Uk council for Clinical Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education

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UK Council for Clinical Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education

Council Chamber (B005), Sackville Street Building, University of Manchester

Minutes of Council Meeting March 10th 2015

Present: Helen Salisbury (Oxford); Lorraine Noble (UCL); Adrienne Kirk (Bart’s); Sally Quilligan (Cambridge); David Leeder (Peninsular); Jon Morris (Swansea); Wesley Scott-Smith (Brighton-Sussex); Rosie Illingworth(Manchester); Nicky Barr (Manchester); Tony Davies (Peninsular); Annie Cushing (UCL); Connie Wiskin (Brum); Jon Ward (Brum); Rob Lane ( Leeds); Anita Laidlaw ( St A’s); Andy Ward ( Leicester) = 16.

Apologies: Elsa Randles (Newcastle); Rebecca Riddell (Aberdeen); Jo Brown (St George’s);

Angela Kubacki (St George’s); Cathy Williamson (Durham); Bernadette O’Neil (King’s);

Sandra Winterburn (UEA); Janet Lefroy (Keele); Athina Belsi (ICL) ;Ged Murtagh (ICL);

Anna Hammond (Hull); Martin Armer (Lancaster); Jennifer Kennedy (Dundee);

Mairead Booham (Queen’s University Belfast); Kirsty Boyd (Edinburgh).



Welcome and introductions from Helen Salisbury(chair)


Minutes of the last meeting, AGM at Oxford on 5 Nov 2014, and matters arising.

Annie C reported that Richard Griffith is the contact at the GMC re discussion on National Licensing Exam. She is also making links for EACH to have a voice in discussions as well as the UKCC.

Other issues addressed as agenda items.


Secretary’s report read at the meeting from Angela Kubacki:

I am very pleased to have taken up the role as Secretary for the UK Council. Having served as weblog administrator when Jo Brown was Secretary, so I am aware of what the role entails and hopefully I will serve the UK Council well over my 2 year term. Any questions or comments, please do let me know.

I am lucky to have the support of John Prendergast, our new weblog administrator and I would like to remind everyone that John is the best (and quickest) way to resolve any issues with logging into the blog or accessing information from the blog. If you are recommending a new member to the UK Council from your institution, please do email John and copy me in with the heading “UKCCC”, as he will be best placed to update the Contacts list and recreate a new login for that member.

I am very sorry that I am unable to be there today. Please accept my apologies and I look forward to receiving the minutes and to getting these back out to everyone as soon as possible. With kind regards, Angela.


Treasurer’s report – not due at this meeting


Website report read at the meeting from John Prendegast:

As far as I can tell, it's all working out OK with me as Blog Administrator. I've had no complaints so far!

We did have a rather strange event a couple of weeks ago when a whole page (the one showing the list of scenarios) seemed to disappear without trace. I had to spend a weekend rebuilding the page using info stored deep within the site's database. I think the site may have been hacked and I intend to install some extra security software to prevent it happening again. Users shouldn't notice any difference.

I'm happy to handle requests for logins and pwds and it would certainly be a good idea for any new people to tell me if they're additional members or whether they're replacing someone else.

I also note that some of the contact names in the scenario bank are no longer at the institution they represented when the scenario was submitted for inclusion. Maybe someone could provide me with an updated list so I can make corrections.

It would also be helpful if all emails addressed to me bore in the subject line "UKCCC". That way they'll stand out from the endless river of junk mail that I get every day and I can filter them into a different mailbox.

I've no other issues at the moment, although I daresay other things will arise as we go along. I ought to let you know that I'm going into hospital next Monday (9th) and will be out of action for a couple of weeks so If emails don't get an immediate reply that'll be the reason. I'll deal with everything as soon as I can. Best wishes, John

It was agreed having John P in post had made a positive difference. Good wishes were expressed for a speedy recovery. The current hacking of educational material that is reportedly prevalent was discussed.

ALL : Mark email subject ‘UKCC’



Electronic patient record: Sally Quilligan. The sub group have met several times and are writing an article for submission to Pt Ed& Counselling or BMJ on the effect of electronic records on the dr/pt relationship, current research, the nuances of use and implications for communication teaching. Sally reported that the use of ‘google documents’ is a great aid to collaborative writing. Current examples of how/what we teach on EPR were requested

Book Lorraine Noble

The final edited draft has now been sent to the publisher for final review. It was reported that it had undergone a rigorous iterative process of editing. Thanks to all editors and chapter authors.

E learning resource Paul Kinnersley abs; report from Annie C

Dom has made and put a 3 min video on Youtube as a sales promo. The consultation videos are on the UKCC site with open access. There was a discussion on the e learning package – still in use for struggling students, and for faculty training. Overall feeling that packages date and there are other ways to get resources:

There is increasing use of real consultations with real patients available – with ethical approval e.g. Ruth Parry’s work on end of life care; Uni Nottingham Clinical Communication Skills on youtube.

Decision: Focus on using the resource blog – so we can share info on sources of material

Centre for Advancement of Inter-Professional Eduation (CAIPE) Sally Q reported links have been established between CAIPE and UKCC. Pip Hardy form CAIPE will be attending the Manchester Conference. It was noted that whist the GMC recommend IPE is taken into account it is unclear in defining it. Members reported that IPE works best with final year students who have established an identity in their own profession. Teaching plan bank – noted this is variably used. Since new material is now on the EACH website it was DECIDED that this should no longer be an agenda standing item.

EACH Lorraine N reported that she is a UK representative, Rebecca Riddell is deputy representative. Jonathan Silverman is the chair of EACH, Gerry Humphris the chair of REACH. Noted that EACH 2016 will be in Heidelberg. ICCH Oct 2015 is in New Orleans. EACH is a positive development and should respond to queries from such as GMC in its own right and separately from UKCC since both have a different focus.

ALL send examples of EPR teaching to Sally Q

Use resource blog on UKCC website to share info

Secretary Remove as standing item


Response to the GMC Capabilities Document

Sally Q had been contacted by the GMC for a Council response. The proposal is for the development of generic professional capabilities across specialties. Those who had seen the documents commented: Shared decision making is mentioned but not continued through; change of emphasis needed so Communication seen as Clinical and integral to clinical capability –not a bolt on; partnership approach lost.

Since this is thought to be a preliminary stage to a UK National Licensing Exam a thoughtful and detailed response is required. Decided to set up a Working Party Rob Lane to chair, Lorraine N, Jon W, Wes, Helen S, Annie C and Nicky B to form group. Sally Q to send document to working group. Response to GMC needed by April 15

Working party set up Chair Rob Lane, report by April.


Consensus statement review Wesley S-S, sub- group chair, reported first scoping meeting had been held. Questions will be posted out on the blog for comment. 2008 statement viewed as very skills focussed; review aim to broaden and include more on values/assumptions/ relationship/ partnership

Suggested Bernadette O’Neill , Kings, who has been working on a PhD examining models in use to teach Clin Com, is invited to address next meeting.

Ongoing and on next agenda

Invite to next meeting


Membership clarification The meeting was asked to decide whether schools that are only pre - clinical are UKCC members, eg Durham, Derby. Decision YES! New private medical schools are opening in the UK – decided they too should be invited to join the UKCC.


Date of next meeting 12 Nov 15 at Barts, host Adrienne K. potential agenda items – GMC document on Teaching and learning; Teaching out of the classroom – show and tell?; Bernadette on models. National Licensing Exam?

ALL note

12 Nov 15

Minutes taken by Rosie Illingworth

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