The El Nino Song (tune: Fernando)

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The El Niño Song (tune: Fernando)

(performed by George Taylor, Oregon SC)

Have you heard about El Niño?

Pacific Ocean waters warming up again this year.

Best be ready for El Niño

This winter will be hell because

The weather will be weird

And if you own a house upon the beach at Malibu

You should be scared.
It’s because of El Niño

This winter in New York it will be 70 degrees

Because of El Niño

It will be as cold in Florida as it will be in Maine

And every day the forecast in Los Angeles

Is mudslides mixed with rain.

If you’re wondering why it rains all night,

The weather bites --- El Niño

And if you haven’t had a drop of rain

Then you can blame El Niño

Well, the Weather Channel’s so confused

It’s such a mess.

If your basement has to be pumped out,

Then curse and shout, “El Niño!”

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