.

Overview of the meeting

Liza explained the format of the CPT meeting and indicated that the input from the CPT will be considered along with a range of other contributions including technical studies and results from the community survey.

The role of CPT members and Council through the process was explained, as was the proposal to conduct CPT meetings in a collaborative and open manner, encouraging contributions from all participants. Notes from all CPT meetings will be distributed to members and will be published on the project web page. CPT members are also encouraged to put forward any suggestions for improving the way in which meetings are conducted.

Background of the Bulimba Barracks Master Plan project

Kerry gave a presentation on the background of the Bulimba Barracks Master Plan including how the outcomes of the Bulimba District Neighbourhood Plan are the starting point for the master plan. Kerry also advised what the plan can and can’t do.

Outcome of the community survey

Matt discussed the community survey results noting there was an excellent response to date with Council anticipating a final total of more than 700 survey responses once all the hardcopy newsletter survey responses were received. Matt explained the survey will provide additional detail on how the community wants to the see the neighbourhood plan delivered. Matt proceeded to discuss in further detail the results of the survey.

Setting the scene – what we know

Peter explained the purpose of the meeting and discussed in further detail the existing constraints over the site including the high voltage power lines, trunk sewer lines, existing buildings onsite, flood levels and subsequent flood immunity measures. Peter also spoke about housing mix outcomes and possibilities.

Thom Blake spoke briefly on the existing buildings located onsite and the potential for their re-use as part of the Bulimba Barracks Master Plan.

Adrian McGregor briefly touched upon urban design landscape and open space considerations.


Liza commenced the workshop activity with the CPT members broken into the following four groups.

Table 1 – Wendy, Rineke, Stephen O, Dianne, John, Lorraine, Kieran, Peter Richards (table facilitator), Shillo Quinnell (table scribe)

Table 2 – Alexander, Emma, Damiano, Leith, Mervyn, Jennifer, Steve, Cassie Batten (table facilitator), Justin Lynham (table scribe)

Table 3 – Stephen P, Radu, Mark, Richard, Connie, Julie, Adrian McGregor (table facilitator), Georgina Aitchison (table scribe)

Table 4 – Brian, Greg, Denis, Sonia, Johanna, Radu, Despina, Sarah, Stephen Smith (table facilitator), Glenn McDonald (table scribe)

Each group developed a concept for the site including residential and non-residential uses, building heights, road networks, re-use of heritage buildings, community facilities and parkland. Each concept was then presented back to the group by members of the CPT. (Refer to CPT 1 diary at www.brisbane.qld.gov.au – Bulimba Barracks Master Plan)

Next steps

Liza spoke about the next steps in developing the master plan based on the four options developed by CPT members and input from the community survey.

Summary and close

Liza thanked all present for their enthusiasm and commitment to tonight’s activities, and advised that all information provided during the meeting will now be collated and used as valuable input as the next stage in developing the master plan is progressed.

Notes from the meeting will be made available on the website in the near future and CPT members will be advised accordingly.

The meeting closed at 9pm.

Further contact

Phone: (07) 3403 8888

Email: neighbourhood_planning@brisbane.qld.gov.au

Web: www.brisbane.qld.gov.au and search for ‘Bulimba Barracks Master Plan’

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