The Delta’s Formation

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The Delta’s Formation

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

In the old age of the river Ganges, it is carrying a large quantity of sediment and all the rivers energy is used to transport it. As it approaches the sea it’s speed reduces and deposition takes place. The heaviest material is dropped first. These form islands and the river begins to braid around these islands.

Over time more and more sediment is deposited and the river floods these islands. The islands on the delta become swampy and only water loving plants will grow. The soil is very fertile and often people try to reclaim the land to grow crops, but they run the risk of being flooded. Deltas are at the mouth of rivers, where the river meets the sea, the water is always brackish and plants need to tolerate salt.

The sediment continues to be deposited and vegetation continues to grow. Islands of dry land emerge and some are inhabited. The delta is never a stable area although people do try to tame it, the channels are constantly moving. This causes the inhabitants some heart-ache as crops are lost and houses are destroyed.

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