Tsunami in French Polynesia : generalities

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Tsunami in French Polynesia : generalities

The 20th century’s most dangerous tsunami in Polynesia (with amplitudes exceeding 2 m in French Polynesia)

Hiva Oa (Marquesas) : the Chilean tsunami on July 30th 1995 (mag 8.0)

Propagation time from main subduction zones to French Polynesia

The tsunami warning plan The role of the High-commissioner :

  • He is the represantative of the French Government

  • He is the authority in charge of the activation of the plan and the relief and emergency coordination.

  • The activation of the whole, or a part, of the Plan is decided by the High-commissioner on the basis of the observations and recommendations submitted by the LDG.

  • This Plan must be continued by local communities.

The tsunami warning plan: the role of the Mayor

  • In accordance with the District Code, the mayor is in charge of anticipating, and providing all necessary assistance:

  • He is in charge of the information of all inhabitants in his district.

  • Each mayor ensures that population has taken all useful precautions for its security

The tsunami warning plan: Alert levels

The new tsunami warning system the scattering of the communities on 5 million kilometer square

The new tsunami warning system

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