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Tamar Paltrow (Italian/English/Italian Translator/Interpreter)

733 Bennett Street Greenville, SC 29609 Tel: (864) 271-1366 Cell: (864) 386-2730

e-mail: tamarpaltrow@italianenglishtranslations.com or TEPaltrow@aol.com
My name is Tamar Paltrow and I am sending you information on my qualifications as a professional simultaneous/consecutive interpreter and translator of Italian. I hold a Master’s Degree in Italian from Middlebury College and over 30 years of experience as an Italian to English and English to Italian translator/interpreter. I have lived and worked in Italy and with Italians around the world. My extreme fluency and exposure in both languages allow me to easily communicate in most any arena.  

I am listed as a State Certified translator/linguist and am recognized by the Department of Justice as a certified National Immigration Court Interpreter. I am also listed by the Consul General of Italy as an approved interpreter. I have done extensive work with US courts and in 1998 was the official Italian interpreter/translator for the international Marine Corps Court Martial of the pilot and navigator whose accidental slicing of the ski-lift cable in the Italian Alps resulted in the death of 20 people.

From the end of 1999 through 2001 I worked on a large contract dispute case valued at over $400 million involving multiple trips to Italy for depositions and numerous meetings as well as multiple attempts at formal arbitration for the new owners of the No-Nonsense pantyhose factory in North Carolina. I also interpreted for all of the conference calls between the attorneys and the clients.

  A precedent-setting multi-million dollar case on real estate fraud and tax evasion was settled after almost 6 years (2001 – 2006) wherein my services were required regularly, working closely with attorneys in translation and interpreting for the clients at all times. During meetings and conference calls between attorneys and clients I interpreted consecutively and during all trials and motion hearings I interpreted simultaneously.

  In 2004 I went to Atlanta as the only simultaneous interpreter for the all-day Symposium on Andrea Verrocchio’s “David” for UPS/High Museum of Atlanta after its extensive and ground-breaking state-of-the-art restoration. In 2005, along with my normal volume of work, I completed over 100,000 words of classified documents for the US Government in less than 4 weeks. I hold various US Government clearances and am approved by the Italian Government. During 2006 and 2007, I translated over 500,000 words of technical documents including pharmaceutical, legal, mechanical and financial. I was also heavily involved in the rush translation of many documents for the Parmalat case.

  Through 2008, I worked closely with the Parmalat case. I handled varying quantities of claims documents for the Social Security Administration every month. I was also included in the three person team assigned to clinical trial documentation for Novartis with large volumes of documents every month.

  In 2009 I worked primarily in medical and pharmaceutical translations but also handled many financial and legal texts, along with high volume archeological and technical documents. My interpreting skills were required in numerous situations both in person and over the phone. I was hired to assist in the ongoing 8/09 New York Hudson River helicopter crash case as translator and interpreter. Just recently I donned scrubs to interpret in the operating room for a patient undergoing a cardiac surgical procedure.

  As of 2012, I continued with the Parmalat case, with the helicopter accident case, and with a new case out of Miami involving sudden explosions on multi-million dollar yachts. From 2013 through 2016, I was inundated with pharmaceutical trial documents and legal/financial cases. Now in 2017, I continue working heavily in medical and pharmaceutical with growth in industrial and technical.

  My rates differ according to project length and level of technical terminology. My charges begin at $95.00 per hour for interpreting up to $1000.00 per day for trials.  My rate averages $0.13 - $0.16 per word (target) for translation projects. Depending upon the project, everything is negotiable. My translation capacity is normally 3500 words per day or 20,000 – 25,000 words per week. For any position that may arise, I would be honored to have my resume on file with your company as a translator/interpreter of Italian.

  I would be happy to send you a list of my references. Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Tamar Paltrow

Tamar Paltrow

Tel: (864) 271-1366 Cell: (864) 386-2730

e-mail: tamarpaltrow@italianenglishtranslations.com or TEPaltrow@aol.com


  1. Industrial/Mechanical: User / Assembly /

Maintenance / Operator Manuals, Custom Sales Orders, Blue Prints, Designs, Parts Replacement, Specifications, Contracts, Product Description, Safety Reports for: Welding, Lasers, Glass Blowing, Magnetic Drilling, Presses, Compressors, Computers, Petroleum Drilling - On/Off-Shore, Hydraulics, Engineering, Horology, High Tension Electric Lines, Industrial Sprayers, Personal Hygiene Absorbency Production, Childcare product assembly

  1. Financial: Banking: Software, Manuals,

Transfer Authorization/Confirmation Forms, Loan Request/Asset Documents; Year End Financial Reports; Articles of Incorporation; Consolidated Financial Statements; Stock Market: Reports, Financial News Articles

  1. General: Watch/Jewelry Auction

Catalogues, Trade Newsletters, Advertising/ Publicity, Articles/Press Releases, Language Instruction Programs, Bilingual Stories, Practice Exercises, Published Poetry, Diplomas, Credentials, Course Descriptions, Correspondence

  1. Medical: Reports / Findings: Diagnosis, MRI

X-ray; Optical Testing Machinery; Specifications, Manuals and Findings Reports; Medical Journal Articles: American, Canadian, French, Italian; Laser Eye Surgery Software Manuals; Presentations

  1. Pharmaceutical: Research Reports and

Analyses, Product Specifications, Prescriptions, Homogenization Systems and Procedures, FDA Trials and Outcomes, Newsletters & Press Releases, Product Packaging and Instruction Sheets

  • Legal/Judicial: Patents, Contracts, Breaches

Judiciary Findings, Wills, Agreements, Certificates, Suit Proceedings, Summons, Arrest Warrants, Deeds, Amendments, US/Italian Government Communications, NAIC/Holocaust Commission

  1. Software/Hardware/Internet: Field

Location Programming - Banking, Rental Car; Telephony: On-line Help; Telephony Specifications; Web pages: Industrial tools, Entertainment, Law firms

  1. Scientific: Laboratory /Chemical Products

Specifications/Test Findings; EPA G-7 1997 Summit of the Environment; Journal Articles; Pet Food Ingredients; Aquarium Care Products


  1. Industrial: Training for Line Operators and

Electrical Engineers, Hosiery Plant Operations

  1. Medical: Diagnostic and Treatment:

Dental, Medical, Surgical; Findings, Depositions

  1. Financial: Real Estate Investment, Sales,

Acquisitions, Closings

  1. General: National/International Tour

Guide, Auctions, Conferences, Conventions

  1. Scientific: EPA 1997 G-7 Environment

Leaders’ Summit

  1. Legal: Civil and Criminal Trials, Military

Court Martial, Depositions, Consultations on Taxes, Wills, Bankruptcies

  1. Trade Shows and Conventions: Antique,

Watch, Jewelry, Marine, Optical, Sales Training

  1. Telephone: California Highway Patrol, Long

Distance Services, Insurance Investigations/Claims, Depositions, Tourism Reservations


  1. DinoSoft Italian: Maverick Software,

Bloomington, MN: Translated and Recorded program for children

  1. Parliamo Italiano: Transparent Language,

Hollis, NH: Authored grammar notes, wrote question/answer booklets, edited program

  • ITALIAN Now!: Transparent Language,

Hollis, NH: Edited, wrote question and answer booklets

  • NaturallySpeaking: Dragon Systems

Newton, MA: Full Regression/Beta testing: Continuous Speech Dictation

  • Wildfire v. 1: Wildfire Communications,

Inc., Lexington, MA: Full Regression/Beta testing of Voice Recognition Telephone Program

  1. Language Now!: Transparent Language, Hollis,

NH: Wrote bilingual cultural story on Corporate Italy for language learning program

  1. DragonDictate : Dragon Systems, Newton, MA

Full Regression/Beta Test: Voice Recognition Control-Command

  1. ITALIAN Now! 2nd Edition: Transparent

Language, Hollis, NH: Wrote bilingual stories, question and answer booklets

  • Fluent Italian: Gone Native by Essential Software

Bloomington, MN: Wrote, Translated, Recorded multimedia fluency program

  • Wildfire v. 2: Wildfire Communications, Inc.,

Lexington, MA: Localization, Full Regression/Beta testing of Voice Recognition Telephone Program

page 2 Tamar E. Paltrow

Tel: (864) 271-1366 Cell: (864) 386-2730

e-mail: tamarpaltrow@italianenglishtranslations.com or TEPaltrow@aol.com


  1. Software: Educational Language Programs: audio and video

  1. Marketing: Middlebury College Website: www.middlebury.edu; Audio/Video (student comments)


Private - Group Courses: All levels: Grammar, Conversation, Culture, Literature

Fluency Testing: US Government Standardized Testing

EDUCATION (Mother Tongue – English)

1996 MA, Italian Middlebury College Language Schools, Middlebury, Vermont

Summa Cum Laude Cecchetti Award for Excellence

1986 BA, Art History Temple University Rome, Italy and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Primary Education in U.S.A.


ATA - American Translators Association - National Chapter

National Association of Judicial Interpreters & Translators


IL GIORNO April 13, 1996: National Italian Newspaper, “Tra Brera e La South Beach”

Il Giornalino, April 1997: Local Ethnic Newspaper, “Il Circolo Italiano, Ecco una nuova socia”


“La Donna Grassa” by Franca Rame, lead role, 8/96, Middlebury College Master’s Thesis


  1. Unix, LotusNotes, various in-house systems

  2. Trados Studio 2017


  1. Full Library of Technical, Legal, Medical, Information Technology, Financial and Economic reference texts

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