The SpongeBob Movie : Sponge out of water

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The SpongeBob Movie : Sponge out of water

The year in which The SpongeBob Movie was released is 2015. The country of production is the United States. The director of the movie is Paul Tibbit. The stars of the movie are Antonio Banderas as burger-beard pirat, Tom Kenny as SpongeBob, Mr Lawrence as Plankton, Clancy Brown as Mr Krabs and Bill Fangebakke as Patrick.

The plot is amazing. It's about a pirate who obtaines a magical book that makes any text written come true. The book tells the story about SpongeBob who helps Mr Krabs guard the secret Krabby Patty formula from Plankton. The formula disappeared one day and everybody blamed Plankton although he promised he didn't do it. Only SpongeBob believed him so they went on an adventure to find the missing formula. As the plot goes on Sandy the squirel, Patrick star, Squidward and Mr Krabs join SpongeBob and Plankton. In the end they find out that the pirate stole the formula with his magical book. Together they defeated the pirate. The ending was the best. Everybody would expect them to be friends but after getting the formula back everything was like before the disappearance of the formula (Rivarly between Plankton and Mr Krabs).

I love this movie, firstly because of the atmosphere it brings. I felt happy and cheerful. Secondly, because of the suprising ending and thirdly because of the adventure that the main characters had. I selected this movie because that's a movie I thought nobody would write about and because I haven't laughed that much ever. Hope you all watch it, you won't regret it.

Yüklə 3,62 Kb.

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