Tzar Yuri Yuri Lomatov Yu. V. Lomatov, 2013 Царь Юрий Юрий Ломатов Ю. В. Ломатов, 2013

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Tzar Yuri

Yuri Lomatov

© Yu. V. Lomatov, 2013
Царь Юрий

Юрий Ломатов

© Ю. В. Ломатов, 2013

Henry II response to Michel Nostradamus

Through Centuries and Years I write the answer to You,

What I beheld in your Quatrain now I will tell You.
I’ve just read your famous Quatrains visible to Everyone.

And have no problem in recognizing Myself in them.

You called Me differently. And I first noticed the Mountain,

Because it is very clear, because it is the Mountain.

You can call Me a Ploughmen, a translator will Vowels change

But my Initials coincide with the Tzar of the Beast ones.

The Quatrain, where You Russian were, precisely Our Name were given

I’ve also translated Mine and received the same thing in the end.
The Quatrain about Thursday is well-done, many guessed it,

We thought it is about religion and didn’t take numbers into account,

But I immediately saw my birthday in it,

The only Thursday in that year – Century Date.

For a long time people hadn’t known that the first degree of my house was a horizontal line,

And thought it was a vertical one.

The Second Degree – its double task I solved quickly

I took two Digit similar quatrain and combined them.

First quatrain of My Countryman because of whom the World has changed,

And Second of Black Tartary where He and I was born.

Third Degree - Merry Degree, for it I even extended my verse

I love it now as well as my father and grandfather used to love.

My main numbers and letters are over, but there are other numbers and words

Which I see clearly and which concern me greatly.



According to the prophecies I am a Tzar

January 4, 2011 I decided to know what astrologers promised us in the new 2011. Having read about the Year of the Rabbit a bit, I went on Nostradamus, and then on his predictions for 2011.

Nostradamus’ prediction for 2011
What opened to the World is Heaven Flowers,

And there is no need to die,

What was hidden – will be clear now,

Prophets come when it becomes dangerous.

The Victory of Prophesicies saves the Earth,

And the Heir’s word will shake the whole world,

He is the Chief Judge, He will not deceive people,

And the book of the deceased (Nostr.) will be completed.

Success is in reading hidden, the content is disclosed?

We saw in the book what was hidden -

The Son of the Prophet data,

So he wasn’t traced before term.

Vestals are guarding, the war freezes

Dame merger conquers all woes,

The End and the Beginning, Oracle is ennobled,

And now we hear his voice from the past.

Honestly I was not interested in the words of the Prophet’s Son data at that time, and I tried to search for another theme "Who will be the president of Russia in 2012." Digging in this theme a bit, I came to the prophecies, by the way, there were a decent amount of them, and almost all came to the fact that everything will be great rather than good in Russia, and they all say that Russia will be ruled by a Tzar.

I was interested in Tzar’s much more than the issue of "who will be our president," and I began to search for the "Tzar’s theme" and again came to Nostradamus.

I found out (I didn’t know before) Nostradamus wrote and encrypted about 1000 quatrains, he also wrote a letter to Henry II. According to the decoders he wrote his quatrains and the letter to Henry II for the future generations, to be more precise to us, our contemporaries and the future Tzar.

Looking through the quatrains (Nostradamus’ stanza consisting of four lines) I was interested in the fact that a name Jura sometimes appears in the quatrains, and usually has a prefix mountain, but this four letters - Jura have a different meaning for me, it is my name. In general, everything began at this point…

I fully realized that Jura Mountains exist, but I was already unstoppable. I began to dig or precisely look for some matches with me. It was not necessary to look for long.

Decoders single out some out of 1000 Nostradamus’ quatrains which are associated with the person of our time whom Nostradamus wrote. One of the most famous and dedicated quatrains is the quatrain about Thursday.

The earth and air will freeze such great water 
When they come to venerate Thursday: 
That which will be never was it so beautiful, 
From the four parts they will come to honor it."

(Quatrain 10:71)

Looking at it, I saw the match of quatrain number 10.71 with the date of my birth June 10, 1971. As we saw in quatrain the matter is about Thursday, and I knew from my childhood that I was born on Thursday, so I did not need to know what day I was born.
I was surprised and pleased with the fact that there is no another Thursday with the date 10 in 1971. There is only one Thursday – June 10, Thursday. For reference there were 3 Thursdays with the date 10 in 2011: February 10, March 10 and November, 10.
As I personally consider one match in the date of birth too little, I plunged into the Internet again and found more or less decent match. It turns out a year began in March in the past and quatrain about 10.71 Thursday (figure 4) also came to my date of birth at that time too. I didn’t like the second match and I continued my search. Looking ahead I would like to say I found the match that suited me on May 28 when the answer to Nostradamus was published in LJ.
So, as I’ve said, Nostradamus wrote a letter to the future to Henry II and signed it the date of June 27, 1558.

He could sign it, for example, 06/27/1558, but he had done it just as he did, designating June.

This date June 27, 1558 is the second, but who liked the match about the change of the beginning of the year, the third one.
So if we take the date - June 27, 1588, and sum up all the numbers 2 +7+1+5 +5 +8 = 28, 2 +8 = 10, we get June 10, if we sum up the numbers of the date of my birth June 10, 1971, we also get June, 10. (1 +0 +1 +9 +7 +1 = 19, 1 +9 = 10) This match I liked more, and I stopped looking for another matches to my birthday.

So, I detected everything about date and began searching for another matches.

Nostradamus often called Henry II a Lion. My initials ЛЮВ (LJV) is rather similar to Lion, but it was not enough for me as usual and I found how to turn Ю ((J)U) into E, ​​as they say it will go without a hitch.

The simplest explanation for this is that the name Jury and Egor is one and the same name.

‘It is not enough’, I’ve said to myself and continued my search, I found another way how to turn Ю ((J)U) into E very quickly.

In an online translator Ю ((J)U) is translated as E from Russian into French. I liked this idea and stopped further search by the name. I thought it would be enough, particularly if we remember Jura Mountains.

I almost forgot to mention about an interesting moment. Being in search of matches I began to read quatrains superficially without even going into the essence, searching only for signs for myself funny incident happened with me. The situation is the following.
In blogs I found information that decoders gave the last name Mother of God to Nostradamus, but I’ve read this information superficially without even going into the essence and for some reasons decided hastily that Nostradamus quatrain refers to the last name of Henry II and this name is Mother of God. I did’t understand this and rushed to translate my last name and translated it two different ways as usual. Of course, I was pleased with myself because I’ve quickly translated my last name as it was necessary, but having read it one more time I realized that it was the last name of Nostradamus translated as Mother of God. I burst out laughing. But the translation of my last name the same way boosted my confidence and I knew I was on the right direction.
So, we go on. Finding a match in the date of my birth, name, full name, and last name (here you know, I overdid it) I must find only a match to the place of my birth.
The case with my birthplace was as easy as falling off a log. There are words in Nostradamus’ quatrain which say about 48th degree, he repeated it several times. Decoders have concluded that Nostradamus publicly said about it for some reasons, the man will be born on that 48th degree. Note, it’s not me who decided it but decoders who know it like the palm of Nostradamus' hand. Looking at Wikipedia I’ve learnt that the city of Ulyanovsk where I was born is at the intersection of 48 and 54 degrees.
So, the first coordinate is 48 degrees, it is necessary to explain the second coordinate - 54 degrees and everything will be all right.

Without thinking twice I filled in a search engine "54 degrees Nostradamus quatrain," runsuck the topic a bit and found 54 quatrain, which decoders referred to Henry II.
From the Pont Euxine and great Tartary 
A Tzar will be who will come to see Gaul 
To transpierce Alane and Armenia 
And within Bysantium he will leave his rod.

(Quatrain 5:54)

Then I began to look for a confirmation of 54 degrees, so that there will be two of them. It was my countryman Vladimir Lenin who helped me. Nostradamus wrote a quatrain about him.
Two revolutions will be made by the Grim-Reaper,

Making a change of reign and centuries:

The mobile sign thus moves into his house,

Equal in favor to both sides (unbiased)

(Quatrain 1:54)
As we see it has the number - 54. Having compared these two quatrains, I calmed down and decided it’s enough.

Everything coincided: Name, Initials, Last name, Date and Place of birth.

In addition to these matches, I call them principal, in Nostradamus I found others, but I won’t describe them because there are no numbers, but now people believe more in numbers than in words.

In conclusion, I want to add the matches are found not only in Nostradamus, but also in other books. The most striking example is the Old Testament (10 Kathisma Psalm 71).

June 30, 2011


The USSR is a Prayer, the RSFSR is a Prophecy

It is devoted to you my dear USSR.

It’s amazing when the CIS was formed, people immediately create transcript of CIS as Hitler’s Hope came true, and since the formation of the Soviet Union, and 20 years after its collapse for nearly a century nobody could decipher and understand the meaning of two abbreviations of the USSR and the RSFSR. Of course, people are transcribed these names, but completely different ...

It’s amazing that the founders of the USSR called it only this way. They according to historians were atheists. These atheists named the country the USSR. This abbreviation might stand for prayer.
We all know that the USSR stands for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but we can decipher it the following way - Save Sacred Russia, and this is nothing but prayer.

It’s amazing that those atheists left prophecy in the name of the largest republic of the Soviet Union RSFSR.

The RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) can be interpreted as a Soviet Russia Final Sacred Russia.

If we put aside the skepticism, we can say there is a prophecy in this name of the country: Soviet Russia - Final - Sacred Russia, and this prophecy were double confirmed.

The first evidence is that Soviet Russia was but doesn’t exist now.

The second is that we live in Russia (the Russian Federation) or Russia Final. And to be more precise and look at the prophecy, now it is not Russia Final, but just Final.

It’s not worth weeping and mourning as we all see what it all will come to.

The country will be called as a prayer - Save Sacred Russia or abbreviated to Sacred Russia, and it will have its own Hymn-Prayer.

God save the Tzar!

(the name of the Tzar on the passport) of ours

(the name of the Tzar of Baptism) of yours

Does save him, God.

But the most surprising for me is that neither the Communist Party nor the Church speak about this, but I say.
September 13, 2011


Russian chosen by God by His Name

Many wrote that Russian is chosen by God, but I’ll try to prove it in this article.

In the Bible, in the New Testament, there are the following words:

‘I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, saith

the Lord God, who is, and who was, and who is to come,

the Almighty.’

On the basis of these words will be my proof.

For a person with one of the most important words in his life is his name. A person's name is always with him, whoever he was, wherever he was.

My proof will be based on these words.

One of the most important words in person’s life is his Name. The Name is always with him, whoever he is, wherever he is.

Most of Russian names came from other countries and even other languages. For example, the name Valerie came from Latin, Zoe (which means life) came from ancient Greek ......

..... If you look at all Russian names you will notice that all of them came from other countries, and by means of the Russian language and thought they were converted to similar formula names. For example: the name Vasily was turned into Vasia, Anastasia – into Nastya. It should be noted that Slavic names are also convertible, Vladimir - Vova.

I think it’s not necessary to stop on this point, it’s too simple. Let’s move on….
... So we can state the fact that the name Sasha, Gena or Masha are exactly Russian names, or to be precisely the names which were created by Russian.
.... Firstly I should mention that Russian names have the ending A or Ya, for example, Petya, Katya, Vanya, Manya, Dasha, Vitya, Dima, and so on .....

..... It should also be mentioned that the formation of female names from male in Russian is also simply conducted, by addition to a male name either the letter A or the letter Ya.

For example: Alexander - AlexandrA, Valerie -Valeriya,

and vice versa we can make a male name from a female by removal of the letters

For example: Victoriya - Victor.
Secondly, in Russian names the ending of one name can be changed from A to Ya and vice versa.

For example: Sasha - Sanya, Valya - Valentina, Zina - Zinulya and so on.

So we have two formulas of a Russian name and they both are associated with letters A and Ya.

The first: a Russian name ends on A or Ya.

The second: the ending of a Russian name can be changed from A to Ya and vice versa.

..... A and Ya are the letters of the Russian alphabet: A is the first letter and Ya – the last.

Having compared the words from the Bible, "I am the Alpha and the Omega" and Russian names end on A or Ya, and their ability to exchange, we concluded that there are God ‘s words in Russian names. It has confirmed that Russian people are chosen by God.
September 20, 2011


God’s numbers are found

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

The Bible, The New Testament, "The Gospel of John"

So, in the Russian language, the word GOD (БОГ) is written that way, or in words like that Бог

If you take the word БОГ and turn the letter Г, then we have a number 601

The word Бог written in words clearly shows the number 602

It is so simple to check whether the numbers belong to God.
CHRISTmas celebrations in Russia begin from the night from January, 6 (6.01) to January, 7 (7.01) and this is the fact.

(A turning letter Г may be number 7, which proves that it is a God’s number.)

..... Knowing this technique of the turning a letter or a number, let’s apply it to the second number of the word Бо2 602 and we will get 605. Let’s add up all the digits of these two numbers 602 and 605 derived from the word Бo2 and we will get the following results 6 +6 +0 +0 +2 +5 = 19.
Do the same thing with the numbers 601 and 607 derived from the word БОГ (capital letters). 6+0+1+6+0+7 we get the number 20.

Figures 19 and 20 are the centuries, let’s check.

.... from the last letter-figure of the word God (in words), we get the number 25, and indeed in the 19th century Russian CHRISTmas was celebrated on the 25th and it is the fact.

And in the 20th century - Russian CHRISTmas celebrations began on the night from 6 to 7 of January and it is also the fact.

.... So, we have several numbers that God involved.


numbers 4, 3, 8 are left
Let’s decode them, what words these figures were alike.

4 (Man) 3 (it, know) 8 (Infinity, God)

Using the Cyrillic

4 - numeric value of letter Д (D) (добро - good).

3 - numeric value of letter Г (G) (глаголь - say)

8 – numeric value of letter И (I) (иже - ilk), which translates as which (who).

Joining these two sentences, we will get.

A Man Who Says Goodness Is Infinity.

..... Let’s take the God’s number 601.Be ready, soon you will see God and then smile, as he is good at joking.

If you sit at your computer, just keyboard these numbers having clicked on the Shift, what you got.

Exactly! a Smiley with an exclamation mark.

Now let’s talk about the word Smiley. The word Smile came from the English language and we turned it into the word Smiley. Let’s divide this word, we will get the following S Mi Ley. (S is translated from Russian into English as ‘from’ and Ley or Lick – as ‘face’. We read here the following phrase ‘From My Face’ (this is also the words of God) .....

..... In Russian layout is one more confirmation of the fact that it is He who speaks to us.

Find the letter Б on your keyboard and the letter Ю.

Letter Б is 6, the letter Ю - 10 (if you turn it 01), as we see they are also God’s numbers.

So, switch on the English layout and click on the Б - Ю - Б, we get - <>< It is a fish. Click on Ю - Б – Ю and a fish looks at another direction ><>

Fish is a sign of CHRISTianity, and it is a historical fact.

Also I would like to mention ... that clicTzar only on Б and Ю (which is the God’s numbers) we get a fish with two heads <>, it is very similar to the State Emblem of Russia.

Then ... A fish with two heads <> is a direction sign.

If you click on ... Ю – Б we get the Cross ><

..... if we press the God’s numbers we see His face, Fish, Direction sign and Cross which prove us that these are exactly the God’s numbers.

It’s also interesting that the man who wrote this article was born June, 6.

September 25, 2011


The Cathedral of CHRIST the Saviour (decoding of the name)

Dedicated to all skeptics.

If you take the initials of The Cathedral of CHRIST the Saviour (in Russian) – ХХС (Храм Христа Спасителя), and transfer it in Roman numerals you will get the number 80.

8 is infinity, 0 is the beginning. Joining these words, we get the phrase "I am the beginning and the end."

If you take the ХХС and subsequently replaced it by Roman numerals, you get the number 1010100.

1010100 in the binary system is equal to 84.
The numbers decoded by me earlier give us the phrase "God and Man."

Here 8 is God, and 4 is a Man.

Then the number 8 in the Cyrillic alphabet has a numeric value of the letter I (ilk).

Number 4 in the Cyrillic alphabet has a numeric value of the letter D (Good).

We get the phrase "Of good ilk" (Иже добро)

Finally, we state the fact that after a simple interpretation, we have three phrases encoded in the name of CHRIST the Savior:

"I am the beginning and the end"

"God and Man"

"Of good ilk "
My congratulations!
November 25, 2011


Nostradamus about the meeting on Bolotnaya Square

Solar and lunar eclipses have always been considered special heavenly signs, Nostradamus wrote his quatrains, knowing it.

December, 10 total lunar eclipse will occur, that is why I decided to find these quatrains and inform you.

I shouldn’t search for a long, it is quatrains 11 and 12 of tenth Century. They duplicate the date of the meeting c.10 q.11 (day / year) c.10 q.12 (day / month)


At the dangerous passage below Junquera,

The posthumous one will have his band cross:
To pass the Pyrenees mountains without his baggage,
From Perpignan the duke will hasten to Tende.

Elected Pope, as elected he will be mocked,

Suddenly unexpectedly moved prompt and timid:
Through too much goodness and kindness provoked to die,
Fear extinguished guides the night of his death.
Let's have a good look at them.

Apparently, quatrains added each other and tell us:

1. The place of the meeting - Bolotnaya Square.

"At the dangerous passage below Junquera"

2. The topic of the meeting - dissatisfaction with the election.

"Elected Pope, as elected he will be mocked"

3. Those who will be there - mostly young people.

"The posthumous one will have his band cross"

4. The mood of protesters.

"Suddenly unexpectedly moved prompt and timid"

Out of the eight lines of two quatrains we can easily deciphered the first two lines of each quatrain. Four lines is exactly the half, but it is impossible to confirm the second half at the moment, because the event has not happened yet. One can only suppose what will happen.

December 9, 2011


Pyramid of Russian Tzars was found in the Kremlin

If you want to hide something - put it in a prominent place (folk wisdom).

Instead of introduction.

Here is a picture of the Kremlin and Red Square from the satellite, as we can see two buildings in the Kremlin are the two parts of the pyramid.

Here are the parts.
The first part - the building of the Senate (the upper part of the pyramid)

The second part - it's the Arsenal (the base of the pyramid)

This is how two pieces look together.

I decided to call this pyramid the Pyramid of Russian Tzars as it was built by Russian Tzars.

The main stages of the construction of the Pyramid of Russian Tzars.

In 1156, Prince Yuri Dolgoruky planned the construction of a fortress on Borovitsky Hill, but in 1157 he died, and his work was continued by his son, Prince Vladimir, Andrew Bogolyubsky. The fortress built according to his farther order is a triangle.

In 1485-95, at the time of Ivan III, the Kremlin buildings are rebuilt, and they took the form preserved to this day. The angle of the Kremlin where PCR is situated was saved.

In 1702, by the order of Tzar Peter I the construction of the Arsenal was BEGINNINGed (base of PRT)

In 1776, by order of Empress Catherine II the construction of buildings of the Senate was ended (the upper part of the PRT).

In 1787, the construction of the Pyramids Russian Tzars had been completed.

Now let’s have a good look at this pyramid.

Today we have a pyramid with two directions of vectors.

The base vector of the pyramid (the Arsenal) accurately indicates the Kremlin's Spassky Tower, and the top vector (the Senate building) refers to a place of execution.

Three points, namely, St. Basil's Cathedral, the place of execution and Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin give us another pyramid, the Pyramid of the Russian spirit, as I decided to call it.

Then have a good look at the old Kremlin's plan, here you can find another pyramid, which is projected by the top of the pyramid. The points of the pyramid is a monument to Minin and Pozharsky, a place of execution and the Senate building.

This pyramid, I decided to call the Pyramid of Saint George.

Initially, instead of a flag on the Senate was a bronze monument of Saint George.

On a modern map Pyramid of St. George looks like this, and as we can see, the place for the monument to Minin and Pozharsky was chosen by chance in 1818.

The fact that the Russian Pyramid Tzars made ​​consciously, and is not a coincidence, and it has vectors and projects other pyramids, because of the fact from history that during the construction of the Senate building the place of execution (point of the upper PCR vector direction) was shifted east from the original location. Also tells us about it the fact that when a place of execution was rebuild it had 11 degrees, which corresponds to the 11 domes of St. Basil's Cathedral.
Now this historical fact tells us that several generations of Russian Tzars were building this pyramid, and no one knew about it.


The fact that it was I who saw this pyramid says that I am the Tzar who comes from the prophecies, because no one of millions of people who live and lived, did not open this secret for more than eight and a half centuries, although as you can see now everything is quite simple.


December 18, 2011


The Pyramid of Lenin-Stalin is found

Many wrote that Lenin's Mausoleum is a pyramid and everything about this fact was told, described and compared, but no one was able to explain more or less clearly why one of the corners of the Mausoleum cut down, and looks like this.

By the way I want to notice that this angle is duplicated.

So, I won’t beat around the bush, this angle is the top of the pyramid of Lenin-Stalin.

This pyramid consists of two pyramids.

Points of the first pyramid of Lenin-Stalin are the following: a flagpole at building number 14, an angle of the Mausoleum and the monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

Points of the second pyramid of Lenin-Stalin: point-square on the roof of building number 14, the angle of the Mausoleum and the place of execution .

Both of these pyramids have the vector which passes through the Kremlin's Spassky Tower.

The fact that the pyramid of Lenin Stalin was built consciously, we have a historical fact of moving the monument to Minin and Pozharsky on the new location. According to the official version the monument was considered a hindrance to the demonstrations and parades of military equipment and so it was moved to the Cathedral of St. Basil.

This fact also confirmed by a construction of building number 14 (the first building constructed in the Kremlin after 1917) which has two points of Pyramid of Lenin Stalin.

Stages of the Pyramid of Lenin Stalin construction.

1924 construction of the first wooden Mausoleum.

1929 demolition of Chudov Monastery, Ascension Convent and Small Nicholas Palace.

1929-1930 construction of a modern Mausoleum.

1931 a transfer of the monument to Minin and Pozharsky to another place near HOLYBasil's Cathedral.

1932-1934 construction of the building number 14.

Finally, there is an interesting fact.

I saw this pyramid on December 21 (Stalin’s birthday), but before I had all the Kremlin and Red Square measured.

December 22, 2011


Catherine II riddles are solved

It is dedicated to the cities of my childhood.

Riddle number 1

Those days when Catherine II governed, the city SiNbirsk was renamed into SiMbirsk I want to mention it was renaming itself but only a changing of a letter in the name of the city, the letter N was changed into M.

I have not found any documents and even articles about the renaming. Historians say that firstly the city was Sinbirsk, and then Simbirsk, and they have no more information .....

So, only one letter was changed. The question is: what for?

I had an interest in it and began to decoding.

It did not take long to guess, using only one "tool" I quickly found a clue. Everything was very simple.

So, when we write the name in Latin letters, we get SINBIRSK .....

Let’s digress from it a bit, turn to the present, and talk about names of the blogs.

Of the variety blogs names, written in Latin, it is easy to read some of them in Russian: pycckue, cyxymu, cyxapu, mypucm, cmapuk and so on. We understand that the word is written in Latin, but subconsciously read it in Russian.

The same thing happened those days. It's not a secret that Catherine II was German and knew German, English, and French. Having seen the city SINBIRSK on the map (maps were printed then not only in Russian) she read the name of my town as a sin-Birsk ....
In German, English and French the word SIN means transgression of divine law .....

Realizing that Tzars from neighboring countries will read a map and see the city of sin-Birsk, the Queen decided to rename the town.

Long or short thought the Queen, but she coped with the problem adequately.

And now we have a SIM-Birsk or in translation, I-Birsk. SIM means I in Latin.

Riddle number 2

There is a city Dimitrovgrad in Ulyanovsk region. I used to go there when I was a child.

Formerly Dimitrovgrad called MELEKESS. There is a legend in the city that it was Catherine II who gave the city "piquant " name. If you read the name of the city inside out, we can get the word SEKELEM.
This legend came to the Internet in the following form:

"In the reign of Catherine the Great, merchants went to her with a petition, beat their brows and asked to give them an approval for the construction of the city and naming it. And she was either out of spirits or had a hangover, so the Tzar's mouth uttered: - It’s all the same for me. Name it Sekelem. Merchants daren’t to disobey Their Mother, turned out the word, which sounds obscene and named it Melekess."

Let's try to decode the word Melekess.

Insert the word in online translator the same way, divide it into two words and receive encoded phrase of the Queen - I like it or I love.

And finally, so that comments will be cheerful, I want to end this article with the words.

Mysteries of the Tzars, equal to them by force.

January 9, 2012


Words behind the Kremlin wall

Since childhood, I remember a story:

"Before the war, somewhere close to the border of my beloved country, school in the form of the Nazi swastika was built, and when the Germans attacked the Soviet Union, they did not bomb the school."

This is instead of introduction ....

Here is the Pyramid of Russian tzars, let's look at it more attentively.

What we see. We see two Latin letters, namely D and O.

The word DO can be translated from as ‘I give’.

Then we can consider the upper part of the PRT (the Senate building) as the letter L.

We translate LO and get Ioannes.

So, two translations give us the signature phrase, namely - "I give" Ioannes.

At the moment, it is worth recalling one historians’ saying that Moscow built three Ivan - Ivan Kalita, Ivan III, Ivan the Terrible, so I'm not going to look for who wrote this phrase.

Let the decoded phrase "I give" will be from all three Ivans.

Let us continue.
In Soviet times, specifically in 1932-1934 the building number 14 was built. This building was built as we see in the form of the letter E, it is easily noticeable.

This three buildings, namely, the building number 14, the Senate and Arsenal lined up one after another and give us a new word EDO.

Let's translate the EDO, we get the word GIVE BIRTH.

If you look attentively, you can see the encrypted number 8 in the building number 14.

If we translate the 8 EDO, we get - give birth to 8.

Check the correctness of the found number 8, for this look at Wikipedia.

Indeed, there were 8 rulers in Sowiet Union, they were called "de facto leaders of the country"

in wikipedia.

- 1922-1924 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

- 1924-1953 Joseph Stalin

- 1953-1955 Georgy Malenkov Maksimilianovich

- 1955-1964 (1953-1964) Nikita Khrushchev

- 1964-1982 Leonid Brezhnev

- 1982-1984 Yuri Andropov

- 1984-1985 Konstantin Chernenko

- 1985-1991 Mikhail Gorbachev

The building number 14 can be represented in the form of joined letters B and E,

Let’s translate the word BE, and get the word BE (exist).

Now, read the whole word, we get WEDO. It is unnecessary to decode - the Vedas.

January 16, 2012


Mystical coincidence of elections in Russia and the U.S in 2012

The similarity of two disasters of "Titanic" and "Concordia" occurred at an interval of 100 years, was one of the reason of this article.

About Russia.

As we all know, the elections in Russia will be held on March 4, 2012.

We have a presidential candidate, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and as we know, he is going to be a president for the 3 time (many say that for the 4).

In the last century there was also the president who was elected four times in the USA – this is Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Now, an interesting coincidence: Roosevelt accessed to the presidency 4 times exactly on March 4. It is interesting that the previous U.S. presidents have all accessed to the presidency on March 4, but after Roosevelt's this date was changed - January 20.
Now, two interesting facts from Roosevelt’s life:

1. Roosevelt won elections for 4 times.

2. Roosevelt died on the fourth term of his presidency

I think everything is clear about the the first fact.

But about another: I think that Putin will not follow the sample of his overseas colleague, and exactly he has become the president only for 2 times. So everything will be all right and We have Me at least.
About the USA.

U.S. elections will be held on November, 6 and if we turn over those numbers, we get September, 11.

September 11 - is the date of the terrorist attack in the U.S. in 2001.
There are a lot of movies about number 911, I won’t stop on it.

Let’s move on.

The year 2555 is coming soon according to the Buddhist calendar.

Let's sum up the date of the elections in the U.S. November, 6 (6.11) and 2555. We get 17 and 17.

Get back to Russia, and remember our history. As we know in the last century there was a revolution in Russia, and it happened on October 10, 1917 (25.10.17) according to The Julian calendar.

Sum up the numbers, and get 17 and 17.

Many say why we mention the Buddhist calendar and 2555, I would say that there was also another calendar in Russia before the revolution.
And then.

Let's look at two names:

Nicholas II Aleksanrovich Romanov

Barack Hussein Obama II

In their names there is the Roman numeral II.

No comment as they say.

Furthermore, in Russia a year before the revolution on 16 (29) December, 1916 Grigory Rasputin was killed (there is a prophecy that he predicted the revolution, but it is another story.)

In the USA, Steve Jobs died on 5 October, 2011 (5.10.2011).

Despite the difference in time, and there are many not very good myths about this and that one. We know some myths about Rusputin and about Steve Jobs don’t. I present only one: he took as his company logo a bitten apple – an Apple of the Sin.
I will not summarize the information about America, but I should write about the decoded dollar. At the end of my article I want to show you a reel from "Brother."
January 20, 2012


Dollar - The End

It was time of alcohol "Royal" for boys and liquor "Amaretto" for girls, it was the first time I was holding a dollar bought in the exchanger. At that time I only knew a few words in English, one of which was the word END. I learned this word while watching American movies (before people watched them to the end).

Well, looking at a one-dollar note I noticed that if you read ONE from right to left, you can read the word END. As it was stated above, I knew only a few English words.

Time passed, and I began to decode the dollar, and it was confirmed.

So, we have one dollar. Many wrote about this note and all surveys show us the fact that this note has a lot of encoded symbols, and almost all of them are related to the number 13, and the fact that this one-dollar note was not subjected to the new design, also confirms this fact.

On the reverse of one-dollar note was the great seal of the USA. Let's have a good look at it. The first thing that catches the eye is connected letters in the phrase ANNUIT CŒPTIS (Our Blessed Beginnings) written over the pyramid. Let's look at this letter Œ attentively, to be precise Wikipedia says that «Œ is a ligature from combination of Latin letters O and E"

We can see the letters D and E here, besides it is not difficult to see a turned letter D. From these three letters we can form the word DEO, which means GOD (БОГ) in Latin.

Check the correctness of finding this key.

The word MASON was found on the back of the Great Seal of the United States in other authors’ transcripts.

I went further and turned this six-pointed star, and direct a letter Œ, I did it, as you see, by turning fragment of dollar by 27 degrees (-333degrees)

We have received the letter L, S, U. Find the words, add to the found letters O and E in turn from the connected Œ. We get two words, translate them from Latin, and get the following.
LOSU - Joshua

LESU - Jesus

Key is confirmed.

So, we have the key, namely DEO – the letters are equal and interchangeable, look at the longest word in the note ONE, change O to D and read from the right to the left. We get the word END.

Let’s move on, and have a good look at the pyramid of the dollar, the Seal of the U.S. Treasury will be prompt to us. It is also located on the dollar.

As we can see, the key is under a stylized pyramid. The key lies in the place where on the pyramid of the Great Seal the date of the USA foundation - 1776 - is written.

It is written in Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI

Roman numerals are formed by summing up all the numbers, namely 1000+500 +100 +100 +50 +10 +10 +5 +1 = 1776, but we will try to subtract them 1000-500-100-100-50-10-10-5-1 = 224
Check the found number: from the pyramid 1776 subtract 224 and get 1552 or MDLII

Put the known letter code in, change D on O and E. Get two complementary words MOLII and MELII and then translate them THE BEST MESS.

In addition to these two words in the word MOLII decoding, I found the last Master of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay. There is a legend that before his death he founded the first Masonic lodges. Master was burned on March 18, 1314. Let's remember this date.

One more interesting is that our Tzar Ivan the Terrible died on March 18, too. His name is also hidden in the pyramid of Russian tzars.

Then, what we can get from the figure 224.

224 day of the year is August 11 in a leap year.

August 11, 3114 BC. - The beginning of the Long Count in the Mayan calendar. It is easy to notice that figures of the year when Templar died are 1314, the beginning of the Mayan calendar is 3114. They are similar. This is a bit different story, but these figures show why the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar is well-publicized.

I should say that Sergey Panteleevich Mavrodi born on August 11, 1955.

I should say that there are exactly 13 and 31 letters (in Russian variant) in the slogans of his latest brainchild MMM-2011 "We Can More," and "Today helped you - tomorrow will help they!"

There is the following confirmation of the date - August 11.

If you imagine the inscription above the pyramid ANNUIT CŒPTIS in the shape of calendar, namely one letter in a month, then an amazing double letters «Œ» just stand in the place of August.
Now we find the year. It’s so simple, the pyramid has been built for 224 years and finished in 2000, and it would exist only 12-13 years, and more precisely from 11 August, 2012 to 11 August, 2013 the pyramid will be collapsing.

So you can change dollars for gold, only for gold. After the crash of the dollar there will be a gold standard, repealed in 1971, and by the way, it is the year of my birth.

All countries are ready for it, almost every country has a gold coin equal to ¼ ounce of Trinity, in Russia it is called St.George, by the way, I was baptized George.

January 29, 2012


LiveJournal is as crooked as a dog's hind leg

As a rule I begin writing an article if I find more than three interesting facts (matches). It is high time for LJ. Let's start with the name.

Thus, the name LIVEJOURNAL involves two words: «LIVE» and «JOURNAL». Let's deploy the first word, and we get the title - EVIL JOURNAL.

Talisman of LJ is a goat Frank. It is the animal satanic uses in their symbolism.

The next interesting fact is that the first Russian blogger in LJ was a linker, LJ gives him the serial number 666

Birthday of LJ is on March18, 1999. This date is hidden in Wikipedia, there is only a year in the English version, and in Russian - the month and the year. And only in the description we can find that LJ was launched on March 18, 1999. This date is notable because the founder of masonic lodges Jacques de Molay was burned on March 18. His name was also hidden in the pyramid of the dollar.
About "SUP" which owns LJ in Russia: if we make the same what we did earlier with the word «LIVE», from the word “SUP” we get the word PUS. If we remember the full name of "SUP factories" we shouldn’t even decode it.

Usually I try to find something good and life-affirming in the transcripts, but as they say in Russia, LiveJournal is as crooked as a dog's hind leg.

In spite of the above mentioned, I finish this article with kind words: "Everything will be good."
February 1, 2012


Xenia’s prophecy about the "A Tzar on a horse" comes true

Blessed Xenia would not agree to put on warm clothes, and all life was in pitiful rags - red blouse and green skirt, or vice versa in a green blouse and a red skirt. She didn’t take charity, and took only a "Tzar of the horse" (penny depicting the rider) from the good people and immediately gave it the poor like her.

Three days ago, on February 6, 2012 I found the match of the Tzar Coming in gold coins, and decided to write about it by Thursday. I begin with a story about HOLYBlessed Xenia of St. Petersburg and her prophecy about "A Tzar on the horse." How glad I was when I’ve learned that it is February 6 – the day of her memory.
Later, I found the following two facts. In St. Petersburg the unusual icon of Xenia with "The Tzar on the horse" was dedicated on February 6, 2005. In Russia it is the first icon, representing Xenia with pot in hand. In less than a year on February 1, 2006, a gold coin of "St.George" was issued in Russia.

Here you can see three coins: 10 rubles of Nicholas II, Chervonets "Sower" and "St.George".

As you see the name of the Tzar is written on the coin of Nicholas II, on the other two coins no names are visible. Coin "Sower" and "St.George" are descendants of the Tzar's coins that’s why it’s logical to assume that the name of the Future Tzar is encoded on this coins, as many prophecies say about the Tzar. Let's find him.

Sower = Plowman = Yuri are depicted on the Soviet coin "Chervonets".

The name is not written on the St.George coin, but the name of the coin tells us it - George.

So, we have the name of the Tzar of the Future - Yuri - George.

It’s high time to have a good look at the reverse of the coin.

So, there is an inscription FIFTY, the initials of the Tzar Coming is encoded in it.

Fifty = 50 = L (Roman numeral)

Divide the word FIFTY into FIVE and TEN.

Five = 5 = V (Roman numeral)

Ten = 10 = X (Roman numeral)

In the article “God’s numbers are found” I have proved that the number 10 and the letter YU (Ю in Russian) are equal. In this article, I will give more evidences.

First - J is the tenth letter in the Latin alphabet.

The second - the letter Ю is derived from the Greek ligatures IǑ.

So, we have encoded initials of the Tzar - LJV = ЛЮВ. I’ve also found these initials in Nostradamus’ prophecy of Nostradamus.

To sum it up. The name of the Tzar and the number of his military record are encoded on coins issued in the Soviet era and today.

So, here you can see the number of my military ID.

NP 8078999

We can decode NP series differently, so I decode it as follows, NP - Our Peace.
The letter N in the old- and Church Slavonic alphabets is called "nash" (наш).

The letter P in the old- and Church Slavonic alphabets is called "chambers"(покои) (st.-sl.) or "peace" (покой) (ts.-sl.).

Let’s analyze the number of my military ID 8078999

As you might guess number 999 is a hallmark, which is written on the coin "St.George."

The number 78 is present on all three coins:

Nicholas II 10 rubles has a pressed inscription on the milled edge - 1 ZOLOTNIK 78.24 SHARES PURE GOLD

1 gold piece, "The Sower" has a pressed inscription on the milled edge - 1 ZOLOTNIK 78.24 SHARES OF PURE GOLD

"St.George" has an inscription on the obverse - 7.78

We should only find what for number 80 is used. It is quite simple, let’s take a good look at numbers 80 and 78, for this we look at the Mendeleyev’s table and find what element is among the elements with numbers 78 and 80. This element is Au - gold. A sign gold Au is also written on the coin.

Let’s consolidate this proof by the sum of all numbers: 8 +0 +7 +8 +9 +9 +9 = 50, that number fifty is also available on the coin.

To sum it up.

My name is Yuri and my name George given me in baptism, my initials L(Y)UV (ЛЮВ), digits of my military ID and the sum written on the coin.

Let's make a conclusion. The possible conclusion here is only one - I am a Tzar.
I want to finish this article with an appeal to those who are going to visit the chapel of St. Xenia of Petersburg soon, built over the tomb of Xenia. PUT a penny from me.
February 9, 2012


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