The national economics challenge rules

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Eligibility Rules

  • Adam Smith: students enrolled in any AP, IB, Honors Economics or a course designated as two semesters of Economics in high school.  Students competing for a second year of high school Econ Challenge competition must compete in this division, thus any student who previously participated in the David Ricardo Division, must register for Adam Smith in this year's competition.   

  • David Ricardo: any one semester, introductory or general, combined macro and micro economics course. Teams are encouraged to compete in the division that would challenge them the most. See official rules at Economics Challenge. 8th grade students who participate in a one semester credit introductory level economics course should be entered in the David Ricardo Division.

  • Milton Freidman: any middle school team. 

State Finals

At least two teams from each school may compete in the face-to-face state finals competition (please contact if you would like to bring more than two teams). The teachers/coaches may choose their top teams to represent their school to reflect their strongest representatives for the state finals competition.  

The Arizona State Finals Competitions will be held at Mesa Community College on April 6, 2018.

All Divisions: Paper-Pencil Rounds

  • Students test individually in Rounds 1 & 2 (Micro and Macro) 

  • Students test as a team in Round 3 (International and Personal Finance)

  • Tests have 15 questions.

  • Rounds are 20 minutes long.

  • Number 2 pencils must be used.  

  • Calculators are not allowed.

  • Scratch paper is not allowed, but students can write on the test.

  • Scoring:  The sum of the top three individual scores on each team makeup the team's score for rounds 1 & 2. Scoring on individual and team tests is done as follows:

  • The top two scoring teams advance to the quiz bowl round.  However, a school can have only one team participate in the quiz bowl round so if the top two teams are from the same school, the top scoring team will advance and then the next highest scoring team from another school will also advance.

Quiz Bowl Rules:

  • Any team member may buzz in at any time while a question is read.  The individual that buzzes in serves as the spokesperson for the question, and is the only person from whom a response can be given.

  • One point is awarded for each question answered correctly by a team.

  • If a team member buzzes in before the entire question is read he/she will have 5 seconds to answer based solely on the information heard up to that point.  In this case, conferring with team mates is not allowed.

  • If a team member buzzes in after the entire question is read, the team has 15 seconds to confer with team members and have a response given by its spokesperson. 

  • If an incorrect response is given, the opposing team has the opportunity to hear the entire question and then has 15 seconds to respond.

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