Styles of contemporary art

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Contemporary art is the type of art that is solely made and produced by artists of modern-day society. This art style usually depicts paintings, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, and video art.

Today’s artists work in a wide range of culturally diverse, multifaceted, and technologically advanced mediums. Contemporary art is inspiring and visually pleasing. This specific art style allows viewers to inspire and understand the artist’s vision to become a better version of themselves. Contemporary artists try to explore personal and cultural identity through their work. By working in a wide range of mediums, contemporary artists try hard to reflect the complex issues that significantly impact today’s rapidly changing world.
It is quite challenging for viewers to understand contemporary art. Sometimes you observe a painting made from haphazard lines, shapes, and colorful patterns, or a sculpture in the form of a steel pin. If you want to know about different contemporary art styles, identify other artwork, and understand the message and feelings expressed on the canvas. This post highlights the top 6 contemporary art styles that will help you quickly understand the artwork.

  1. Abstract Art

Abstract art originates from unnatural objects, such as geometric patterns, shapes, and formats. This type of art is based on landscapes and figures and depicts simplicity, spirituality, and purity. Abstract art is all about colors, lines, textures, patterns, compositions, and processes. This is why abstract art is known as nonobjective art or concrete art that usually embraces non-representational work. It has been more than a century abstract art is here to inspire viewers. One of the best things about abstract art is that it is open to interpret; all you need to have an open, curious mind that is willing to explore the artwork.
2. Figurative Art

Figurative art describes modern art that genuinely depicts the real-wo rld issue by using the human figure. This art type's ultimate goal is to provide a realistic representation of life by using illusionary characteristics. In the contemporary art world, this art style can also be used with other art types such as minimalist, cubist, and abstract art to create masterpieces. Nowadays, figurative art representing human figures or animals is commonly used to differentiate between representational work and abstract art. Famous artists have been using figurative art from centuries in their artwork to portray intellectual concepts. Some used to represent a real-world subject, while other artists used to highlight the cultural values in the form of sculptures, paintings, and portraits.

3. Geometric Art

As the name suggests, geometric art represents different shapes, angles, lines, points, and elements, totally inspired by geometry. This contemporary art style uses a wide array of geometric shapes, such as circle, square, triangle, and rectangles to make complex shapes and objects. Geometric art designs come in different types, sizes, and shapes.

4. Minimalist Art

Minimalism is a type of abstract art that uses different geometric shapes, such as square, rectangle. The main idea behind using this type of art is used to depict reality without any imitation. It represents different aspects of the real world, such as landscapes, persons, experiences, emotions, and feelings. Minimalist artwork depicts a highly purified form of beauty, simplicity, truth, and harmony.

5. Still Life Art

Still, Life art is one of the essential types of Western art that represents still life paintings and dead sculptures. This type of artwork includes nearly all types of human-made or natural objects, such as fruits, vegetables, food, games, and other inanimate objects. In contemporary art, still life art is used to depict the celebration of material pleasures and remind viewers about the brevity of human life.

6. Typography

Typography is a contemporary art style that uses existing and modern typefaces to arrange text and appropriately convey the message—basically, typeface design letters of alphabets that express specific techniques, feelings, and brand identity. Typography art is one of the most important aspects of the contemporary art design used in the print and web design industry.
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