St. Bernard Mass Intentions Sunday, April 29 Fifth Sunday of Easter

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A Blessed Easter Season

¡Felices Pascuas!

St. Bernard Mass Intentions

Sunday, April 29 - Fifth Sunday of Easter

10:00 Pro Populo

12:00 + Shirley Casamento

8:00 + Lisbetha Speare

Monday, April 30

12:10 Int. of Fr. Basa and Parish Staffs

Tuesday, May 1 - St. Joseph the Worker

12:10 + Jim and Bitsie Schrup

Wednesday, May 2 - St. Athanasius

12:10 + Raymond Sain

Thursday, May 3 - Sts. Philip and James, Apostles

12:10 + John W. Didado

Friday, May 4 - First Friday

12:10 Judiciary Red Mass

Saturday, May 5

12:10 + Florence Dangel

Sunday, May 6 - Sixth Sunday of Easter

10:00 + Marie Fritsch

12:00 + Jerry Frazier

8:00 + Ida O'Neill

Mass at St. Mary Parish

April 29 9:00 AM - + Lou Becker

May 6 9:00 AM - Pro Populo
Scripture Readings for the Week

Mon. Acts 14:5-18; John 14:21-26

Tues. Acts 14:19-28; John 14:27-31

Wed. Acts 15:1-6; John 15:1-8

Thur. 1 Corinthians 15:1-8; John 14:6-14

Fri. Acts 15:22-31; John 15:12-17

Sat. Acts 16:1-10; John 15:18-21

Sun. Acts 10:25-48; Ps 98; 1 John 4:7-10; Jn 15:9-17
Your Mass Offerings

Sunday, April 22 St. Bernard St. Mary $ 6,950.00 $ 978.00

PRAYER REQUESTS: David Woycik, Jeanne Dorka, Marcia Stuczynski, Mary Lou Monsour, Joyce Kilby, Lee Freund, Matilda Hofacker, Lorrie Haddox, Beth Sudermann, Carol Consolo, Marlene Madia, Renee Schillinger, Rosalia Duran, Mabel Brown, Bud Lundstrom, Clara Piscazzi, Patricia Finn, Ann Miller, Marilyn and Tom Maximovich, Olinda Frazier, Fr. Dan and Fr. Frank.
ADMINISTRATOR - Fr. Frank Basa will serve as the Administrator of St. Bernard and St. Mary Parishes effective May 1st and until a pastor is named for both parishes; a process that generally takes two to three months. Father will make sure bills are paid, checks signed, Mass is held, and Anointing and Funerals are covered. Weddings are covered through the summer. Deacon Ray is helping with Baptisms.
RE: YOUR NEXT PASTOR - The Diocesan Clergy Personnel Board assists the diocesan bishop by making recommendations to the bishop for clergy assignments.  The Board is interested in feedback from both parish communities at large and invites you to participate by responding to the survey link:

Please be assured that you remain in our prayers during the upcoming time of transition.  
MASS OF THANKSGIVING - As Fr. Dan concludes his term as Pastor of St. Bernard and St. Mary Parishes, he will offer a Final Mass on April 29th at 10am in St. Bernard church where Father began his pastorate in 2010. Parishioners from both parishes, the Spanish-speaking Community, Newman, Children's Hospital, et al. are welcome to join with him in this final prayer of thanksgiving with those he served.
THE BISHOP & ROO CATHOLICS - Bishop Nelson Perez is coming to have mass at St. Bernard at 6:30 pm on May 2nd in the church.  The Bishop was invited by the students of RooCatholic Campus Ministry to join them for the evening.  The mass is open to the public.  After mass the Bishop will be meeting with UA students in the Newman Center for our regular Wednesday dinner.
FR. NORM DOUGLAS - will be the featured speaker at the KIWANIS CLUB OF NORTON community prayer breakfast to be held this Thursday, May 3 from 7:00-8:30am at Johnson United Methodist Church located at 3409 Johnson Rd. in Norton. Tickets - $10 and can be reserved with Dan Karant at 330-825-7676.

NO CONFESSIONS - Confessions will not be heard on FIRST FRIDAYS until further notice.
THE RED MASS - May 4 - The First Friday of May is the Annual Red Mass for the Judiciary of the County. You are welcome to join law enforcement officers, lawyers, and judges in this annual Mass in Honor of St. Thomas More at St. Bernard at 12:00pm as they bestow the Thomas More Award upon one of their own.
MOTHER'S DAY FLOWERS - The Annual Right to Life Flower Sale will be held after all the Masses on Mother's Day weekend. Carnations at $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 and bouquets for $10.00. These flowers are a wonderful way to say "Thank You for the gift of life" to moms, grandmothers, godmothers, and loving friends. Your donation supports Northeast Ohio Right to Life's efforts to promote the dignity of human life at all stages.

ADMINISTRADOR - En el 1 de mayo el Padre Frank Basa es el Administrador de la Parroquia St. Bernard y de la Parroquia St. Mary. El va a servir a las comunidades hasta la designación de un nuevo párroco para las dos parroquias. Las parroquias no van a ser separadas y la misa dominical a las 12:00pm continuara.
DE SU PRÓXIMO PÁRROCO - CEl Bordo Diocesano de Clericós ayuda al obispo por darlo recomendaciones de sacerdotes para ser párrocos. El Bordo está interesado en su opinión y te invita a participar por responder al sitio de revisión:

Estén seguros que ustedes tienen nuestras oraciones durante este tiempo de transición.
FELICIDADES - a la Quinceañera, que hizo su promesa a vivir sus promesas bautismales en el espíritu de Santa María, madre de Dios.
A DIOS - después casi 8 años como párroco aquí, y después 24 años de servir la comunidad latina/hispana - me voy. Estoy agradecido por todo - lo bueno y lo mal. Reza por mi y rezo por ti hasta la próxima vista. Fr. Dan
We recently learned of the death of one of our Readers, Tom Woychik. He had been battling cancer for quite some time, yet made time to ride the bus here on Sundays to proclaim God's Word to us. May he, a faithful servant of the Lord and to the Community of St. Bernard, now Rest In Peace.c:\users\father dan reed\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.ie5\uwd31utb\gothic_cross_6_by_jojo_ojoj-d4qygjq[1].png
FORMED.ORG - Our FREE online access to great Catholic Adult Faith Formation (movies, talks, cds, sacramental preparations, etc.). Formed is for kids as well with entertaining programs to grow in their knowledge and understanding of our Catholic faith. FORMED.ORG is available at both parishes. Our Access Code is 678GQQ. Register today and enjoy!
ROSARY IN MAY - As has been the custom at St. Bernard Parish during the month of May, in honor of the Blessed Mother, the rosary may be offered before Weekend Masses, if someone is willing to lead it. You will find a hand microphone in the sacristy, if needed.
See You Later...

"Unless the Lord builds the house, in vain do the workers labor" (Ps. 127:1). And, "Lord, you have accomplished all we have done" (Is. 26:12).

Friends, I believe King David and the Prophet Isaiah must've had a humble and grateful spirit to write those words. Over these nearly 8 years we have done a lot of work together, but it was the Lord who accomplished it all. Yes, we pooled our God-given talents. We reached into our financial resources to donate to the cause. And yes, we may even have had a hand in the physical labors or spiritual works in St. Bernard Parish and/or St. Mary Parish. We did the work!

BUT, it was the Lord who ACCOMPLISHED EVERYTHING we have done. He gave us the tools to do the labor, and then moved hearts to unite around a project, to be generous, to share and support ideas, and thus to expand our faith community; to build the house.

As I prepare for a new pastorate in a rural area, my thoughts turn to the labor of farmers. They work hard tilling the soil, planting seeds, watering and fertilizing - but only God can make the seed grow. St. Paul understood that. As he writes to the Corinthians, it is ultimately God's doing: "I planted, Apollo watered, but God caused the growth. Therefore, neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who causes the growth" (1Cor.3:6-7).

This is why it is important to come together at the end of my time with you as Pastor to offer together again our whole-hearted thanks and gratitude to God.

Let us not be concerned, Friends, about the future. You are the people of faith who follow the Lord for the sake of others. Continue to reachout to the hungry, immigrant, grade school or university student, the person seeking God, making the parish God's house; he will then bring about the growth of abundant life.

I leave you feeling appreciated by many of you. It was YOU who allowed me to lead, accepted new ways of doing things, supported improving our physical church and our spiritual Church, applauded the results, and then personally said 'thanks' in some way or other. I thank you so much for your love and support.

I also leave aware that I never lived up to the expectations that a few of you had of what a 'good' priest should be. We're all different, so I hope your next pastor may be able to meet those expectations.

But, to all of you, I thank you and God for the blessings, challenges, and above all, for the growth He accomplished through our labors. Pray for me as I will remember you. In Christ, I'll see you all later! Fr. Dan

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