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Five things i would do if i had more money

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Five things i would do if i had more money

How would you spend your growing voluntary income? From shopping to upgrading a car to buying new furniture and repairing a home, it's all within reach.

Some will take advantage of these opportunities, while others may donate money to charity or simply save. Whichever way you go, these 4 tips can help you spend your newly discovered wealth wisely and still be able to sleep at night!

1) Buy less goods: It's pretty simple - don't buy things that will only be used once or twice with more money at your disposal. Save your cash for investments that can last a lifetime (or more).

2) Pay off debts: What could be better than making more money with your money? Make more money! Use your extra income to pay off credit cards, store cards, and other forms of debt.

3) Increase savings: Common sense, but not always applied. If you spend it all, more money in the bank will not do you any good.

4) Save for retirement: Retirement may not be on your mind when you start working full-time.

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