Telling The Truth – my experiences with Lyme borreliosis – Bózsik, Béla Pál, M. D

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Telling The Truth – my experiences with Lyme borreliosis

  • Bózsik, Béla Pál, M. D.

  • Lyme Borreliosis Foundation,


The Passion sequenceS ON THE TRUTH

WELL, What is the TRUTH?

  • OMAN:

  • AN:

What is the TRUTH in Lyme Borreliosis?

This Estimation based on both the possibility of tick’s co-infections & the cumulation of lyme borreliosis

What this means & causes?

  • No definite

  • Control popu- lation

  • Diagnosis either in laboratory or clinical Hampered by the protean symptoms

  • Proceedings against MD-s

ARE the FOLLOWING The right answerS?

  • „There is no such disease,

  • if it could exist at all.”

  • „You surely not have this!”

  • Doctors SAY in all countries of the world.

  • Could it really answered

  • by serology? - I have to try it .


Lyme borreliosis is endemic in hungary determinations at the nih, hungary

Dinamic changing both in serology & production of antibodies

Is it possible to describe all of these changes or diagnose Lyme borreliosis using any method?

Lyme borreliosis reinfectiosa

  • Lyme borreliosis reinfectiosa

  • could only be revealed

  • with early serologic testing, as immune response of the body is slow & lasting: therefore existence of the antibody in the presence of ECM could be evaluated as reinfection.

Tail-cutting helps to evaluate the results of passive haemagglutination

Which method could became the golden standard?

Lyme borreliosis seronegativa in relation to different methods

As you have seen there is a great difference between biological & biostatistical error

  • Although 1.5 % first order and 5.5 % second order error are excellent results for any laboratory it is astonishing that the developments of science give possibility to determine further 60 % or more cases as people, who are in bed need of treatment.

  • This result is

      • neither over-diagnosis,
      • nor under-estimation,
      • especially not fals/untrue determinations
  • they really belong to both the development of methodology and

  • the epidemic character of Lyme borreliosis.

I think of

  • I think of

  • many ten-thousands of people

  • with suspected symptoms

  • stated by their physicians

  • Who could not get

  • the right answer or

  • the definitive diagnosis.

The BLUE COLUMNS related to the missed proportions of patients

C6 ELISA & Wb were identical in 97% at CDC comparing 180 samples

Is there any solution of the diagnostic problems

There is direct connection between the body & the tick

therefore, there is no use to be distinguished stages for a generalized ailment, as it will be forgotten: Lyme borreliosis damages the whole body from the first moment.

According to my practice since 1986 borrelia burgdorferi s. l. Could be demonstrated & studied with dark-field microscopy during the whole pathogenesis.

DualDur ® reagent & method help to overcome difficulties in diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis seronegativa

Morphology of Borreliae

Borrelia burgdorferi s.s. -Morphology in the friendly cultivation media-

various forms of Borrelia burgd.s.l. in blood using DualDur®

Vesiculum, extrabacterialis protein borrelia burgd.s.l.

Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. Immuncytologic experiments in 2003

borreliae could be detected by specific staining of the outer layer with rutenium-red (dark-gray)

Closing remarks

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