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Email address: tuba.turan@kemerburgaz.edu.tr


2008 – 2013 PhD, University of Essex, School of Law

Thesis entitled “Positive Peace in Theory and Practice”

2004 – 2005 LLM (Master of Laws) in International Law with International Relations, University of Kent at Canterbury

Thesis entitled “A Moral International Legal Theory in the Context of Humanitarian and Pro-Democratic Interventions”; received distinction
1997 – 2001 BA in International Relations, Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics

Work Experience:

30.09.2015 – Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, International Relations Department. Undergraduate Courses: LAW 273&274 - Public International Law; IR402 - Diplomacy and Strategic Thinking; LAW474 - Fundamentals of Public International Law

01.08.2010 – 01.02.2013 University of Essex, School of Law, GTA and Human Rights LLMs Course Coordinator

06.07.2006 – 12.09.2008 The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) EU Framework Programmes Department; Junior Scientific Officer and National Contact Point for the Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities (SSH) and Science and Society (SiS) Themes since July 2007.

16.05.2002 -14.03.2003 The Office of the Prime Ministry, Directorate General of Press and Information, News Department; Translator
16.09.2002 - 20.11.2002 Deputy Prime Minister’s Office; Translator and Assistant of the Principal Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister

Training Courses and Internships:

2013 Mediation Master Class, The Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, University of Essex, 30 April – 1 May

2012 Understanding the Economic and Social Dimensions of Transitional Justice, Transitional Justice Summer School, University of Essex, 10 – 12 September
2002 Ankara University European Research Center, Advanced Training Course on the EU and International Affairs, March – June 2002

Peer-Reviewed Publications:
Turan, Tuba, Positive Peace in Theory and Practice: Strengthening The United Nations’s Pre-Conflict Prevention Role (Boston/Leiden: Brill Nijhoff, 2015); Foreword by Johan Galtung
Turan, Tuba, “War on Terror in the US and UK: An Evaluation with Regard to Civil Liberties”, UHP (Review of International Law & Politics) 7/2 (2006), 111-126. (Also published in
Turan, Tuba, “War on Terror in the US and UK: An Evaluation with Regard to Civil Liberties”, the USAK Yearbook of International Politics and Law 1 (2008), pp. 31-50
Managed the following EU Framework Programmes projects (FP6 and FP7) at TUBITAK: ESSHRA (acted as the coordinator of the project); Think & Act (partner); EUROSIS (deputy coordinator), NET4SOCIETY (partner and work package leader) and EU AGRI MAPPING (partner)

Research Interests:
The nature and viability of positive peace; pre-conflict prevention and peacebuilding; conflict transformation and reconciliation; transitional/transformative justice; deliberative democracy theory; UN system; jus ad bellum and non-state actors.

Conference Presentations:
4-5 April 2014 Paper entitled “Positive Peace in Theory and Practice” presented at the Wisconsin International Law Journal Annual Symposium on the “Creation of International Law: Exploring the International Law Components of Peace”
University of Essex Postgraduate Research Scholarship for the PhD study

Voluntary Work:
February - April 2009 Children’s Legal Centre, University of Essex. The project involved the translation of the flyers and webpages on the rights of children in the UK into Turkish language

Language Skills:

Turkish (native); English (fluent); German (fluent)

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