Tommy bahama announces the top 20 finalists in the tommy bahama rumologist™ search

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Online Public Voting Goes Live at on August 30th

SEATTLE (Aug. 2011) – Since Tommy Bahama’s announcement of the first-ever Tommy Bahama Rumologist™ Search, the Tommy Bahama Rumologist application page ( has been flooded with thousands of fans and would-be Rumologists seeking to learn more about the contest, with many hoping to someday hold this coveted title! Today, Tommy Bahama is excited to announce the Top 20 contestants from across the country, each of whom is now one step closer to becoming the First Ever Tommy Bahama Rumologist!
The Top 20 Tommy Bahama Rumologist Contestants are as follows (in no particular order).

1. Matthew Robold

Orange, CA

2. Carlton Grooms

Osprey, FL

3. Luis Ayala

Round Rock, TX

4. Brice Ginardi

Kailua Kona, HI

5. Phil Thompson

Los Angeles, CA

6. Robert Rimavicus

Pompano Beach, FL

7. Scott Siegel

Ormond Beach, FL

8. Kathy Casey

Seattle, WA

9. J.R. Starkus

Las Vegas, NV

10. Jack Terry

Key West, FL

11. Gene Thompson

Albuquerque, NM

12. Jeremy Votava

Chico, CA

13. David “Rum Numb Davey" Johnson

Tempe, AZ

14. Nicholas Pilavakis

Colonia, NJ

15. Adam Kanter

Sicklerville, NJ

16. Adam Stone

Sparks, NV

17. David Phillips

Tempe, AZ

18. Doug Smith

Chuluota, FL

19. Joshua Hein

Corona Del Mar, CA

20. Jessica Fesler

Las Vegas, NV

Links to the submission videos can be found at:

From August 30, 2011 through September 8, 2011, the public will have an opportunity to help in choosing the first Tommy Bahama Rumologist by voting for their favorite Rumologist contestant online at . After tabulating the votes and the combined scores from the judging panel, the Top 10 Finalists will be announced on or around September 12, 2011. Each of the contestants will then be invited to participate in the next round, which will involve submitting both a new video and a new personal statement.

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