Status Only Professor

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Status Only Professor


Dear [ ],
I am writing with the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of [ ] to offer you an academic appointment in the Department of [ ] at the rank of [ ], Status Only. Status-only appointees receive no salary or remuneration from the University of Toronto or from the Department of [ ]. A status-only appointment does not create an employment relationship with the University and does not interfere with your status as an independent professional or any other employment arrangements you may have.
The Department of [ ] offers status-only appointments only to individuals who are deemed qualified to make a significant contribution to the educational and research activities of the department. In return, the Department makes a commitment to further the academic activities and progress of all faculty appointees, in recognition of the contributions that they make to the mission of the Department in education and research.
The terms of your appointment are as follows:
Your appointment is for a term of [ ] year(s), beginning on [ ] and ending on [ ]. Your performance will be reviewed in each year of your appointment. There is no right to renewal of your appointment, but renewal may be granted at the Dean’s discretion.
Your appointment will automatically terminate on June 30, [final year of the appointment], and this offer shall constitute notice of termination at that time, unless before that time the Dean advises, in writing, that your appointment will be renewed.
Your annual review will be based on your performance in the areas of responsibility outlined as follows:

    1. Teaching: [Insert teaching responsibilities as appropriate]

    2. Research: [Insert research responsibilities as appropriate]

    3. Service: [Insert service responsibilities as appropriate]

You will be required to submit an annual report to the Chair by March 31 of each year, summarizing your contributions to the Department.

You are expected to acknowledge your affiliation with the Department in all publications and scholarly works resulting from your status only appointment.
The Office of the Vice-President and Provost maintains a set of links to important policies that will govern any teaching or research at In particular, I would like to draw your attention to the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters at, and the Policy on Conflict of Interest Academic Staff at We expect that you will govern yourself in accordance with all applicable faculty and University policies [for individuals appointed from a hospital or other research institute add: subject to the specific provisions below].
[Insert for individuals appointed from a hospital or other research institute – delete if not applicable]

Where your research is conducted off the University campus it will fall under the aegis of the policies of the site where the research is conducted. With respect to conflict of interest, if you are conducting research at an off-campus site, you will be governed by the conflict of interest policy of that site, as it applies. Otherwise, you will be governed by the University of Toronto policy and faculty guidelines.
Please indicate your acceptance of this appointment under the terms and conditions set out above by returning a signed and dated copy of this letter to me. Please also keep a copy of the signed letter of offer for your files.
I welcome you as a status-only faculty member and look forward to working with you in the year ahead.
Yours sincerely,


Department of [ ]

Agreed to by: _______________________ Date: _______________________

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