Th Grade Language Usage Verbs Name

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8th Grade Language Usage

Verbs 1

Write the verb or verb phrase in each sentence.
Question #1:

Comets have been studied for many years.

Question #2:

Ancient Romans saw comets as part of the atmosphere.

Question #3:

Even Isaac Newton has followed the progress of comets through space.

Question #4:

Halley's Comet is named after the astronomer Edmund Halley.

Question #5:

According to Halley's research, comets do not stop moving.

Question #6:

Halley predicted his comet's return 76 years after its appearance in 1680.

Question #7:

The comet was named after Halley upon its reappearance in 1756.

Question #8:

Halley's Comet has been called the brightest of all comets.

Question #9:

Today comets are observed by many scientists.

Question #10:

The "nucleus" of a comet is the name for its largest part.

Question #11:

The nucleus of a comet could be as large as 60 miles wide.

Question #12:

Some nuclei can be as large as 350 feet wide.

Question #13:

The nucleus of a comet is surrounded by gases and ice.

Question #14:

The glow around the comet's nucleus is called its "coma."

Question #15:

Does the coma make the comet fuzzy?

Question #16:

Honore Flaugergues first saw his comet in March of 1811.

Question #17:

The Great Comet of 1843 caused a panic among the British people.

Question #18:

The Great Comet of 1843 was considered the end of time by many frightened people.

Question #19:

The Chinese had observed Halley's Comet as early as 240 B.C.

Question #20:

Halley's Comet was last seen in February of 1986.

Question #21:

Many people, like me, are fascinated by comets.

8th Grade Language Usage

Verbs 1

Answer Key
1. have been studied

2. saw

3. has followed

4. is named

5. do stop

6. predicted

7. was named

8. has been called

9. are observed

10. is

11. could be

12. can be

13. is surrounded

14. is called

15. Does make

16. saw

17. caused

18. was considered

19. had observed

20. was seen

21. are fascinated

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