Technology Committee

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Technology Committee


Date and Time: September 13, 2017 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Meeting Location: A149
Meeting Chair(s): Balamurali Sampathraj (Senior CIS Analyst) and Karen Engel (Interim Dean of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Recorder: Interim Dean Engel




  1. Approval of Minutes & Action Items


Minutes approved unanimously

  1. Approval of Agenda


Moved: Phyllis; Second: Michael Duensing

  1. Discussion Items


  • Committee goals for the year (review role of committee)

    • Reviewed charge of the committee

    • We will look into an online platform (Sharepoint?)

    • Next time: we will review committee charge, Partic. Gov. Handbook, and begin to discuss any changes.

    • Goals:

      • Classroom technology – the committee would like to review and facilitate the implementation of smart classrooms and conference rooms (for example, is there a baseline of equipment (80%) and then can 20% could be customized based on the needs of the program?)

      • Monitor and maintain the new network (wifi) access system(s)

      • Provide input (oversight) to better integrate technology in the facilities planning processes (new building) and facilities master plan

      • Make recommendations about next phase of faculty laptops (provide standards/baseline)

      • Improve the purchasing process for technology at COA – ensure COA IT is consulted before new equipment is purchased

  • Upcoming capital bond campaign (2018): what do we want to see happen?

    • Improved streaming capability in Canvas? And ensure we have the capabilities for distance education. And make sure we’ve integrated accessibility.

    • Develop collaborative learning environments (physical spaces and virtual spaces).

    • Consider virtual reality (VR).

    • Let’s look at trends.

  • Discuss President Karas’ request for faculty laptop recommendations

    • The District manages this. Eg., they get special pricing from Lenovo.

    • We could look at the options under this umbrella and then give the District specs for what we want under the special pricing umbrella

    • In a future meeting, we will look at the specs of the current arrangement with Lenovo and consider how well the tools improve accessibility

    • We can also choose other products, if need be

    • Should we do something to evaluate faculty needs?

  • COA IT updates

    • Successful launch of new semester

    • Network infrastructure is in good shape (new fiber and network) in every single room.

    • Aviation and ATLANTIC have seen upgrades

    • Wireless is up and running everywhere

    • The Learning Resource Center testing center moving to the portables

    • Student Services deploying TVs

  • Smart classrooms (list)

    • The District has been moving forward, led by VC of IT in collab with facilities

    • Laney first. As of this morning, 30 smart classrooms are installed at Laney

    • COA is due in December – District has standards and Bala has concerns about projectors hitting people in the face – need short-throw projectors, laser (instead of what they’re mounting at Laney)

    • Committee is asked to review the District equipment list (Bala will forward) – We need to discuss and address concerns before the installation happens here.

    • Bala would like the Committee to go see the rooms at Laney – and he will invite the whole community to go see.

  1. Review of Action Items


KE and Bala will get a draft survey out next week for the committee to review. Get it out to the campus in the next few weeks to ensure timely input into the District process (negotiations with Lenovo)

Bala will send COA FAS email inviting (and ASCOA) to visit Laney’s smartclassrooms

  1. Future Agenda Items


Next time: we will distribute the draft Partic. Gov. Handbook prior to the next meeting and schedule time next month begin to discuss any changes.

Bala and team (all of us) will bring some information about technology trends to help shape what can go into the new facilities bond campaign.

We will review current District arrangement with Lenovo

We will develop a survey of faculty and staff NEEDS for their computers (Steve and Michelle will help KE with a draft) – List things that could be needed: access to cloud storage, USB ports, other ports, projectors, HDMI, C, (there’s a long list of ports), more than one monitor, touchscreen, hybrid, what do you need to be able to get to online that you can’t get to now, voice recognition, what do you need to connect with, wireless capability. Survey needs to go out in the next few weeks. We will look at survey results next time.

  1. Adjournment


Present: Bala S., Karen E., Phyllis Tappe, Bruce Pettyjohn, Michelle Custino, Shuntel Owens-Rogers (sub), Steve Gerstle



Balamurali Sampathraj (Co-Chair), IT

Senior College Information Systems Analyst, Co-Chair

Karen Engel (Co-Chair), Interim Dean of Research & Planning

Administrative Representative (Dean or VP), Co-Chair

Steve Gerstle, Instruction & Information Literacy Librarian

Faculty Representative, Library (1)

Daniel Park, IT

Classified Representatives, IT Department (2)

Michael Duensing, IT

Classified Representatives, IT Department (2)

Shawn Foster, IT

Classified Representative

Phyllis Tappe, Cognitive Skills & Assistive Technology Instructor

Faculty Representative, DSPS (1)

Michelle Custino, DSP&S Adapted Computer Technician & Alternative Media

Classified Representative, DSPS (1)

Bruce Pettyjohn

Faculty Representative, Div. III

Bryant Monutfar, ASCOA rep as of August 2017

ASCOA Representative (1)

Ana McClanahan

STEAM Dean (Div. 1)

Andrew Douglass

One Stop Career Center Director, Student Services

Shane Williams

Classified Representative

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