The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank

Study Guide Questions

Answer the questions in complete sentences on another sheet of paper. Use details from the play to support your responses.

Act I, Scene 1

  1. The opening scene takes place in November 1945. The rest of the play is a flashback. Why do you think the playwrights decided to write the play in this way?

Act I, Scene 2

  1. Who are the Van Daans? Describe each member of this family.

  2. How and why is Mr. Frank different in scene 2?

  3. Describe each member of the Frank family.

  4. Who are Mr. Kraler and Miep?

  5. What is ironic about Mrs. Frank’s concern about doing something illegal?

  6. What does Mr. Frank explain about making noise?

  7. How does he describe how their lives in hiding will be (schedule)?

  8. Why does Anne start a diary?

  9. What would happen to Miep and Mr. Kraler if they were caught hiding Jewish people?

Act I, Scene 3

  1. How are Anne and Peter different?

  2. Describe the following relationships: Anne and her mother, Anne and her father, Peter and his father.

  3. How does Mr. Van Daan feel about Anne?

  4. Compare and contrast Margot and Anne.

  5. What is the bad news Mr. Kraler brings in this scene?

  6. Describe how each character reacts to this bad news.

  7. Describe Mr. Dussel.

  8. How does Mr. Dussel describe the events on the outside?

Act I, Scene 4

  1. What do we learn about Anne and her relationship with her parents after she has the nightmare?

  2. At the end of the scene, Anne describes what she wants to do when she gets out. What effect does this have on the reader?

Act I, Scene 5

  1. Describe the Hanukkah celebration.

  2. What ruins it?

  3. What does the disturbance downstairs turn out to be?

  4. What are the suggestions some of the characters have at the end of this scene?

  5. What is the mood at the end of Act I?

The Diary of Anne Frank

Study Guide Questions

Answer the questions in complete sentences on another sheet of paper. Use details from the play to support your responses.

Act II, Scene 1

  1. How much time has passed?

  2. Describe the characters at this point in the play. What has happened to their relationships?

  3. Explain the significance of the following: the cake incident, the cat, the fur coat, Carl the blackmailer.

  4. What does Peter admire about Anne?

Act II, Scene 2

  1. What does Anne think is ridiculous about her mother?

  2. How has Anne and Peter’s relationship developed (how have their feelings changed for each other)?

  3. How do the other characters feel about Anne and Peter’s relationship?

Act II, Scene 3

  1. What is Mr. Van Daan caught doing at the opening of this scene?

  2. How does Mrs. Frank react?

  3. How has Mrs. Frank changed from the beginning of the play?

  4. Mrs. Frank finally does stand up to the Van Daan’s. Ironically, Anne doesn’t approve. Why?

  5. What good news does Miep bring?

  6. Who feels ashamed about this news? Why do they feel ashamed?

  7. What is everyone worried about at the end of this scene (as expressed in Anne’s diary excerpt)?

Act II, Scene 4

  1. What is Dussel’s theory about the ringing telephone?

  2. What is your prediction about the ringing telephone?

  3. What does Anne mean when she tells Peter, “I think myself out,”?

  4. What are the differences between Peter and Anne’s outlook on life?

  5. What feelings does Anne’s last diary entry evoke?

Act II, Scene 5

  1. The final scene, like the opening scene, takes place in 1945. Reread the opening scene to refresh your memory of this setting.

  2. Mr. Frank tells Miep and Mr. Kraler what happened after the Nazis discovered them. Summarize what he tells them.

  3. Why do you think Mr. Frank says, “She puts me to shame” in response to Anne’s famous quotation? What does he mean? Explain.

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