Tornado Sheltering Procedure

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Tornado Sheltering Procedure

The Midwestern University Safety Team has prepared a list of locations to seek shelter in the event a tornado warning is issued for our area. The Village of Downers Grove will sound the warning siren. The emergency notification system will announce the warning in all buildings. Please see below the buildings and locations to seek shelter.

  • Haspel/Hambrick - Lower Level Interior Hallway

  • Science Hall – Lower Level away from windows center core of building

  • The Commons – Recreation Area Lower Level

  • Alumni Hall – Lower Levels East and West Side Lobbies by Skills Lab

  • Centennial Hall – South hallway Lower Level

  • Redwood – Lower Level

  • Littlejohn Hall –

Lecture Halls – Front Stage Area

Library – Lower Level Restrooms, Copy Room Area

  • Administration – Restroom

  • Fitness Center – Locker rooms

Sheltering Tips:

  1. Use common sense. Be aware of your surroundings. When weather conditions start to develop, listen to a television, radio, or weather radio for information.

  2. Stay away from windows, display cases, door side lights and doors that swing.

  3. Avoid locations where roofs are likely to be blown off.

  4. Avoid corridors with direct exits that may become wind tunnels.

  5. Avoid portions of the building with load bearing walls. If these types of walls collapse, the roof will cave in with them.

  6. Avoid spaces opposite doorways or openings into rooms that have windows or exterior walls.

  7. Avoid interior locations with skylights or ceiling openings.

  8. Avoid spaces within the falling radius of higher building objects such as chimneys, etc.

Protection Checklist

Inside – Best Areas

  • basements

  • small interior rooms with no windows

  • locker rooms or bathrooms

  • hallways away from doors and windows and not open to direction of the tornado

  • rooms constructed of reinforced concrete, brick with no windows and a heavy concrete floor or roof system overhead

  • any protected area away from doors or windows

Inside – Worst Areas

  • gymnasiums and auditoriums

  • hallways exposed to direction of tornado

  • rooms with large windows and doors

  • rooms near chimneys or other large obstructions

Outside – Best Areas

  • ditch, gully, culvert or low spot in the ground

Outside – Worst Areas

  • in or under a vehicle

  • mobile homes or trailers

  • trees or groves of trees

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