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CV (2014)

Thorvald Gran

(26051943) Professor, Dr. philos Department of Administration and Organisation Theory

(IAO) University of Bergen Christies gt. 17 5007 Bergen Norway Telephone: +4755582190, Fax +4755589890 email:


Doctorate in Political Science, University of Bergen 1988. The State in the Moderization Process. The Case of Norway 1850-1970. Ad Notam 1994

Masters in Political Science with political history and social economics as supporting subjects, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo 1969. Thesis: Project Planning and Administrative Policy Making in FAO. Oslo 1968

One year Political Science Studies, University of Strasbourg 1968, French stipend

Cadet School, Medical Services, (no. 6 of 96) Norwegian Army 1962


2007: Professor, Department of Administration and Organisation Theory (IAO)

2004-2006. Head of program committee Social Science Bachelor Programme in global developments, University of Bergen

2002-2003 Co-facilitator of School of Government, UWC/University of Bergen, DAO Summer School (Politics, administration and trust relations in Africa)

1997-2000 Project leader (with Donald Chimanikire (Zimbabwe) and Francis Appiah (Ghana) of the comparative Admin Africa project.

2005---: Project leader ISMS project (Innovation systems in marine sectors in the north atlantic rim area)

1988-2007 Associate Professor, IAO, UiB

1989 Election supervisor, Namibia (for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry)

1993 Election supervisor, Cambodia (for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry)

1995-1996 Course manager NORAD Oslo, Course: Institutional Developments in the South

1993-1994 Associate Professor (20% position) District College, Vestfold, Norway

1992 Head of Department, IAO

1987 PHD political science, Associate professor, IAO

1979-1980 Senior Lecturer Institute of Development Studies, Morogoro Tanzania (for NORAD)

1961 Assistant to Chief Medical Officer, Katanga, UN peace keeping mission in the Congo

Research Projects

2005  Learning and innovation systems (LIS) in the marine sectors on the North Atlantic Rim (ISMS). Bergen, Reykjavik Aberdeen, St.Johns (Introductory book manuscript Innovation in organisations -2006) Financial support from Social Science Faculty, UiB, Dept. of Administration and Organisation Theory (IAO) and BTO (Bergen Knowledge Transfer Organisation). 15 masters completed (Nesje, Bjørkly, Langsholt, H.Hansen, M.Nilsen, F.Halhjem, K.Henriksen, C.Hauge, S. Fauskevåg, K.Segavåg, D.Appiah, I.Hansen, J. Rostad, H.Hammer, R.Rørvik, M.Benjaminson).

2006  From selective agreements to institutions. Book project with support from Fagbokforlaget (Knut Ebeltoft) in cooperation with professor John Searle and the Social Ontology Group, UC Berkeley. Working title: How we create the world. The relation between nature, collective intentions and freedom.

1996  Research methods in social science (book project, present draft 235 pages) for evaluation in Fagbokforlaget.

Completed research projects:

1999 - 2003 The Admin-South Africa Project. (ASA). Political authority and trust relations in South Africa, investigated within education, health and land reform. NUFU financing (18 Researchers, of these 7 Phd students). (15 million NOK). Article Liberation Regimes and Land Reform nn Africa. Land Politics Transcending Enmity in South Africa, Public Administration and Development, October 2007. Books: Askvik/Bak eds. Trust in public institutions in South Africa. Ashgate 2005. Gran (manuscript) Land is not a commodity. Land reform and trust in South Africa. IAO, UiB. A. Chikwanha and J. Goldin completed Phds within the natural resources group of ASA.

1996 - 2002 Admin-Africa project (AA). Network project on professionalism and good governance in African states. Cooperative, PhD focussed project. Project team: Mphaisha, Univ. of Western Cape, Chimanikire et. al. Univ. of Harare, Kamata, Univ. of Dar es Salaam, Appiah et al. Univ. of Ghana Accra. Gran University of Bergen. Financed by the Norwegian Research Council (Norwegian Researchers) and NUFU, (African researchers). 3 African 1 Norwegian PhDs completed (Nazeem SA, Zhou ZIM, Kamata, Tanzania. Michelsen Norway). Book: Appiah, Chiminaikire, Gran (eds) Professionalism in African States. Abstract, Liber and Copenhagen Business Publishers 2004

1985 - 1994. PHD project: The State in the Modernisation Process. Norway 1850-1970. NFR financed. Completed 1986-1987 with Charles Tilly at the New School for Social Research and Knut Dahl Jacobsen, IAO, University of Bergen, as supervisors. Thesis (revised) published as book: ad Notam, Gyldendal, Oslo. 1994.

1980 – 1993 The effect of development aid on state formation in Tanzania. NORAD’s major projects in Tanzania in the 1980’s. NFR/NORAD financing. Book published on Dar es Salaam University Press, 1993. Articles: Aid and Entrepreneurship in Tanzania. ) The dilemma between Mobilization and Control in International Aid. The Case of the Sao Hill Sawmill Project in Tanzania, Public Administration and Development, vol 11, no.2, March-April 1991). Handlingsmodeller og forvaltningsmakt i norsk bistand til Tanzania. Tidsskrift for Samfunnsforskning, 1985 b.26, 347-378 (31)

Visiting Researcher

Department of Philosophy, UC Berkeley October-November 2007

Watson Institute, Brown University, Providence NY (March-April 2002)

PLAAS, University of Western Cape 2005, 2000 and 1997

University of Litauen, Vilnius 1993

New School for Social Research, New York 1985-1986 and 1993

1990-1991 Institute for Development Management (IDM), Morogoro Tanzania

1993 Institute for Technology and Society, Aalborg University, Denmark

1985 Fudan University, Shanghai (UiB delegation)

PHD supervisions

Francis Appiah (IAO/Univ. of Legon/Ghana, completed) (AA)

(the late) Gunnar Guddal Michelsen (IAO) (ASA) (completed)

Nazeem Ismail (completed UWC, South Africa.

Annie Dzenga Chikwanha (UiB/Univ. of Zimbabwe) (ASA) completed

Jaqui Goldin (UCT) (ASA) completed

Ngwenza Kamata (University of Dar es Salaam) (ASA) completed

Gideon Zhou (University of Zimbabwe) completed
Select publications

2014 Talehandlinger som inntak til organisasjonsmakt. Norsk Statsvitenskapelig Tidsskrift, nr. 1 19 sider.,

Retten som teater. Kronikk. Bergens tidende. Onsdag 9. april.

Organizational analysis: the generative speech act model. Paper, til WINIR konferansen I London, September.

2013 Organisasjonsanalyse. En modell for forskning på organisasjoner I demokratiske samfunn – med autonom kapitalproduserende økonomi. Manus 198 sider. Sendt Fagbokforlaget/Routledge Publishers.

John Searle om institusjoner, politisk makt og voldsmakt. Norsk Statsvitenskapelig Tidsskrift nr. 3 11 sider.

2012 Vitenskap i praksis. Metoder i forsking på harde og sosiale fakta. 250s Abstrakt Forlag

2011 John Searle on the concept of political power, the power of states and war-making. Journal of Institutional Economics no 2.

The agonistic movement towards high modernity and the power of democracy in Norwegian fisheries. The regulation regimes in Norwegian salt water fisheries 1900 – 2010. Between wealth creation and risk of stock depletions Draft 18 April

2009 Land politics in the new state organisation in South Africa. Development Southern Africa, March.

2007 Liberation regimes and land reform in Africa. Land politics transcending enmity in South Africa. Public Administration and Development

2006 Land is not a commodity! Land politics, trust and land reform in South Africa. manuscript IAO, UiB. 190 sider

1994 The State in the Moderization Process. The Case of Norway 1850-1970. Ad Notam

1993 Aid and entrepreneurship in Tanzania. University of Dar es Salaam Publishers.

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