Summary Participating organizations: 42 Total participants

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Graduate Engagement Opportunities

2011-2015 Participating Graduate Students


Participating organizations: 42

Total participants: 62

Humanities: 27 (~44%)

Social science (includes Anthropology and Poli Sci): 29 (~47%)

STEM: 6 (~10%)

Alumni who have graduated from/left NU since participating: 9

Working alumni with TT academic jobs: 2

Working alumni with alt-ac/non-ac jobs: 7

African American Studies

Dwayne Nash – Appleseed Fund for Justice (F2011)

Claudia Garcia-Rojas – Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls and Young Women (S2014)

Pilar Margarita Escontrias – Field Museum (F2011)

Nurhaizatul "Zat" Jamil – Kuumba Lynx (S2012)

Dario Valles – AFCSME Council 31 (S2011)

Bonnie Bright – Birthing Project USA/Home Care for Disabled Women (S2013)

Jessica Pouchet – Field Museum (S2014)

Kimbely Seibel – United African Organization (S2011)

Matilda Stubbs – Rice Children and Family Center (W2011)

Sarah Taylor – We Farm America (W2011)
Art History

Emilie Boone – Museum of Contemporary Photography (S2013)

Faye Gleisser – Chicago Video Data Bank (S2013)

Civil Engineering

Charlotte Anne Frei – City of Evanston, Office of Sustainability (F2011)

Charlotte Anne FreiCity of Evanston, Office of Sustainability


Primary Duties and Achievements: Evaluated options to enhance recycling in

the City of Evanston, including interviews of city staff and external experts, internet research, and developed a recommendation report.

Student Reflection: “Interacting with students in other disciplines and having the opportunity to discuss public engagement has helped me have a more "enlightened" perspective.”

Communication Studies

Ben DiPaola – City of Evanston Health Department (W2011); Research Manager, GfK Market Research

Sara DiDomenico – Field Museum (S2011)

Mrittika Sen – Children's Memorial Youth Violence Prevention Coalition (S2012)

Fan Gao – Museums in the Park (S2011)
Comparative Literary Studies

Patricia Anzini – Guild Literary Complex (F2014)

Computer Science

Elham Beheshtizavareh – Museum of Science and Industry (F2014)

Engineering Design & Innovation

Liz Kramer – Logan Square Neighborhood Association (F2011)


Kara Johnson – Open Books (S2015)

Tanushree Vachharajani – Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago (F2013)

Valerie Jimenez – National Museum of Mexican Art (S2012)

Julia Miglets – Museum of Contemporary Art (F2014)

Phonshia Nie – Newberry Library (S2011)

Human Development and Social Policy

Kendra Alexander – Kidz Express (W2011)

Eleanor Anderson – University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research (F2013)

Eric Brown – Youth Organizations Umbrella (F2013)

Learning and Organizational Change

Stanley Fong – Youth Organizations Umbrella (F2014)

Learning Sciences

Alki Antonopolou – Museum of Science and Industry (S2015)

Mechanical Engineering

Fan Zhou – City of Evanston, Office of Sustainability (S2013)

Media, Technology, and Society

Robin Hoecker – National Veterans Art Museum (S2011)

Music Studies

Liz Pryzbylski – American Indian Center (S2011)


Evan Dutmer – Evanston Scholars (S2015)

Performance Studies

Derek Barton – Bloomingdale Trail (W2011); Technical Writer, Society for Critical Care Medicine

Lisa Biggs – Grace House (S2013); Asst. Professor, Michigan State University

Margaret Lebron – Center for Civic Reflection (S2013)

Patricia Nguyen – Asian Human Services (S2013)

Kantara Souffrant – Field Museum (S2011)

Justin Zullo – Kuumba Lynx (S2012)
Political Science

Emily Alvarez – A Just Harvest (S2012); National Opinion Research Center

Nick Dorzweiler – The Public Square, Illinois Humanities Council (S2011)

Jennifer Forestal – YouthMuse (S2012)

Rahul Mediratta – Heartland/Northern Tier Anti-Trafficking Consortium (S2015)

Andre Munro – Project on Civic Reflection (S2012)

Maavi Norman – RISE International (S2011)

Ayuko Picot – Pan-African Association (S2011)

Alison Rane – The Public Square, I.H.C (S2011); Prospect Manager & Research Analyst, Loyola University

Désirée Weber – Chicago Debate Commission (S2012)


Christopher Schmader – Chicago Public Schools (F2014)

Radio, Television, Film (Screen Cultures)

Mabel Rosenheck – Museum of Broadcast Communications (S2012)

Laura LaPlaca – Art Institute of Chicago (S2014)
Rhetoric & Public Culture

Beatrice Choi – Congress for the New Urbanism (S2013)

Rachel Rigdon – Street Level Youth Media (S2012); Editor, Texas Office of the Secretary of State

Elliot Heilman – Illinois Humanities Council (F2014)

Andre MunroProject on Civic Reflection
Primary Duties and Achievements: Andre created a mind map of PCR partners and funders; he wrote a letter of inquiry seeking support for a city-wide community-building discussion program; he contributed a good deal of content to our new website's resource library; he developed his own facilitation skills; and he began work on a booklet of civic reflection readings on the theme of democracy and citizenship.

Student Reflection: “The GEO program shed a new light on the value of my research, particularly how it can benefit civil society.”

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Conor Klamann – Evanston Scholars (S2014); Financial Aid Specialist, Lake Forest College


Megan Bonham – Adler Planetarium (S2015)


Fengqing Zhang – Evanston Health Department (S2012); Asst. Professor, Drexel University

Zhenyu Zhao – Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (S2011); Sr. Data Insights Analyst, Yahoo
Theatre and Drama

Jordana Cox – Jane Addams Hull-House Museum (S2014)

Megan Geigner – Chicago Cultural Alliance (F2012)

Grace Overbeke – Grace House (S2014)

Rachel RigdonStreet Level Youth Media
Primary Duties and Achievements: Rachel worked primarily on projects related to Street-Level’s development and communications activities. She provided data and editorial assistance for Street-Level grant proposals and reports, and took the lead on a new grant proposal. Her efforts successfully led to a $5,000 grant for our summer arts program.

Student Reflection: “I grew professionally and personally through [GEO], and to know that my desire to apply my research to the greater good is supported by the university and the intellectual fraternity was deeply inspiring.”

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