The Internet and World Wide Web Information Conference

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The Internet and World Wide Web Information Conference
Internet Sessions
Our unique one day conference provides many different training sessions on different levels of Internet learning. Our prsenters are among the top connoisseurs in their field. They will provide you with cutting-edge information about the Information Superhighway.
Session One
Introduction to the Internet
Who Should Attend:

Anyone who has little or no experience on the Internet and is interested in understanding the principles of the Internet and World Wide Web.


What is the Information Superhighway? In this session you will learn what the Internet is and how to communicate using it.

Session Two
Getting Connected
Who Should Attend:

Anyone interested in basic Internet access information. Recommended for beginners.


What equipment do I need? In this session you will learn how the Internet was started, what it is, and the basics of accessing the Internet for business through on-line services.

Session Three
World Wide Web Tour
Who Should Attend:
This session is a must for anyone interested in using the World Wide Web for its business applications.


In this session you will master the facts you need to effectively use this resource.
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