The East Timor & Indonesia Action Network (etan) is seeking interns. Work for human rights and justice! What is etan?

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Intern with ETAN

Organize for Justice!

The East Timor & Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) is seeking interns. 

Work for human rights and justice!

What is ETAN?

For 20 years, ETAN has worked in solidarity with the peoples of East Timor (Timor-

Leste) and Indonesia. ETAN advocates justice for past rights violations, genuine self-

determination for East Timor, and democratic reconstruction of one of the world’s newest 

nations. ETAN supports human rights and democracy in Indonesia. Current projects 

include campaigning for justice for past human rights crimes, working to oppose military 

assistance to Indonesia, and monitoring the human rights situation in both countries. ETAN 

also pays close attention to events in West Papua.

What do ETAN interns do?

ETAN interns actively assist the movement for justice in solidarity with the peoples of  

Indonesia and Timor-Leste (East Timor).

ETAN interns gain experience, skills and knowledge in the areas of 

policy and political advocacy, international politics, writing, editing, 

media, fundraising, and organizing.

We are small office, so intern responsibilities will be varied 

depending on your skills and interests. These responsibilities can 

include research, writing and editing; maintaining and building 

relations with the media, other organizations and grassroots 

activists; administrative tasks; and monitoring and analyzing news and developments in Indonesia and East 

Timor. Interns also participate in educating Congress and other decision-makers, fundraising, organizing 

events, and other necessary tasks. Interns will help maintain and expand ETAN’s presence in social media 

and the internet.

Interns work in Brooklyn, although it may be possible for especially motivated interns to work from 



While ETAN can not pay interns, we can work with your school program for credit. We may also be able to 

reimburse internship-related expenses.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted at any time and starting dates are flexible. To apply, please send or e-mail a 

cover letter, resume and writing sample along with your reasons for applying and any relevant experience to:

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network

PO Box 21873, Brooklyn, NY 11202-1873

Tel. 718-596-7668; email:

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