Ubiquity of English plan: 1 Ubiquity of English

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Ubiquity of English

1 Ubiquity of English
2 The ubiquity of the aforementioned is spread in all domains and not mastering this language
3. Things you don’t know about the origins of English

1 Ubiquity of English
Wide spread use of English today is obvious, and the fact of its becoming a global language is inevitable. Presently, it has spread its roots all over the world. In the field of politics, economics and diplomacy English became an essential skill. Hence, students of all directions and specialties are highly interested in language acquisition. The environment itself supports learners, providing them with language bits from all around.
The Internet makes learning process incredibly easier, in ways that were not possible before. It makes it easier to connect with people who speak different languages. An enormous amount of information is processed in English, and more than half the world’s technical and scientific papers are published in English as well.
The widespread use of English has been a great argument. The Chinese government is promoting the teaching of Mandarin in order to establish Chinese as the new international language. Yet the difficulty in means of writing Chinese characters, and the tonal nature of the language, make it unlikely to come out as a preferred language for not native speakers of Chinese. Another case is French. French used to be the language of diplomacy and the preferred language of international exchange. Educated people in Europe, as well as the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East were proud to speak French. However, this is much less so the case today. And subsequently Esperanto is offered up as an alternative. It was offered as a politically neutral international language. It also has been constructed quite rationally and easy to learn, but in the foreseeable future no society is likely to change English as a highly convenient means of international communication to any other language.
The same is about our own country. Wherever you go or whatever you deal with you surely stumble on something in English. Not only in capital Tashkent but in distant regions you can come across English expression. For instance, here in Tashkent even in some areas like Chorsu, Chopon ota or Kukcha where national bias are favored, one may count out lots of English words used in ads, brand names, tabloids and so on. Therefor language acquisition is now less laborious owing to the whole environment contributes its improvement. Also less actual is the argument of lacking due environment, because basic words are mostly known for inveterate housewives as well.

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