Titan project Proposal Form

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An Interdisciplinary Institute of the Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences

and the Collins College of Business: School of Nursing

TITAN Project Proposal Form

In order to ensure that all TITAN projects meet the mission and values of TITAN, the Co-Directors developed the following questions. If you would like your project to be considered as a potential TITAN project, please complete the following form and return to Dr. Davis. The Co-Directors will consider new proposals at their monthly meetings.


Professor/Graduate Student/Undergraduate Student


Working Project Title:

1rectangle 3rectangle 3. Is the project interdisciplinary? Yes No

If yes: What disciplines will be involved?

If yes: Who are the researchers, faculty members, or students involved?

rectangle 4rectangle 5If no: Can you make the project interdisciplinary? Yes No

If yes: How so?

2rectangle 8rectangle 7. Does the project connect with the TITAN mission? Yes No

Our Mission: We are an interdisciplinary research institute that brings together scholars, scientists, professionals, and students. We strive to be a center for foundational knowledge about trauma and adversity that is informed by diverse perspectives. We conduct and support scholarship and research, and we facilitate innovative exchanges across disciplines. We disseminate knowledge through publication, education, training, and consultation. We impact students, scholars, law and policy makers, and practitioners.

If yes, how so?

3. Does the project support TITAN’s core areas?

Irectangle 9rectangle 10rectangle 11rectangle 12nterventions Collective Trauma Occupational Health& Trauma No

If yes: Briefly describe how it fits under that area:

4. Provide a general timeline of the project (When can it start? How long data collection should take? Etc.):

5rectangle 13rectangle 14. Are there resources for this project? Yes No

Describe funding needs:

Describe time needed of those involved:

6rectangle 15rectangle 17. What product will result? (Check all that apply)

Profit Education

rectangle 16rectangle 18 Publication(s) Community Benefit

7. What are you requesting from TITAN?

rectangle 15rectangle 15Funding Supervision

rectangle 15rectangle 15Student help Approval

rectangle 15rectangle 15Community resources collaborations Other

8. Additional information to be considered:

_______________________________ ____________________

Research Assistant: Date:
_______________________________ ____________________

Principal Investigator: [PI] Date:

_______________________________ ____________________

TITAN Co-Director: Date:

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