Study Questions Part I pages 3-79 Directions: Answer the following questions in at least one complete

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Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

Study Questions Part I

Pages 3-79

Directions: Answer the following questions in at least one complete sentence each. Some questions ask you to give textual evidence, answer with a Construct, or answer in a certain amount of sentences.

  1. What are some admirable features of the Muslim Society as described in this novel? Use a Construct 2 to describe them.

  1. Characterize Buran. Use a Construct 1 to describe her.

  1. How is Buran similar to her sisters? How is she different?

  1. What does Abu-al-Banat’s name really mean? (Buran’s father)

  1. How do the people in Baghdad view Buran’s father and why do they view him this way? How does Buran’s father differ from his brother in his attitude towards women? (2+ sentences)

  1. How has Buran’s father’s teachings enriched Buran’s life? How has his teachings made her life more difficult? Use a Construct 3 with a conjunctive adverb to explain.

  1. What request did Buran’s father make of her uncle? How does her uncle reply?

  1. Why is Abu-al-Banat troubled? What is his major concern? (2+ sentences)

  1. What suggestion does Buran make to her parents? What is their initial reaction?

  1. What information about Buran’s father has prepared us as the readers for his final decision to allow Buran to undertake her quest?

  1. What is the irony on page 34? Why is this ironic? Give textual evidence.

  1. How would Buran’s uncle react if he knew what Buran was about to do?

  1. Where do Buran’s sisters think she is going?

  1. From where is she leaving?

  1. How long does she plan to be gone?

  1. How did the hijab come into existence?

  1. Who is Gindar? Use a Construct 1 to identify him.

  1. What are the rules of riding on the caravan? Use a Construct 2 to explain.

  1. What animals are used on the caravan? Use a Construct 2 to identify.

  1. What does did Buran/Nasir strike with Gindar to get cheap passage.

  1. What religion do most of the people on the caravan practice?

  1. What religious tradition do they follow?

  1. What are the four events that occur when the caravan stops at midnight? Use a Construct 2 to explain them.

  1. Describe the change in Jihha’s and Nasir’s relationship. Use a Construct 3 to explain how it started and what it became.

  1. What merchant dreams does Nasir share with Jihha?

  1. What does Jihha and Abu Sinar know and who will they tell?

  1. What promise does Gindar offer Nasir?

  1. Predict what will happen next in the novel. (3+ sentences)

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