The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21

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The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




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3.7.1 Illuminati – 1830 to Present 

This then resumes the Illuminati‘s plan in the Middle East, started by the Wahhabis in the early 

nineteenth century. The following picks up the previous narrative from Livingstone. The 

movement continued with what was called ―the Oxford Movement, established in the 1820s,‖ 

under the guise of a missionary venture, but truly under the auspices of ―Scottish Rite 

Freemasonry. The center of this activity again was Egypt, working through ―the Grand Lodge of 

the Fatimid Ismailis‖ (Dreyfuss 1980:113). The promoters of this endeavor came from the British 

branch of the Rosicrucians. The thrust focused on creating a ―reform movement‖ within Islam, 

―known as the Salafi‖ [emphasis added]. Initially, they were formed to protect the British interest 

in the Suez Canal. The agent used to promote the Salafi Movement was Jamal ud Din al Afghani, 

working with the British Intelligence Service starting in 1857-8 (Livingstone 2007:161-3).  

During the period 1858-1880, Afghani traveled to the following places and accomplished 

the following to establish the Salafi reform movement: to India, where he picked up his heretical 

beliefs in atheism, pantheism and a philosophy close in nature to the Lurianic Kabbalah; to 

Afghanistan, where he became the confidential advisor to the ruler, while maintaining relations 

with the Baha‘is, British Freemasons, Sufis, and Nizari Muslims; to Istanbul, Turkey, entertained 

by Ali Pasha (Freemason and Grand Vizier five times under two different Sultans); and in 1871, 

to Cairo, Egypt. While in Cairo, Afghani formed the Arab Masonic Society, reorganized and 

exported the Scottish Rite and Grand Orient lodges of Freemasonry to Syria, Turkey and Persia 

and made contacts with future leaders and taught them the Gnosticism of the Ismailis. Some of 

these leaders were the following: Mohammed Abduh (future leader of the Salafi); Sad Pasha 

Zaghlul (founder of Wafd, the Egyptian nationalist party) – (Dreyfuss 1980:122); and James 

Sanua (an Italian Jew, student of Giuseppe Mazzini and advisor to the Egyptian royal family, and 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 

whose girlfriend‘s traveling companion was Helena P. Blavatsky; medium, mystic and creator of 

the Theosophical Society in 1875, and whose students later created the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi 

Orientis) Order of Eastern Templars in the late 1870s/early 1880s, and whose second leader was 

Aleister Crowley, and the Golden Dawn in 1887 [emphasis added].  

After Afghani left Cairo, his student Mohammed Abduh ―was named the chief editor of 

the official British-controlled publication of the Egyptian government.‖ Then in 1883, Abduh 

met Afghani in Paris and went to London, where he lectured at Oxford and Cambridge. During 

this period of time, Abduh assisted Afghani by running a French-Arabic journal in Paris 

translated ―Indissoluble Bond‖ in English (―also the name of a secret organization he founded in 

1883‖) and traveled primarily to Tunis, Beiruk and Syria recruiting members for Afghani‘s 

Salafi (Dreyfuss 1980:136). While in London, Abduh visited the home and banking office of 

banking mogul Lord Cromer. In 1892, Abduh was ―named to run the Administrative Committee 

for the Al Azhar mosque and university‖ (the most prestigious Islamic educational institution 

and oldest university in the world). And in 1899, Lord Cromer made Abduh, the Grand Mufti of 

Egypt: ―His motive in making Abduh the most powerful figure in all of Islam was to change the 

law forbidding interest banking‖; which Abduh quickly did, ―giving British banks free reign in 

Egypt.‖ Afghani died in 1897. Abduh died in 1905. Then, Mohammed Rashid Rida (Freemason, 

member of the Indissoluble Bond and leader of the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia) became the 

leader of the Salafis and united with the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia [emphasis added] 

(Livingstone 2007:164-72). 

While all this was going on in the Middle East, the true power in Europe was being 

solidified under the banking families of England and Europe (primarily the Rothschilds). The 

ancient royal Scythian/Khazarian bloodlines of Europe and Armenia were also being 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 

consolidated and continued: Sinclair, Stuart, Guelph, and Habsburg; which more recently came 

through Frederick the Great of Prussia, Karl of Hessen-Kassel, Catherine the Great, Queen 

Victoria, and Christian IX of Denmark, who was called ―Europe‘s father-in-law‖ and whose 

―children or grandchildren sat on the thrones of Great Britain, Russia, Norway, Greece, 

Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Romania, and Yugoslavia (Livingstone 2007:152-3). The relationship 

between the Bankers (Money  

Barons) and the Royalty was now cemented to the modern Babylonian Mysteries cults of the 

Order of the Garter, Freemasonry and the Illuminati [emphasis added]. 

The following picks up the previous narrative from the author‘s research. In 1832, 

President Andrew Jackson gave his famous ―Veto Message‖ against the renewal of the central 

Bank of United States‘ charter, since its formation was against the Constitution. In its place, he 

instituted a zero interest policy of government money and reduced the National Debt to zero in 

four years (Griffin 1993:184-7). In 1841, Clinton Roosevelt published his book The Science of 

Government founded on Natural Law. In it, he clearly outlined Weishaupt‘s doctrine for a ―One 

World Government‖ and proposed eliminating the U. S. Constitution. In 1847, Karl Marx (from 

Weishaupt‘s ―The League of the Just‖), wrote ―The Communist Manifesto.‖ From this 

document, ―Fabian Socialism‖ was born and a vehicle was created to help bring about the 

accomplishment of the Illuminati‘s goals in all countries (Brooks 1983:77-8). 

During the Civil War, President Lincoln established ―greenbacks,‖ instead of bowing to 

the pressure to establish a Central Bank again. This decision was ultimately the cause of his 

assassination by John Wilkes Booth (agent of the ―Money Barons‖), as attested to by his 

granddaughter, Izola Forrester in her book This One Mad Act (1937) -  (Griffin 1993:187-92). 

After the Civil War, Albert Pike (a Confederate General, Indian Commissioner, Head Scottish 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 

Rite Mason, Cabalist, and avowed Satanist) took over the leadership of the Illuminati in America 

and worked directly with Mazzini in Europe. In 1870, Pike established a super, secret, world-

wide Masonic rite, ―The New and Reformed Palladian Rite‖ [emphasis added]. This rite 

maintained three Supreme Councils in Charleston, South Carolina, Rome, Italy, and Berlin, 

Germany, and twenty-three other Councils worldwide. Lady Queenborough, in her book Occult 

Theocrasy (1933:208-9), recorded a statement made by Pike in a letter dated January 22, 1870, 

saying that the purpose of this new Rite was to ―govern all Freemasonry, which will become the 

one international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown.‖ Historian 

and Mason, Dr. Bataille (pseudonym for Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pages and Charles Hacks), 

contributed to the book Le Diable au XIX Siecle by Leo Taxil (1896:346), and said of this rite, 

Palladism is the cult of Satan [Lucifer] in the inner shrines of a rite superimposed on all the 

rites. It is a cult, a religion [emphasis added]‖ (Griffin 1993:62-8). Also, according to Professor 

Carroll Quigley, in his book Tragedy and Hope (1966:130-1), in 1870, John Ruskin started the 

Fabian Socialist Society (from the Roman General Fabius, who made long-range deliberate 

strategies and plans for war) at Oxford, England. This society espoused a philosophy of elitist 

rule (of the favored few, even one special, single man) over all humanity. Ruskin‘s most famous 

student was Cecil Rhodes [emphasis added] (Griffin 1993:73-5). 

In 1871, Pike published his Weishauptian doctrine in Morals and Dogma of the Ancient 

and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Prepared for the Supreme Council of the thirty-third 

Degree, for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, and Published by its Authority. Also 

in a letter dated August 15, 1871, Pike gave Mazzini plans for world conquest by three world 

wars to usher in the “New World Order.‖ The goals for each of those world wars were as 

follows: 1) WWI - to enable Communism to destroy Czarism in Russia, 2) WWII - Fascists 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




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versus Political Zionists (Germany vs. Britain) and then post-war Communism will be in a 

position to take over governments and weakened religions worldwide and the establishment of 

the State of Israel, and 3) WWIII - Political Zionists versus the leaders of the Muslim World 

(Judaism vs. Islam); to destroy each other, bring the entire world into the battle, create chaos

and finally to prepare the way for the New World Order [emphasis added]. In 1872, Mazzinni 

died at the age of 66, and Pike became the lone leader of the Illuminati. In 1889, Pike made his 

last written statement to all Palladian Councils (partially quoted here from Queenborough 

1933:220-1), ―That which we must say to the crowd is:  We worship a God, but it is the God one 

adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you 

may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32


, 31


, and 30


 degrees:  The Masonic religion should be, 

by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine 

[emphasis added]‖ (Kirban 1980:161-4; Griffin 1993:69-71). 

In 1891, Pike died at the age of 82, and Ruskin and the Money Barons started a secret 

organization in England; ―The Association of Helpers and Round Table Groups,‖ or ―The Round 

Table,‖ headed by Alfred Milner and included such well-known Masons as Rudyard Kipling, 

Arthur Balfour and Lord Nathaniel Rothschild (Watch Unto Prayer, ―The Rhodes-Milner 

Roundtable,‖ Around the same time, Cecil Rhodes, with 

the help of Rothschilds, established the ―Rhodes Scholarship‖ to perpetuate the Illuminist 

doctrine at the University level (Quigley 1966:130-1; Livingstone 2007:158). The following 

paragraph is inserted from Livingstone‘s narrative.  

The following is gleaned according to Myron Fagon (2000) and Barry Chamish (2003). 

During the 1890‘s, the Money Barons infiltrated America‘s banking families by intermarrying 

and moving across the Atlantic Ocean; Jacob Schiff, the Warburgs, John D. Rockefeller, and J. 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 

P. Morgan. As an agent of the Rothschilds, Schiff financed the Standard Oil Company for 

Rockefeller, the Railroad Empire of Edward R. Harriman and the Steel Empire for Carnegie. 

And through Schiff and John Jacob Astor, Rockefeller was to gain control of the entire American 

oil industry [emphasis added] (Livingstone 2007:158-9). 

 Also, due to the concern that the Illuminati were becoming too well-known, attention 

was deflected to a small Jewish Revolutionary Movement in Russia (calling it a ―Jewish 

Conspiracy‖). Between 1897 and 1901, the seven-fold Illuminati master plan was further 

developed in much more detail by The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (―The men who 

conceived the diabolical conspiracy as laid out in the Protocols were not atheists:  they were 

members of the Illuminati, followers of the original ‗light bearer,‘ Satan the Devil. They were 

worshippers of Satan. This is the plan of Satan‖) [emphasis added] (Griffin 1993:206-7). 

In 1904, Rockefeller‘s letter to his newly formed General Education Board outlined 

Illuminist doctrine for education. Subsequently, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations and 

Trusts were established to control Teacher‘s Colleges. In 1913, Colonel House published his 

book, Philip Dru – Administrator, which addressed ―the man behind the man‖ concept of ruling 

America through a ―puppet‖ President (Woodrow Wilson). His plan included the following:  

establishing a League of Nations (forerunner of the United Nations), a Central Bank, a 

graduated national Income Tax, creation of a Central Intelligence Agency, and moving 

America‘s Republic form of government toward a Socialistic form of government (House 1926, 

vol.1:114). Also in 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed, reestablishing the Central Bank in 

America and establishing the Federal Reserve Banking System (a private corporation controlled 

by foreign bankers) – (Griffin 1993:77, 85-88, 192-4). Then came WWI (the war to end all wars), 

which was part one of the Mazzinni/Pike Plan. The Money Barons funded all sides of war 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 

[emphasis added].  

In early 1917, Trotsky toured America and Canada raising money for the Bolshevik 

Revolution, which later occurred on May 1, 1917 (in honor of the May 1, 1776, founding of the 

Illuminati). World War I ended on November 11, 1918, with the Armistice being signed. In 

1919, the unstable League of Nations was formed in Geneva, Switzerland, and Rockefeller 

funded John Dewey‘s founding of the Progressive Education Association, which proclaimed a 

secular humanist/socialist agenda on education (Griffin 1993:89-92, 79). Again, the following 

paragraph is inserted as part of Livingstone‘s narrative.  

Also, as a result of the end of WWI, the Ottoman Empire fell apart and Turkey became a 

Republic, with Ataturk as its first president. And, due to the cooperation of the Wahhabis and 

Salafis, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was created, under British sanction, in 1932. In 1936, the 

Saudis granted oil concessions to Socal (Standard Oil of California), Texaco (Texas Oil 

Company), Standard of New Jersey and Socony-Vacuum (predecessors of Exxon-Mobil), BP 

(British Petroleum), Royal Dutch Shell, and Gulf Oil. Collectively, these oil companies became 

known as the ―Seven Sisters,‖ which controlled the price of oil around the world [emphasis 

added] (Livingstone 2007: 178, 180-82). 

During the period 1919-1927, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was established in 

America (1921) for control of politics, business, press/media, education, and money [emphasis 

added] (Quigley 1966:132-5; Griffin 1993:130; Livingstone 2007:178). Also during this period, 

Lenin took over for Mazzini as the Illuminati‘s global revolutionary. He then outlined a plan for 

the Communist takeover of the world; take over Eastern Europe, then Asia, and then encircle 

America, of which he stated ―we will not attack, it will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands 

[emphasis added]‖ (Griffin 1993:101). 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 

Here is another insert from Livingstone‘s narrative. In Germany, the Nazi Party (an 

occult organization) was created from the combination of the O.T.O. of Crowley and the Thule 

Gesselschaft in 1920. As a result of this merger, both the Nazis and the Salafis worked together 

to form Ismailis-type terrorists. This allegiance became known as the ―Muslim Brotherhood,‖ 

founded by Hassan al Banna (Freemason, student of Afghani, Abduh and Rida, and the 

Wahhabis) – (Dreyfuss 1980:100). In 1933, Egypt founded its own version of the Hitler Nazis, 

called Young Egypt; among its members were two later Egyptian presidents Gamal Nasser and 

Anwar Sadat. The ―go-between‖ for the Nazis and Banna ―was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, 

Hajj Amim al Husseini, who later was the mentor of Yasser Arafat,‖ and who in 1946 fled to 

Egypt after the defeat of the Nazis (Livingstone 2007:184-6). 

In 1929 America, the Money Barons engineered ―The Great Depression‖ (William 

Bryan, The United States Unresolved Monetary and Political ProblemsThe Speeches of 

Congressman Louis T. McFadden). In 1934, ―Gold Certificates‖ were removed from America‘s 

monetary system and it became illegal to own personal gold. During the 1930s and 1940s, FDR 

established ―New Deal‖ Socialism (inherited from his relative Clinton Roosevelt). And in 1941, 

America was drawn into WWII (part 2 of the Pike/Mazzini Plan) by the bombing of the Naval 

Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Again, the Money Barons funded all sides of War, including 

Hitler. After WWII (in 1945 at the Yalta Conference), Europe was split up according to Lenin‘s 

plan for the spread of Communism, and the United Nations (U. N.) was established; with an 

outward goal of ―world peace‖ and real goal of establishing the ―New World Order [emphasis 

added]‖ (Griffin 1993:92-102, 143-7). The following is another insert from Livingstone‘s 


Allen Dulles, 33


 degree Freemason and Knight Templar, founding member of the CFR, 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 

and in-law of the Rockefellers, ―served with the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), 

Round Table creation that would eventually become the CIA [emphasis added], and of which he 

would become head.‖ After WWII, Dulles picked Reinhard Gehlen, the most senior eastern-front 

Nazi military intelligence officer, who, ―just before the end of WWII, had turned himself over to 

the U.S.,‖ to establish the ―Gehlen Organization‖ to work within the OSS (later CIA). Gehlen 

picked 153 former German Army and SS Officers, which eventually grew to four thousand 

undercover agents, called V-men. In the 1950s, Gehlen rebuilt the German Intelligence Service 

and built Egypt‘s spy and security forces. From this, came the ODESSA Network; which 

established and facilitated secret escape routes out of Germany, to South America and the 

Middle East for Nazis. George Herbert Walker, maternal grandfather of President George H. W. 

Bush, and president of Union Banking Corporation, was also involved in these operations (Carla 

Binion, ―Nazis and Bush family history: Government investigated Bush family‘s financing of 


/).George H. W. Bush‘s father, Prescott, was a board 

member of Union Banking and a senior partner of the investment firm, Brown Brothers, 

Harriman. According to Livingstone, ―Both E. R. Harriman and Prescott Bush were members of 

Yale University‘s Skull and Bones Society, which was the dominant American chapter of the 

international Brotherhood of Death secret societies.‖ Also in the 1950s, and under the auspices 

―of the Freemasons, the CIA, and other British, American, Canadian, and UN agencies,‖ the 

MK-Ultra (Mind Control, the Ultimate Terror) program was developed at the British 

psychological warfare unit, called the Tavistock Institute. The plan was to use the indoctrination 

―methods of the Ismaili Assassins to create mind-controlled . . . ‗terrorists‘‖ (Livingstone 

2007:186-89).The following is a mix of the author‘s research and Livingstone‘s narrative.  

In 1954, the Bilderbergers were established, in a Netherlands hotel by Prince Bernhard, 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 


to run post-WWII Europe in conjunction with the U. N. (the Rothschilds were again behind this) 

- (Griffin 1993:120-9). In the 1960s, the Salafi became more formally tied to the Wahhabis, 

which resulted in the formation of the Muslim World League in 1962 (with the encouragement of 

the CIA) (Lee 2004). In 1963, President John F. Kennedy (JFK) was assassinated and Lyndon B. 

Johnson (LBJ) entered America into the Vietnam Conflict. In 1969, Executive Orders were 

established; giving sole power to the President in times of ―national emergency‖ (this goes 

against the concept outlined by Isaiah 33:22, where the Founding Fathers got the idea of three 

branches of government to maintain its checks and balances). Also in 1969, the Emergency 

Banking Regulation was set up to centralize control of all money in case of national emergency 

and America‘s money was taken completely off the ―Gold Standard‖ (Griffin 1993:105, 163-

173, 194-201). In 1973, the Trilateral Commission was established between America, Western 

Europe and JapanZbigniew Brzenski (cabinet and CFR member) outlined a four stage plan to 

accomplish the New World Order in the modern world: 1) Religious Universalism, 2) 

Nationalism, 3) Marxism, and 4) the Technetronic Era (Kirban 1980:220-2). Also in 1973, were 

the Yom Kippur War (when Egypt and Syria invaded Israel) and the beginning of the Oil Crisis 

[emphasis added] (Livingstone 2007:198). In 1975, William Colby (then head of the CIA) 

testified at a Senate Reinvestigation of the JFK assassination that ―George Bush Sr. and 

[Howard] Hunt headed the Kennedy assassination, but said that ‗. . . they weren‘t really in 

charge. They were just taking orders from civilians like Allen Dulles and the Rockefellers.‘ 

Colby was then promptly dismissed, and George Bush Sr. was appointed to head the CIA in his 

place‖ (Livingstone 2007:236). 

In 1982, a full page article appeared in all the major newspapers in America, ―The 

Messiah is Here!‖ This article stated that ―Lord Maitreya‖ was now on the earth; he would fulfill 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 


all major religions‘ prophecies of a coming leader; he would be revealed to the entire world at 

the same time; and he would bring peace to the whole earth (New Age—antichrist [emphasis 

added]). This was all published through the Lucis Trust; run through an international board of 

trustees with members from the Round Table, CFR, Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission. In 

2009, the world is still waiting for him to be revealed. In 1991, The New World Order, written by 

Pat Robertson, was published. This book outlined how the Illuminati was committed to bringing 

about the New World Order and how that process would be the predecessor for the coming of 

the antichrist [emphasis added] (Hebert 2006a:4-8).  

The following brings this discussion up to the present based on Livingstone‘s narrative. 

Before the Illuminati could begin its plan for WWIII, they would have to end the ―Cold War‖ 

between the Soviet Union (USSR) and America. In the process, they would also need to break-

up the USSR, leaving America as the only remaining global superpower to be ―pitted against the 

Muslim World.‖ In 1979, Brzenski identified ―Iran, Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent as 

an ‗Arc of Crisis‘ that posed a grave challenge to the West.‖ This statement was then used as an 

excuse by the Illuminati to ―ignite a band of Islamic fundamentalism across Central Asia, that 

could first be used to bankrupt and destroy the Soviet Union, and then to recruit and engage a 

wave of Islamic fundamentalists to later be used as the specter of terrorism with which to 

frighten the Western World.‖  From this declaration came the following historic results. The 

Carter Administration and the British undermined the Shah of Iran and installed Ayatollah 

Khomeini (from that point, until 1989, Iran became the ―command center of international 

terrorism‖) and the war between Iran and Iraq in 1980. 

After these historic developments, the CIA backed the Mujahideen War in Afghanistan 

against the Soviet Union, and then used the Muslim Brotherhood to recruit and train Muslim 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 


―Freedom Fighters‖ to help fight with the Mujahideen. This was really used as a pretext to create 

future ―terrorists‖ to be headed by Osama bin Laden and Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (as ―Al 

Qaeda‖) in the 1980s. From this, came the following: the ―Gulf War‖ and the assassination of 

Meir Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defense League, in New York City in 1990; the 1993 

World Trade Center Bombing; and from 1998 on, ―Blood Diamonds‖ from the RUF 

(Revolutionary United Front) in Sierra Leone used to fund Al Qaeda terrorism.  

In 1999, a French parliament report exposed global money-laundering in support of 

terrorism through the BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International). The BCCI‘s largest 

shareholder is a member of the Saudi government, with business ties to the Bush family and the 

CIA. In 2000, the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) was uncovered. This plan calls 

for U.S. global domination, with a ―core mission‖ of ―transforming the military into an 

imperialistic global force . . . able to fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major 

theater wars.‖ All this culminated with the World Trade Center/Pentagon Bombings of 

9/11/2001. This then stands as the precursor for the ―Total Islamic Terrorist War‖ envisioned by 

the Illuminati (i.e., WWIII of the Pike/Mazzini Plan) [emphasis added] (Livingstone 2007:225, 

227-8, 242-3, 248-9, 253, 260-1, 267-8, and 281-3). 

Although there is not much primary source material available in regard to the Illuminati‘s 

writings and doctrinal beliefs (since the organization was designed to be kept secret), consider 

the following taken from a separate culmination of the author‘s research, Brooks (1983), 

Robertson (1991), Griffin (1993), and Livingstone (2007): John Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy 

Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Free 

Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies (1797); The Abbe Barruel, Memoirs Illustrating the 

History of Jacobinism (1798); Seth Payson, Proof of the Illuminati: Containing an Abstract of 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 


the Most Interesting Parts of What Dr. Robison and The Abbe Barruel have Published on the this 

Subject; with Collateral Proofs and General Observations (1802; reprint, 2003); and Nesta 

Webster, Secret Societies (1924). For each doctrine addressed, the relationship to a certain heresy 

against Christian orthodoxy will be pointed out: 


In relation to the Father, they believe that Lucifer (Satan, the Devil) is the true 

father and the Hebrew God Adonay is the evil one. The following is a quote from 

Pike‘s letter in 1889, ―Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God 

. . . Lucifer, God of Light and God of good is struggling for humanity against 

Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil‖ (Robertson 1991:184). They also believe 

that ―God and the world are one‖ (Payson 2003:81). The Illuminati do not believe 

in the Trinity of the Bible; just Lucifer as God. They believe in a spirit world and 

mastering the art of using the ―surrounding powers of earth and invisible agents‖ 

for their own purposes (Payson 2003:75). This is Satanism in its truest form. It 

aligns with the doctrine of Pantheism and fully rejects the orthodox doctrine of 

the Trinity



 Jesus was the ―Grand Master of the Order of Illuminati‖ and came to ―reinstate 

mankind to the original liberty-equality,‖ but He certainly was not God. He was a 

good teacher, special man, founder of their secret order, and the one to bring 

humanity back into balance-equality with Lucifer (―you shall be as gods‖ from the 

Garden of Eden). Again, this is Secular Humanism and Satanism blended together 

and rejects the orthodox doctrine of the deity of Jesus Christ.  



In relation to humanity, and according to the origin of Masonry; they believe that 

humanity originally was a ―rough stone‖ (in a primitive state, savage, but free), 

then became a ―split stone‖ (representing its fallen nature when divided according 

to state, government, or religion), and finally is to be free again (which was made 

possible by Jesus coming to ―reinstate mankind back to the original state,‖ and 

which only happens once an individual is ―illumined‖ through their Order) – 

(Payson 2003:79-80). They also believe that this is a mystery/secret that Jesus 

only revealed to a few, and consequently down through the ages, continues to 

only be revealed to a few (the illumined ones of the Order): ―every citizen is 

sovereign‖ (we shall be as gods); ―religions are the invention of ambitious men‖; 

―all authority must be destroyed‖; and ―democracies are not better or more 

consonant with nature than any other government‖ (Payson 2003:81-2). This 

becomes a modern form of Gnosticism (with the Illuminati being the keepers of 

the secret knowledge) and rejects the orthodox doctrine of the need for 

atonement/salvation of humanity by grace through faith



 In relation to eternal life, they believe in death as the ―everlasting sleep‖ of 

Voltaire (Payson 2003:51; note on Barruel‘s Memoirs, vol. 1, chap. 18). This 

again, reinforces a strong belief in Secular Humanism and rejects the doctrine of 

The Need for Teaching the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ in the 21


 Century . . . .  




©Copyright David Hebert, 2009.  All rights reserved. 


the resurrection of the body [emphasis added]. 


These doctrinal statements serve to underscore that Illuminism drew from many other previous cults: 

Buddhism, Kabbalism, Gnosticism, Egyptian Occult, the Sufis of Islam, the Cathars, Modern Witchcraft (Wicca), 

Modern Secular Humanism, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry. However, the root of all this is satanic, started in the 

Garden of Eden, and then was propagated to the world through Nimrod and Semiramis and their Babylonian 

Mysteries cult false religion at the time of the Tower of Babel. This Order was born right after the French 

Enlightenment and in the middle of the German Rationalism Period. At this time of Rationalism, every aspect of the 

doctrines from the traditional Church came under close scrutiny of man‘s rational thinking. The Order of the 

Illuminati appealed to humanity‘s sinful nature at all its levels; to be like gods, to be part of something that 

ultimately would be for the common good, the lust for power and mystery, and to be illumined, enlightened, or set 


The overall danger of the Illuminati is the seduction and deceitfulness used at its lower 

levels to basically ―brainwash‖ honest, good-intentioned, church-going men against the 

traditional Church and to draw them into the very first lie issued to humanity from Satan himself, 

―you shall be as gods.‖ The Order appears to be a good, humanitarian, fraternal organization on 

the outside, yet at its core is truly an insidiously evil, satanic cult with a goal of world 

domination by the select few. The other major danger of this cult is that it maintains a very 

detailed, specific plan to obtain this goal in all areas of human endeavor (Religion, Politics, 

Education, Banking, Business, Press/Media, Sociology, and war—WWI, WWII, WWIII/Islamic 

Terrorism), which is backed in the spiritual realm by Satan himself and in the physical realm by 

all the men with earthly power (Money Barons). The author believes that this cult is the vehicle 

that Satan will use to bring about the ―New World Order‖ in preparation for the antichrist to rule 

in the Last Days/End Times (Hebert 2006a:9-15). This then lays the groundwork for the other 

cults and heresies that began in the nineteenth century. 



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