The Brahma Kumaris and their World Spiritual University

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The Brahma Kumaris and their World Spiritual University

The archdiocese of Mumbai’s Franciscan brothers-run St Francis Institute of Management and Research (SFIMAR) has made yoga a compulsory subject for its students. On their web site we read: Stress Management & Physical Fitness

SFIMAR ensures that its students are fit enough to fight the challenges they face. Students are provided enough opportunities to build on their physical fitness and embark on the healthier path. Aerobics, Yoga & Meditation are also dedicatedly followed in campus. Also Stress Management sessions by the Brahmakumaris are conducted regularly at SFIMAR.

Briefly, what is the Brahma Kumaris?

The Brahmakumaris or Brahma Kumaris is a New Age organization. It is also recognised as a New Religious Movement or NRM, and an elitist [only 900,000 will be saved] end-of-the-world doomsday cult. The Brahma Kumaris propagate the form of yoga that is called Raja Yoga. It is pro-abortion and enforces total sexual celibacy of cult members and therefore an enemy of the Catholic Church’s culture of life stand. Its teachings are controlled and guided by a "medium" or "channelled entity" the Brahma Kumaris "believe is God". The doctrines of karma and reincarnation are intrinsic to its teachings. Its psychic meditations are dangerous.

Its "World Spiritual University" is NOT an academic institution but the name of its NEW AGE RELIGION.

Yet it is engaged by a Catholic institution to poison the souls of Catholic students. The St Francis Institute of Management and Research provides no safe alternative to Catholics who do not want to be subjected to Hindu yogic meditation. Instead, if they do not participate in the yoga/Brahma Kumaris programme, they are "disciplined" with fines and loss of attendance, and face being debarred from writing their examinations.

Cardinal Oswald Gracias, the archbishop of Bombay and other senior clerics of the Indian church -- and of the Vatican -- have been consorting with the Brahma Kumaris. For example:

a. Conversion focus of inter-faith talks EXTRACT

By Linah Baliga, June 13, 2009

Mumbai: An inter-faith interaction between Hindu and Catholic religious leaders, held at Mumbai’s Shanmukhananda Hall on Friday, appears to have focused a lot of time on the issue of conversions and the killings at Kandhamal in Orissa last year.
While the Hindu side was represented, among others, by the Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Jayendra Saraswati, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Christian side was represented by Mumbai Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias, and Cardinal Jean Louis P Tauran, the Pope’s representative from the Vatican.
[…] Among the other Hindu leaders who attended the dialogue were Swami Chidananda Saraswati of Uttaranchal, Swami Vishveshwarananda Giri Maharaj of Mumbai, Swami Nikhileshwarananda of Vadodara, the Prajapita of Brahmakumaris from Rajasthan, and Chaturvedi Swami of Chennai.
The Catholic side was represented, apart from Cardinal Gracias and Cardinal Tauran, by Archbishop Quintana of the Vatican Nunciature in Delhi, Cardinal Topno of Ranchi, Archbishop Gali Bali of Guntur, Archbishop Felix Machado of Nashik, and Bishop Thomas Dabre of Pune.
Cardinal Tauran had this to say: "India is a cradle of many religions. What impresses me is that Indians are open minded and tolerant with positive values. We know this inter-faith meeting will have a positive outcome. It gives an orientation and a beginning of something."
b. A positive Hindu-Vatican dialogue
By Sudheendra Kulkarni, June 14, 2009
Stupendous two days. {June 12th/13th}
“I'll never forget these two days lived in love and trust and engaged in Hindu-Christian dialogue."

This is how Jean-Louis Pierre Tauran, president of the Pope's Council for Inter-Faith Dialogue, Vatican City, described the interaction between Hindu and Christian representatives in Mumbai on Friday and Saturday. Coming from someone who experienced the depth and breadth of the spiritual tradition in India for the first time, this effusive response seemed natural.

Hindu participants too were unanimous that this was a fruitful dialogue.
There have been several useful dialogues in the past between Hindu religious leaders and representatives of the Catholic Church. By and large, the themes of these dialogues were "academic" in nature, as they sought to explore the theological common ground between the two faiths. But the Mumbai meet was different for three significant reasons.

[…] this was for the first time that the Catholic delegation was led by the Pope's highest emissary heading the department of inter-faith dialogue.

Third, this was also for the first time that Hindu religious leaders of high eminence participated in the dialogue, sending a clear message that the Hindu side is ready to engage in a constructive dialogue with Christians of all denominations.
Swami Jayendra Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt, led the Hindu delegation, which included Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living movement; Swami Chidananda Saraswati of Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh; Rajayogini Dadi Janki of Brahmakumaris; Swami Nikhileshwaranandaji and Swami Vigishanandji, two senior monks from Ramakrishna Mission; Sri Venkatachariar Chaturvedi Swami of Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust and Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vishveshwaranand Giri Maharaj of Sanyas Ashram, Hardwar.

Catholic participants included Pedro Lopez Quintana, the Vatican's ambassador in India; Archbishop Felix Machado of Nashik; Bishop Thomas Dabre of Pune and Bishop Raphy Manjaly of Varanasi.
I was surprised to be invited to participate in the event, which was hosted by the Archbishop of Mumbai, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, a genuine bridge-builder between the two communities. […]

The genuineness of the interaction was also evident from the fact that, after the first day's closed-door deliberations, Cardinal Tauran led the Christian delegation on a goodwill visit to Mumbai's famous Siddhivinayak Temple. This was followed by the Hindu delegation visiting the Holy Name Catholic Cathedral. […]

About the Brahma Kumaris:

1. Christianity Refutes the New Age

Interview with Teresa Osorio of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue EXTRACT

VATICAN CITY, February 7, 2003 ( A new Vatican document on the New Age movement has stirred up great interest in the media. The report, entitled "Jesus Christ, Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian Reflection on the 'New Age'," was presented February 3 by a team of members of different Vatican organizations, including the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue. The signatories acted with the assistance of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

To lend a greater appreciation of this important document, ZENIT interviewed one of its authors, Dr. Teresa Osorio Goncalves, of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, coordinator of the working group on Sects and New Religious Movements.

Q: Does New Age speak about changing the world?

Osorio: A pamphlet of the Indian Brahma Kumaris movement says: "Something is going to happen ... You can make it happen by associating at the same time with millions of others, gathered in a type of new communion of saints, who by their strength and intrinsic creativity have the force capable of tipping the world over to the side of righteousness."

But will thought be enough to change the world? The way proposed to us by Jesus Christ is far more exacting and fascinating: it is the one of reciprocal love, that is translated into concrete works and creates living communities that build a new world.

2. The United Nations, the unity of religions, the new world religion and the New Age Movement


As the New Age Movement prepares man for his role in the New World Order, the vehicles and philosophies are also being prepared. One is the United Nations.

In order to bring about a one-world order it is necessary to justify ever increasing government interference in our private lives… Here we look where one eventual focus will be- the United Nations. Robert Muller is the Asst. Secretary-General and has served under numerous Secretaries-General. His book "New Genesis- Shaping a Global Spirituality" is an eye-opener for those who will see the spiritual direction the UN is headed.

Let us see Muller’s way of "shaping a global spirituality":

"…as vividly described in the story of the Tree of Knowledge, having decided to become like God through knowledge… we have also become masters in deciding between good and evil… This gives Catholic, Christian and all spiritual educators a marvelous opportunity to teach a new morality and ethics…"

Some Christians will question the negative view of the UN, yet in any reading about the UN it is never long before the New Age and occult spirituality is encountered.

Paul Henri Spaak, former President of the UN General Assembly once said "Send us a man who can hold the allegiance of all the people, and whether he be God or devil we will receive him."

One booklet based on Alice Bailey’s (of the Theosophical Society) teachings which deals with the United Nations and entering the "Global Age" points to the new way of thinking and behaving… The view is taken that the UN stands not only as the vehicle for this change but as the catalyst.

When we turn to the UN we are able to see for ourselves the diabolical evidence. The Meditation Room at the UN Headquarters in New York is shaped like a truncated pyramid (the Illuminati insignia) laid on its side.

"To those versed in esoteric understanding, the crescents and triangles present a definite form that takes shape, in the centre and outer circle of the mural as the Illuminati eye." (The Broken Cross, Piers Compton, 1981) The New Order is political, social and religious, and we see the hand of the UN in all three… The evidence for the UN being central in Satan’s plan is almost endless1 (The author provides several pages of supporting evidence.) Recently the Brahmakumaris were granted Consultative Status by the United Nations. It is the first spiritual institution to be given such status. Referring to this, Dr. Muller said… stressed the need for evolving spirituality to usher in peace. "Such spirituality will be based on a happy blend of spiritual values of the East and the material progress of the West", he said.2

A prestigious "Universal Peace Conference" was held in India in 1983 at the World Spiritual University, headquarters of the Brahmakumaris’ Raja Yoga Society, a United Nations affiliate. Among the 3000 delegates from 42 countries was Robert Muller. In his keynote speech to the delegates, he said: The time has come to obtain peace on this planet… The U. N. Charter has to be supplemented by a charter of spiritual laws… I think that what is wrong… we have forgotten that… we have a cosmic evolution and [spiritual] destiny.3


1 Understanding the New Age, Roy Livesey, 1986, pages 27-36

2 Zero Update No.3, Maranatha Revival Crusade, Secunderabad, India, 1983

3 The Seduction of Christianity, Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon, 1985, pages 53, 54
3. Brahma Kumaris

During meditation, Brahma Kumari sisters give drishti*, a spiritually-charged gaze which is beneficial to the recipient. Shiv Baba himself gives drishti when he appears through the medium.

*Drishti is a point of focus where the gaze rests during asana and meditation practice. Focusing on a drishti aids concentration, since it is easier to become distracted when the eyes are wandering all over the room. Each yoga pose has a specific drishti, which also aids in alignment. For instance, in Extended Side Angle Pose – Parsvakonasana the gaze is towards the raised hand, which also reminds us the turn our heads up towards the ceiling. Drishtis are particularly emphasized in Ashtanga yoga. In Downward Facing Dog, the drishti is your navel.

Source: [*See also page 27]

4. What Brahma Kumaris don’t want you to know

January 29, 2010

Brahma Kumaris’ Raja Yoga is now promoted behind the facade of new age, positive thinking, values based and corporate training courses. Many individuals experience benefit from these. Indeed, some individuals can look back at their time as a “student” of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University [BKWSU] positively. However, whether right or wrong, at the core of BKWSU teachings and lifestyles are identical elements to recognised cult behaviour. Elements that are hidden from the general public and slowly introduced during the process of indoctrination.

Whilst claiming to have 8,500 centres in 100 countries, the vast majority of these are privately owned residential homes and apartments, many taking donations to pay for personal mortgages. The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is not an educational institution but an unaccredited new religious movement.

Brahma Kumari beliefs include:

» belief in the imminent destruction of this world by an unavoidable Nuclear Holocaust (now overdue by 30 to 50 years)

» belief in themselves as the only true messengers of God.

» belief that God only speaks to them and them alone in person at their Indian headquarters via a mediumistic channeller.

» hypnagogic, trance-like practises and repetitive auto-suggestion.

» fixation on attracting VIPs to enhance their credibility and act as “microphones” for their message.

» exaggerated distinction between “pure” (their teachings and activities) and “impure” (the rest of the World’s opinions and leaders)

» exaggerated sense of self-importance (they being topknot “Brahmins”), the rest of the World (Untouchables or “Shudras”)

» belief in an unrealistic view of science, e.g. all of time existing within one endlessly repeating 5,000 year timeframe.

» a slow and gradual re-writing of their core beliefs as they fail.

» unquestionable and unaccountable non-democratic leadership.

» amassing of considerable wealth from followers under such pressures.

» complete separation from non-BKs by complete control of diet, demanding lifestyle, celibacy.

» graphic exaggeration of the plight of those that leave the group: “grinding of teeth like the sound of mustard seeds … crying tears of blood at Destruction”, sexual activity being like “throwing one’s self from a 5-storey high building”, having to face a severe God at Judgement Day.

» secrecy, revision and disguise of the nature and process of teachings.

» intense and long lasting social and psychological problems within individuals leaving the organisation.

The Brahma Kumaris encourage followers:

» not to eat food cooked by impure non-followers such as physical relatives.

» to practice detachment from parents and children.

» to separate from non-Brahma Kumari partners and family so as not to make any more “karmic accounts” with them that would be obstacles to their path.

Under these pressures, individuals are willing to put aside reason and surrender themselves mind, body and wealth, to the will of senior members of the BKWSU. Most of these senior members are professionally untrained in any manner whatsoever. Despite dabbling with perhaps the deepest levels of the human mind, many of these senior members have only ever had a basic education, e.g. 3 years schooling, and no professional experience. One senior BK recently estimated that in India there were as many as 20,000 so-called teachers that have had no training whatsoever. The curriculum and teaching methods have been likened to that of a primary school or kindergarten where followers are infantilized as children.

In this situation, individuals are open to manipulation, the influence of the group or other psyches. Major life decisions are taken on their behalf under the guise of “God’s instructions”. They take on many new, extreme and unproven beliefs unquestioningly in a wish to be accepted. At the point of the failure in these beliefs, or the failure in trust of those self-elected senior practitioners, ex-members are almost without any social support mechanism whatsoever.

Ex-Brahma Kumaris (female) and ex-Brahma Kumars (male) are often unable or unwilling to accept the help of family, or even the help of professionals, who have not gone through the same experience. The strength of mind, developed will or depth of ill explained experience make ex-BK Raja Yogis very independent, detached and resilient.

The organization’s mental training roots distrust of non-BKs at a deep, even sub-conscious level. It is suggested that perhaps only others that have gone through similar experiences can help to explain these, share their pain and make suggestions on how to survive.

5. What the Brahma Kumaris don’t want the United Nations to know: How “Shiv Shakti Army” seeks to “conquer over the world, 3 square feet at a time” – From [Only the emphases in red are mine –Michael]

The Brahma Kumaris have, to date, largely been able to slip underneath the radar of New Religious Movement or Cult Watch groups.  This is partly due to their passive front but largely because of their secrecy and highly centralised structure of control. Secrecy and control especially over its actual mediumistic teachings given to mass séances at its India headquarters. Teachings which the rest of humanity have “intellects too impure” to understand.

The Brahma Kumaris have, for decades, exploited a heavily invested but superficial relationship with the United Nations for the sake of their credibility and to gain access to politicians and VIPs.

It seems strange that an organization whose leaders teach that their followers will bring about the “Destruction” of the world, including the death of 6 Billion “impure” human beings by nuclear holocaust, should be accepted by the United Nations.

The Brahma Kumari teachings have, for 70 years, clearly and specifically stated, that the Brahma Kumaris will “give courage” or inspire the scientists to detonate the nuclear devices in order to “purify” an “impure” humanity, so that they – the Brahma Kumari leadership – might rule as emperors of a heaven on earth for 2,500 years.

Indeed, according to original documents held in the British Library, in its first decade, the Brahma Kumari leadership actually wrote to political and military leaders exhorting them to enact martial law and practise scorched earth. 


This letter is not about BK philosophies but rather their values. Whether the cycle is 5000 years long, is neither here nor there, but the way I was taught to feel and perceive my concerns, doubtless the two are connected. My observations and concerns about the Brahma Kumaris have built up over the last few years and if none of you knew how I was feeling despite the many years I’ve known you, well what does that show about the organisation? How can an organisation call itself your family if it knows nothing about you? For twenty odd years, I was unable to talk to my father because he was someone that needed to be served or saved. If he were lucky enough he would get a ticket to heaven just because he knew of me or us”, (his mother was a member, his father wasn’t, the parents were divorced. The Brahma Kumaris have a 70 years record of breaking families); “can you imagine trying to make small talk with your own father as a child because he was some kind of “Shudra”. (Shudra is the word that the Brahma Kumaris use for non-Brahma Kumaris it comes from the Indian which means untouchable. All other human beings are untouchables to the Brahma Kumaris. It’s used with the same sort of influence as perhaps nigger would be used in current society).


And now to look back and see that I had a father but in my own head I didn’t, how much did I miss? When my parents split up because of Raja Yoga what did the seniors do for me then? Did they hold me when I cried? I might have been given an apple, although I am sure that I’d rather have had my parents back. As a BK child I was bullied at school and I found I had no ability to deal with people or confrontation. All I could do was cry and my mother would have to sort it out. I had no ability to socialise with people. That made me very lonely. I could never have any close friends and when I told other school children about the end of the world I was ridiculed for years after. Childhood in general was very mixed up for me. I do believe that it is for many Brahma Kumaris children. On one level it was taken away from me.

I was told “you are an old soul” a-84 birth. People thought that I was like an old man when I was 12 and the responsibility of the world was placed on my shoulders. Let alone that of saving my own father it was not fair to give the children this kind of superiority complex and burden and yet treat them as children. Then again we were never allowed to grow up. For example my sister was always “the angel” until she became a teenager and fell from grace in the eyes of the others. However could she love herself when she could see herself changing from being a perfect angel to a menstruating, acne riddled teenager?”

You may not be aware of this, the BK actually believe they are becoming angels. They believe that all the memorials in history, all the renaissance paintings of angels are pictures of them. That through their practice they are actually going to become angels of light, saving the world. I am not using these words metaphorically they actually believe this.

When everybody else can only remember that little angel that she was how the hell was I going to understand puberty? The beginning of sexual energies could inspire nothing less than self-hate and denial, what advice could the sisters give me then?”

The BK is run by a handful of virgin crones essentially from the same community of the Sind in Pakistan, a very repressed society for both male and female. “Whatever advice the seniors gave to me would only make me feel worse about me. Who could I even tell? Neither my own parents nor my BK friends, there was too much shame and what about fun? I only had fun because others and I were naughty; otherwise it was certainly not condoned.”

Though there were certain days when you could dance in a circle they had this angelic way of dancing that is prescribed whereas ordinary play isn’t. The arts were always looked down upon. Perhaps it was also an Indian thing. And then there was destruction”. Destruction, is the word that the Brahma Kumaris use internally for the end of the world; any of the terrible things that we heard in this morning’s session apply equally to the Brahma Kumaris they use that word with a capital D. and I’ll use it through this talk. It’s a total destruction its an annihilation 6 billion people to clear away the world so that 900,000 of them can live in a paradise on earth and that’s meant to happen about 2036 although its already about 70 years over date. “Destruction has been an important part of my upbringing and it has done nothing but damage. I can only feel helplessness, fear, panic, guilt and pain. I was never supposed to be able to do anything meanwhile with my life if it was all to be over soon. I should have sat and meditated alone until I became perfect, yet I supposed I lived in the world as well. What was I supposed to do? How confused can that make a child? If destruction is coming then you may as well see the world and have some fun. There’s no point in studying, as I heard so often, or go to go to university or to develop one self? I have never known basic human rights even to have them taken away from me. Look at it: the right to eat, drink, sleep, feel, fornicate, defecate, speak freely, have friends of your own choice, have a family, none of these things could I do without feeling bad or guilty about them. I even had to remain constipated until I could find a shower because after they defecate the BKs have to wash and change all their clothes. Did any of you know this about me? I doubt it. Emotions had to be kept under the wraps unless the peace and harmony be spoiled. The Brahma Kumaris are such a peaceful organisation, so humble and caring, but its only skin deep. Scratch the surface and push the right buttons and they’re just as angry as the next person, indeed more so, because they’re delusional about it. The only thing that’s wrong is the hypocrisy and BKs take the meaning of the word to extremes.

The Brahma Kumaris are a charity. Charities donate things to other people that are worst off. Does is require such a vast acquisition of wealth and property to do service of the mind? They collect money but they donate virtues and good wishes.


Let me talk about sex now. In fact why has that always been so hard to speak of, are you now cringing inside you as I was for so many years? Externally, I could not talk about the efforts I made to conquer lust, but inside I hoped no one would ever see my real feelings. I put it to you that most of the problems in the BKs come from unresolved sexual desires manifesting for example in perversion, power struggles and grown people flirting like 12 year old children. Repressed sexuality also opens doors to all kinds of abuse. My sister and her friend, as young children, were sexually abused on several occasions by different people in Madiban and Delhi. Madiban is where god incarnates on to earth, in case you don’t know. Delhi is the number one centre outside of Madiban. They’re the no. 1 and no. 2 centres in the Brahma Kumaris. These incidents happened in consequence with different people involved, which suggests a paedophile network within it. Now we know that things happen in life but we are more concerned about the response, the response of leadership to that. Their response was to do nothing. The individuals perpetuating this sexual abuse were left in the position for years. The child was blamed, it was her karma to be sexually abused because obviously she had been sexually abused in her past life and in fact, because it happened in Madiban, which is the god city, it was actually better for her because she had cleared away more of her past karma. They then went on publicly to deny this had ever happened, blaming it on a taxi driver. She was travelling alone within friends at the time.” When one of our four members went to struggle to establish a child protection programme within the BKs he fought for over five years before they would actually consider putting down to paper anything near child protection. It’s unfortunately typical part of their modus operandi. “My mother was powerless to do anything. Do not look too closely; do not listen to many stories, lest the fragile dream be shattered. What makes it worst was that the seniors have always been aware of these all too common travesties within the organisation, yet they have done nothing but hide them away. I find I had to split my personality all I learned from the BKs were to suppress things so that the surface is calm.”


“What the Brahma Kumaris don’t want the UN to know”… this is a deliberately provocative statement and I have to admit that throughout this presentation, I am going for a populist message. I am capable of producing an academic paper and we do have endless academia. We have collated a bibliography of all academia on the Brahma Kumaris which is still unfinished. As I say, I am one of 4 moderators and administrators of a website Primarily we are ex-members, there are some concerned current members, there are members of break-away groups and there are friends and family of the group who come to the website, to get help, support laugh with one another and we have dedicated ourselves to documenting what the Brahma Kumaris actually are because they have managed to delude academia, the media, politics, the press and to rise to a very, very high place in society.

This is the actual web site[1]. I really want to offer this not just about the Brahma Kumaris but about ways similar groups to our own deal with NRMs. When first I stepped into this, I was quite stunned to realise that for every NRM you had a similar sort of dynamic. You had the culties, the ex-culties, the anti-culties and a load of sociologists and journalists making a living of it all. Whether it was Sai Baba, the Moonies, Scientology or whatever, almost the same dynamics existed. What we set out to do was to realise something different and we created an open, independent and ecumenical forum to bring together all the parts of this dysfunctional society: the Brahma Kumaris, their ex-members, the general public effected by them and actually discuss together. We also have, on our site, the very first public opinion poll about the Brahma Kumaris for people to vote about.


When we look at the actual forums on line you can see that there’s a common room, an ex- BK room, a Pbk room (a Brahma Kumaris little known reform group). We’ve actually deliberately tried not to make this an anti-party because that’s what the Brahma Kumaris want: they have self-fulfilling prophesies that say that coming the end of the world there will be anti-parties and I struggled very hard not to be that. This is a standard forum where individuals are at liberty to post. We have a number of guideline which are really about protecting ourselves legally, more than anything else, but largely they are allowed to do what they want. They do it themselves and it is self sustaining.


This actually comes from “Ex-Brahma Kumaris Chat” which was the place where I first found support myself. It was the first web site and it was an incredibly hidden site on the Internet for ex-members of the Brahma Kumaris. It was shut down by the Brahma Kumaris under legal threat of libel with a confidentiality agreement signed. We actually basically saved the information contained in the site because it had some incredibly important thought about the Brahma Kumaris and NRMs and now we have an archive with this material. It was shut down and exactly at the same time they managed to shut it down we kicked into action and they probably regret that deeply.


Returning to the main part of this website: up at the top there’s a series of banners and links which take you to the different parts of the site and we have a portal front, a forum and a news section which is basically like a blog. Then we have the real specialist areas for newcomers, politicians, academics, VIPs, all the people that the Brahma Kumaris want to get to first so as to influence them. That tells them what the Brahma Kumaris are actually all about.


The first thing I want to flag up here is that the Brahma Kumaris are highly involved in various psychical beliefs. They call themselves a spiritual organisation, a “Spiritual University”. They are not university. There’s no university there. “It’s a kindergarten” to quote academic Lawrence Babb[2]. What they are really doing is channelling and mediumship. This is a difficult issue to discuss because I am sure that it divides you as it divides academia. They’re involved with “spooks” and that is what I essentially respond to. Whether we understand them as ghosts, the collective unconscious or whatever we just call them “spooks” because that what they think they are. On the right of the screen, you can actually see God being channelled through one of the Senior Sisters and when I say that, I don’t mean an incarnation of God, God’s vibrations, an inspiration of God. I mean that a little “light bulb” called god comes into her head, takes over her body and moves it about and talks and meets the Brahma Kumaris. That is certainly what they believe. Whether it is or not, of course, we will have to wait and find out. It’s unusual within the realms of channelled beings to actually claim to be God I think it only happened maybe one or two times. You get everything spacemen, Atlantians, Napoleon but to actually claim to be God is something quite unique.


Destruction, the end of the world, this is for real. The Brahma Kumaris are not just notionally involved about the end of the world; they are in a constant state of incantation about the end, the end, the end, which has always been two to three years, four to five away.

The dates at the top of the web page: I was involved with the organisation back in the 1980s; I never discovered the dates until 20 years later. They are so hidden to all the members, only now since we’ve been doing our work, can people see that these are definite dates. The Brahma Kumaris say “Oh, God has never given us a definite date” but actually we’ve discovered that there have been a series of them, they have just erased them from their history.


So these are the static front ends of the web site pages. What the most important thing we have next is the Wikipedia. This is the encyclopaedia to decipher the language of the Brahma Kumaris. People fall into the trap fooled with the delusion that the BKs are Hindus. The Brahma Kumaris have essentially nothing to do with Hinduism. They use the language, they adopt the metaphors, but their meanings are completely different and that’s something that academia has not understood. They think the BKs are Hindus. So basically we’ve established that you could put in a search for any crazy word that they use and that will come up with a page and a picture. We’ve put up training manuals so that the public can know what the Brahma Kumaris are telling before they go through the soft cell presentation. We also put up a set of channelled messages: these are 5-6 page long rants that God has spoken through the various mediums; these are utterly secret nobody gets to see them unless they’re properly ready. And we’re taking them straight to the public because ultimately if you’re going to make a life commitment you should know ahead about what you are doing, not once you’re inculcated and the Stockholm syndrome has grabbed you and taken you away from your family.


The Shakar Murli[3]: this is one of the early channelled messages; we have plenty of examples on the web site. This is one of the benefits of the Wikipedia software which is open source free software, which anybody can use, in that it provides a very documented back end of “who made what” “who changed what”. If we look at one article we can actually see “who edited what” and then if we make choices, we can see the difference between the edits and the theory here.

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